The Healing Touch of Jesus: God's Passion and Power to Make You Whole

Sampul Depan
Simon & Schuster, 2000 - 194 halaman
Do you or someone you know need a healing? Have you searched the endless self-help books and latest self-proclaimed experts for answers to the wounds in your life only to find that they never bring the wholeness desired? In a world so full of cruelties and conflict, there are very few who have not been scarred, scorched, or diseased in some way. A damaged life left to itself will result in more emotional, spiritual, and physical infection and illness. The only way to find genuine wholeness for you and those you love is through the healing touch of Jesus. In this sensitive and supportive book, popular author Dr. Richard Lee takes you on an insightful journey to healing and brings a biblically balanced view to what he believes are the excesses of traditional counseling. Read this book, and you will discover how very much God loves you and how the touch of Jesus can bring wholeness to every broken heart and life.

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