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To be inserted in ihe middle of the 27th page, after the paragraph ending with the words " like Judge Farrar."

The Hon. Charles H. Atherton, also formerly a member of Congress from the Hilsborough District, after having been for twenty years, a leading practitioner in his court, and familiar with other courts for twice that length of time, thus writes concerning Judge Farrar, only a few weeks before his own decease. "He was one of the best Judges, that ever adorned a judicial seat in New Hampshire. After hearing the arguments on evidence or law, no man's opinion was more reliable, or gave greater satisfaction. Nature had blessed him with a highly judicial apprehension, and no judge, with whom I have been acquainted, ^n my long life, ever had more of my affection, confidence, and respect." Similar opinions, and expressions of personal regard might be multiplied from Jeremiah Smith, Jeremiah Mason, and other distinguished cotemporaries of the New Hampshire Court and Bar.


Page 27, 2d line from bottom, for " Charles. Samuel," read Charles Samuel. Page 20, 6th line from top, for 1787, read 1767. Page 28, 15th line from top, for affectionate, read afflicted. The quotation from " Loring's Boston Orator," should end with the first paragraph on page 27.


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