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No. 7.

least to render evident the views as well as that of my most perfect and difpofitions of those who op- confideration. pose themselves to it.

(Signed) CH. DELACROIX. It is therefore in pursuance of Paris, 11 Vendemiaire, 5th year these fentiments, that the under- of the French Republic. figned is charged to declare, that as soon as the executive directory the undersigned the necessary palf- Extrait from the Register of the De. ports (of which he, by this note: The oth Vendemiaire, 5th year of the

crees of the Executive Direttory. renews the demand already made) his Britannic majesty will send to

French Republic, one and indivifi

ble. Paris a person furnished with full powers, and official instructions, to The executive directory, upon negotiate with the executive di- confideration of the note addressed rečtory on the means of terminat, to the minister for foreign affairs ing the present war, by a pacifica- by lord Grenville, dated Septemtion jutt, honourable, and solid, ber 27, 1796, wishing to give a calculated to restore repose to Eu- proof of the desire which it enterrope, and to ensure, for the time to tains to make peace with England, come, the general tranquillity. decrees as follows:

(Signed) GRENVILLE. The minister for foreign affairs Weftminster, Sept. 27, 1796. is charged to deliver the necessary To the Minister for Foreign Affairs, passports to the envoy of England, at Paris.

who shall be furnished with full

powers, not only for preparing and No. 6.

negotiating the peace between the I have the honour to transmit French republic and that power, to lord Grenville a copy of the but for concluding it definitively decree of the executive directory between them. of the French Republic, in answer to his note of the 27th Septem- (Signed) L. M. REVEILLERE ber, 1796, (O. S.)

LEPEAUX, president. He will there see a proof of the · By the executive directory. earnest desire of the French go- For the secretary general. vernment to profit of the overture (Signed) LE TOURNEUR, that is made to them, in the hope

Certified true copy: that it may lead to peace with the The minister for foreign affairs, government of England.

CH. DELACROIX. I have the honour to send him, By the minister, at the same time, the passports re

J. GIRAUDET, sec. gen. quired for the minister plenipotentiary, whom his Britannic majesty propofs to name to treat; and I Lord Malinesbury, who is aprequest lord Grenville to accept pointed by the king to treat with the aflurance of my personal wishes the French government for a just for the success of this negotiation, and equitable peace, calculated to

True copy


No. 7.*

* Sic Orig.



restore peace to Europe, and to en- o'clock.

He hopes that lord sure the public tranquillity for the Malmesbury will forgive him for time to come, will have the honour thus limiting the time, on account of delivering this letter from me to of the nature and the multiplicitý M. Delacroix.

of his occupations. The distinguished rank and me- 11 Brumaire, An 5. (Oftober 22; rit of the minister of whom his 1796.) majesty has made choice on this To Lord Malmesbury, Minister Plenioccasion, makes it unnecessary for potentiary from his Britannic Mac me to say any thing in his recom- jefty to the French Republic, at Pa mendation; at the same time that ris. it furnishes a fresh proof of the defire of his majesty to contribute to

No. 10. the success of this negotiation : for

Lord Malmesbury has the howhich object I entertain the most fanguine wishes.

nour to thank the minister for Monsieur Delacroix will have swer which he has just received

foreign affairs for the obliging anthe goodness to accept from me

from him.

t assurance of my most perfect con

He accepts with pleasure the first lideration.

moment proposed, and will wait (Signed) GRENVILLE. Westminster, October 13, 1796.

upon him to.morrow morning, at

eleven o'clock precisely. To the Minister of Foreign Affairs, at

Paris, Oct. 22.

