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Important Southern Books published by A. Morris.




One volume, 12mo. Price: Cloth, $1; Paper, 75c.

NOTICES OF THE PRESS. There are patent, in this volume, arguments and facts which will rebuke fanaticism, and enchain the attention of thinking men.-National Intelligencer.

This book is a mine of thought, and a magazine of ideas. Its main object seems to be the illustration of the necessity for, and the advantages of, slavery.- Washington Sentinel.

There is a work recently published by Mr. Fitzhugh, of Virginia, called, “Sociology for the South,” which should be in the possession of every Southern gentleman. It is full of valuable suggestions on this subject, and without, necessarily, endorsing every sentiment of the writer, few can read it and fail of being confirmed in their attachment to our peculiar institution. Judge Perkins, of Louisiana.

A Southern critic, speaking of this work, has said, with much truth: “The splendor, animation, and crowded. population of the Northern cities, excite, bewilder and delight Southern men and their families. Compared with the calm, easy indolence of their own communities, a painful sense of inferiority depresses them when they return to their own homes. The difference is as between a magnificent panoramic view, and a dark, still landscape- life in action, and life in repose.” - Let them be contented,” the writer continues, “the work of Fitzhugh will do much to reconcile them to what they have and what they are, when he reveals to them the interior view, the miseries of pauperism, with its grim and hideous attendants, its dire degradations, as shown in penitentiaries and houses of refuge, even for the young.”

A. MORRIS, Publisher.

Important Southern Books published by A. Morris.



A. MORRIS has ip Press, and will shortly publish, a new and greatly improved edition of General Henry Lee's Memoirs of the Revolutionary War, in the Southern Department

of the United States. Edited by S. ADAMS LEE, Corresponding Member of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and Honorary Member of the Rhode Island Scientific Institute. With a Preface by BENSON J. LOSSING, author of "Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution,” “Our Countrymen,” “Lives of the Painters,” etc. etc.

This, the third edition, is published by the authority of Gen. Lee's family. It will contain an extended Biographical Sketch of Gen. Lee, compiled from documents in possession of the family; his Funeral Oration on the Death of Washington; numerous Notes by the present Editor; and a most interesting series of Sketches and Anecdotes of the Officers and Soldiers of the famous LEGION.

Several literary gentlemen, who have examined this new edition, say that it will be one of the most valuable and interesting historical works ever issued in the United States.

It will be embellished with a fine likeness of General Lee, taken from an original portrait now in possession of his son, Chas. CARTER LEE, Esq.

The Publisher presents this well known work, amended and improved, to the American people, with the full confidence that he is conferring a real benefit to the rising generation.

A. MORRIS, Richmond, Virginia.

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