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Page. Amory v. Fairbanks

920 Johnson v. Browning Avery v. Pixley

841 Johnson v. Stewart

Jones v Pearle Bangs v. Snow and al.

946 Jones v. Pope Bell v. Stone

845 Binstead y. Buck

873 Krutzer v. Wilcox Bree v. Holbeck


M Brenan y. Currint

873 Mitchell y. Oldfield Bryan v. Horseman


Newall and al. v. Wright Cargill v. Wiscasset

361 Carver v. Miller

916, 917 Oswald v. Legh Catling v. Skoulding

852 Chapman v. Allen

873 Pidley's Case Chapman v. Pickersgill

881 Pindar and al. v. Shaw Cogswell v. Dolliver

852 Pitts v. Tilden Commonwealth v. Clap


R v. Ward

822 Robinson v. Walter Cook v. Allen

954 Cotterell v. Griffiths

928 Salem v. Andover

Saunders v. Edwards Delany v. Jones

845 Saville v. Jardine Dogget v. Dedham

961 Searle v. Ld. Barrington E

Skinner v. Upshaw Eagar and Ux v. Commonwealth

Sutton v. Johnson and al.

860 Symonds v. Kimball Erskine v. Townsend 918, 920, 921 F

Topsham v. Harpswell Farnsworth v. Childs

838 Turner v. Crish Foxcroft v. Devonshire


V Freeman v. Stacy

952 Vandusen v. Comstock Freeport v. Edgecumb

964 Villers v. Monsley

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880 Warbrook v. Griffin
883 White v. Bailey

York v. Grindstone
950, 951 Zenobio v. Axtell

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OF THE STATUTES QUOTED AND REFERRED TO IN VOL. II 1.....PART 1. Shewing the time the several statutes were enacted, and thereby enabling the reader

the more readily to refer to them in our statute books. 1782.

Date of the Act.

Subject of the Act.
October 2, 1782 Outlawry.
November 7, ” Apprehension of Criminals.

March 17, 1783 Copy-Right.

9 9, 1784 Intestate Estates.
» 10, Transferring Estates.


Power of Justices. » 16,» Criminal Prosecutions.

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801 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE 818 1. The regulation of jury lists, and 1. Of the appointment of justices jury boxes ; and herein of the

of the peace, and the time for persons exempted from serving

which they are commissioned 818 as jurors

2. Of their general jurisdiction in 2. Of jury districts; and herein of

civil cases .

819 the duiy of clerks of courts in re 3. Of the pleadings before justices ference to issuing venires

of the peace Of the time for which grand ju 4. Of the general power and juris. rors shall serve; and when venires

diction of justices of the peace in for such jurors shall issue 80 criminal cases

821 4. Duty of sheriffs in regard to 5. Of the power of justices of the venires

805 peace relative to offenders chargMode of drawing jurors; and

ed with having committed herein of the manner of notifying

crimes in another state

823 such jurors of their selection ; 6. Proceedings by which to recover

and the return of the venire 805 the contents of a judgment ren6. Proceedings in case of a deficien

dered by a justice since deceased 824 cy of jurors

806 7. Duty of justices of the peace to 7. Of juries to view

807 account for fines by them receiv. 8. Mode of impannelling the grand

ed, and the penalty for neglect of jury; and herein of the election

such duty

825 of the foreman, and his power to swear witnesses

807 9. Mode of impannelling the tra

verse and petit juries ; and here.
in of the election of the foremen 810


827 10. Jurors' fees 811 1. Of simple larceny

832 11. Of provisional jurors

811 2. Of larceny in the day.time, from 12. Duty of constables in regard to

any dwelling-house, office, shop, venires 812 ware-house or vessel

833 13. The oaths of jurors

813 3. Of larceny in the night-time, 14. Power and duty of jurors 814 from any office, shop or ware15. Proceedings in case a juror is

house not adjoining to, or ocoususpected of prejudice in the

pied with, å dwelling-house ; cause ; or where the party who

any vessel; any church, meetobtains a verdict, has given en

ing-house, court-house, town. tertainment to any of the jurors 815 house, college or academy; or 16. Fines for neglect of duty in

any building erected for public towns, officers, and jurors, rela

uses ; or any mill, mall-house, tive to the provisions of the sta

store, barn or stable

833 tute

816 4. Larceny from the person 834 17. How such fines shall be recover. 5. Punishinent in case of a convic ed and appropriated

817 tion of two or more larcenies 835


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Page. 6. What courts have jurisdiction 2. The seasons of the year at which of larcenies

835 beasts may be taken up as strays 864 7. Duty of the officer who arrests 3. Restitution of the property to the

a thief; and the right of the owner : and proceedings, when the owner to a restitution of the pro

owner does not appear within a perty

year and a day

864 4. Duty of town clerks and registers TITLE XCVI.

of deeds, relative to lost goods and

. stray beasts; and the penalty for LEASES 837 neglect of such duty


5. Penalty for the finder's neglect of 1. Of leases for life


duty enjoined by the statute 966 2. Of leases for years


6. Penalty in case the owner, or other 3. Of leases at will


person, unlawfully interferes with

stray beasts, after they are found 966 TITLE XCVII.


844 1. Of libels considered as civil in LOTTERIES juries


1. Penalty for setting up an unau. 2. Of libels considered as offences

thorized lottery

867 against the peace

2. Penalty for aiding or assisting in

such lottery TITLE XCVIII.

3. Penalty for selling, giving, buying

or receiving such tickets LIMITATION OF ACTIONS 849 4. Recovery of money paid for such 1. Limitation of real actions

849 tickets; and contracts made, in 2. Limitation of personal actions 850

consideration of such tickets, void 869 3. Of the exceptions in the statute 5. Recovery of penalties

869 of 1786, c. 52, and what will save a bar thereof

TITLE CII. 4. Limitation of actions against executors and administrators 856 LIENS.

870 5. Limitation of actions grounded 1. Of liens in favour of factors 870 on penal statutes


2. Of liens in favour of manufacturers 871 6. Limitation of actions against 3. Of liens created by pawns 871

sheriffs for the misconduct of 4. Of liens in favour of ind-keepers their deputies

858 5. Of liens in favour of carriers 872 7. Limitation of writs of review 859 6. Of liens in favour of attorneys 872 8. Limitation of writs of error 859 7. Within what limits liens are re


873 TITLE xcix.

8. How a lien may be destroyed 873

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"867 giving, buying 868

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