To the Minister for Foreign Affairsa
No. 8.
Lord Malmesbury, named by his
Britannic majesty as his plenipo-

The minister for foreign affairs tentiary to the French republic, has has the honour to apprize lord the honour to announce, by his se- Malmesbury, commissioner pleni

cretary, to the minister for foreign potentiary of his Britannic majesty, affairs, his arrival at Paris; and to that he has received from the exerequest of him, at the fame time, cutive directory the necessary pow. to be so good as to appoint the ers for negotiating and concluding hour at which he may wait upon peace between the republic and his him, for the purpose of commu- majesty. nicating to him the object of his To-morrow, if lord Malmesbury mission.

pleafes, the respective powers thall Paris, October 22, 1796.

be exchanged. The minister for Yo the Minister for Foreign Affairs. foreign affairs will then be ready to

receive the propofitions, which lord

Malmesbury is commiflioned to "The minister for foreign affairs make to the republic on the part learns with satisfaction the arrival of his Britannie majesty. of lord Malmesbury, plenipoten

The minister for foreign affairs tiary of his Britannic majesty. requests lord Malmesbury to acHe will have the honour to receive cept the assurances of his high concihim to-morrow at eleven o'clock deration. in the morning, or at any later (Signed) Cå. DELACROIX. bour that may fuit him, till two 2 Brumaire; An 5.70&t. 23, 1796.) *1796.


No. II.

No. 9.

No. Copy.

No. 14:

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No. 12.

to time, of the progress and of the Lord Malmesbury has the ho. issue of the negotiation. nour to present his acknowledge. The present decree shall not be ments to the minister for foreign printed at this time. affairsfor the communication which

A true copy he has just made to him, and he (Signed) L. R. REVEILLERE LE, will have the honour to wait upon PEAUX. him to-morrow, at the hour which By the executive directory. he fall have the goodness to ap- The secretary general. point, to receive the copy of the (Signed)

LA GARDE, full powers with which he is furnished on the part of the executive The minister for foreign affairs, directory; and as soon as they fall (Signed) CH. DELACROIX, have been exchanged, he will be By the minister. ready to commence the negotiation (L. S.) T. GIRAUDET, sec. gen. with which he is charged.

He requests the minister for foreign affairs to accept the assur

MEMORIAL. ances of his high confideration.

(Signed) MALMESBURY, His Britannic majesty defiring, Paris, O&. 23d, 1796.

as he has already declared, to con

tribute, as far as depends on hin, No. 13.

to the re-establishment of public Extradi from the Register of the Deo tranquillity, and to ensure, by the

crees of the Executive Directory. means of just, honourable, and so.

2. Brumairc, (23 OA.) 5th year lid conditions of peace, the future of the French Republic, one and indie repose of Europe ; his majesty is of wifible,

opinion, that the best means of a;. The executive directory, after taining, with all poslible expedihaving heard the report of the mi- tion, that falutary end, will be to nister for foreign affairs

agree, at the beginning of the neThe citizen Charles Delacroix, gotiation, on the general prioci. minister for foreign affairs, is charg- ple which shall serve as a bags for ed to negotiate with lord Malmet- the definitive arrangements. bury, commissioner plenipotentiary The first obje&t of negotiations of his Britannic majesty, furnished for peace generally relates to the with full powers to prepare and reftri&tions and cellions which the negotiate peace between the French respective parties have mutually to republic and that power, and to demand, in consequence of the conclude it definitively between events of war. them. The directory gives to the Great Britain, from the uninterfaid minister all powers necessary rupted success of her naval war, for concluding and signing the finds herself in a situation to baye treaty of peace to take place be. no reftitution to demand of France, tween the republic and his Britan- from which, on the contrary, the nic majesty. He fall conform has taken establishments and co. himself to the instructions which lonies of the highest importance, mail be given him. He shall ren. and of a value almost incalculader a regular account, from time ble.



Bixt, on the other hand, France nor those more detailed which may has made, on the continent of result from it, can be regarded, in Europe, conquests to which his any case, as points agreed upon or majesty can be the less indifferent, admitted by his majesty. as the most important interests of (Signed) MALMESBURY, his people, and the most sacred minister plenipotentiary from his engagements of his crown), are ef. Britannic majesty. sentially implicated therein.

Paris, 08. 24, 1796. The magnanimity of the king, his inviolable good faith, and his desire to restore repose to so many Extrait from the Register of the Delia nations, induce him to consider berations of the Executiue Direce this fituation of affairs as affording tory. the means of procuring for all the Paris, 5 Brumcire, 5th year of the belligerent powers just and equita. Republic, one and indivisible. ble terms of peace, and such as The executive directory orders are calculated to ensure for the the minister for foreign affairs 10 time to come the general tran- make the following ar:Twer to lord quillity.

Malmetbury: It is on this footing, then, that The executive directory fees with he purposes to negotiate, by offer- pain, that at the moment when it ing to make compensation to had reason to hope for the speedy France, bas proportionable restitu- return of peace between the French tions, for those arrangements to republic and his Britannic majesty, which she will be called upon to the proposal of lord Malmesbury confent; in order to satisfy the juft offers nothing but dilatory or very demands of the king's allies, and diftant means of bringing the neto preserve the political balance of gotiation to a conclution. Europe.

The directory observes, that if Having made this first overture, lord Malmesbury would have ahis majesty will, in the sequel, ex- greed to treat separately, as he was plain himself more particularly on formally authorized by the tenour the application of this principle to of his credentials, the negotiations the different objects which may mnight have been considerably abe discussed between the respective bridged; that the neceility of baparties.

Jancing with the interests of the Ii is this application which will two powers those of the allies of constitute the subject of those dir- Great Britain, multiplies the comcussions, into which his majesty has binations, increases the difficulties, authorized his minister to enter, as tends to tbe formation of a consoon as the principle to be adopt- gress, the forms of which, it is ed as the general balis of the nego- known, are always tardy, and retiation is known.

quires the accelfion of powers But his majesty cannot omit to which hitherto have displayed no declare, that if this generous and defire of accommodation, and have equitable offer should not be ac- not given to lord Malmeibury him. cepted, or if, unfortunately, the self, according to his own decladiscussions which may ensue, should ration, any power to ftipulate for fail to produce the desired effect, them. neither this general proposition, Thus, without prejudging the


intentions intentions of lord Malmesbury; desire of putting a stop to the without drawing any conclufion scourge of war, and to prove that from the circumstance of his de. they will not reject any means of claration not appearing to accord reconciliation, declares, that as soon with his credentials; without sup- as lord Malmesbury shall exhibit to poling that he has received any fe. the minister for foreign affairs sufcret inftructions which would de- ficient powers, from the allies of 1troy the effect of his oftenfible Great Britain, for ftipulating for powers; without pretending, in their respective interests, accompa. Thori, to assert, that the British go- nied by a promise on their part to vernment have had a double ob. subscribe to whatever shall be con. ject in view – to prevent, by gene- cluded in their names, the execu. ral propositions, the partial pro- tive directory will hasten to give positions of other powers, and to an answer to the specific propoli. obtain from the people of England tions which shall be submitted to the means of continuing the war, them, and that the difficulties (hall by throwing upon the republic the be removed, as far as may be con. odium of delay occafioned by them- sistent with the safety and dignity felves; the executive directory can- of the French republic. not but perceive, that the propofi

A true copy tion of lord Malmesbury is nothing (Signed) L. M. REVEILLERE LE. more than a renewal, under more PEAUX, president. amicable forms, of the propofitions By the executive directory. made last year by Mr. Wickham, (Signed) LAGARDE, fecretary and that it presents but a distant general. hope of peace. : The executive directory farther The minister for foreign affairs, obferves, with regard to the princi.

CH. DelacroIX. ple of retrocessions advanced by By the minister. lord Malmefury, that such a prin- The secretary general, ciple, presented in a vague and

J. GIRAUDET, isolated manner, cannot serve as the basis of negotiation ; that the

No. 16. first points of confideration are, the

NOTE. lid peace, the political equilibrium The undersigned has not failed to whicl

. abfolute retroceslions might transmit to his court the answer of destroy, and then the means which the executive directory to the prothe belligerent powers may poffefs posals which he was charged to the one to retain conquests made make, as an opening to a pacific at a time when it was supported by negotiation. a great number of allies, now de- With regard to the offensive and tached from the coalition; and the injurious insinuations which are other, to recover them at a time contained in that paper, and which when those who were at first its are only calculated to throw new enemies, have, alınoit all, become obsiacles in the way of the accom. either its allies, or at least neuter. modation which the French govern

Nevertheless, the executive di- ment profeffes to defire, the king rectory, animated with an ardent has deemed it far beneath his diga

A true copy:

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