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tion of the river Loyne, otherwise the channel from the Hithe at Calcalled Lune; and for building a chefter to Wivenboe in the county of quay or wharf, near the town of Esex; and for repairing and cleanLancaster, in the county palatine of sing the streets and lanes of the Lancaster. .,' se in town of Colcbelter.

, Cap. 13. For the effectual punishing Cap. 30. For encouraging the growth

of persons convicted of feducing and culture of raw filk in his Maartificers in the manufactures of jesty's colonies or plantations in Great Britain or Ireland, out of the America.1.. ! dominions of the crown of Great Cap. 21. For granting to his MajeBritain ; and to prevent the expor ity the sum of nine hundred thoutation of utensils made use of in the fand pounds out of the finking woollen and filk manufactures from fund, for the service of the yeai Great Britain or Ireland, into fo one thousand seven hundred and reign parts; and for the more easy fifty; and for applying certain sur. and speedy determination of ap plus monies remaining in the ex. peals, allowed in certain cases, by cliequer, as part of the supply ol. an act made in the last session of the said year; and for the applica. parliament, relating to persons em-: tion of certain savings in the hand: ployed in the several manufactures of the paymaster general; and fo: therein mentioned..

obviating a doubt in an act of thi Cap. 14. For assigning a place proper fifth year of King George the First

for holding the market in the city in respect to the payment of cer of Westminster, in lieu of the ancient tain annuities thereby granted, fo market place called the Round , the improvement of fisheries ano Woolftaple; and for regulating the manufactures in Scotland; and fo. faid market. "

the further appropriating the fup. Cap. 15. For taking down several plies granted this session of parlia

buildings, and inlarging the ftreets :ment; and for giving further tia , and market places in the city of for the payment of duties omitted Gloucester, :

to be paid for the Cap. 16. For granting to his Majesty contracts of clerks and apprentices

the sum of one million to be raised and for transferring the bountie by annuities at three pounds per now payable upon the exportatio, centum per annum, and charged on of British sail cloth, to the customis. thé, sinking fund, transferrable at . and for enforcing the laws again

the bank of England. .? theclandestine importation of foap. Cap. 17. For repairing the roads candles, and starch, into this king

leading from Dunglas Bridge to the dom. . . . . .l's bas town of Haddington ; and from Cap. 22. For giving further time to thence to Ravenshaughburn in the the proprietors of annuities, afte county of Haddington. .

the rate of four pounds per cenCap. 18. For enlightning the open tum per annum, to subscribe the sam

places, streets, lanes, passages and in the manner and upon the term courts; and for the better regulating therein mentioned ; and for. re

the nightly watch, within the parish deeming such of the said annuities ; of Saint John Southwark in the as shall not be so subscribed.; an county of Surrey.

for impowering the Eaft India com Cap. 19. For making more effectual pany to raise certain sums by trans

several acts of parliament passed for ferrable annuities. cleanling and making navigable Cap: 23. To continue feveral law

for preventing the fpreading of the repeal so much of an act made in ditemper which now rages amongst the twelfth year of the reign of the horned cattle, and for impow. King Charles the Second, as relates eing his Majesty to prohibit the to the time during which the office killing of cow calves,

of excise is to be kept open each Cáp: 24. For the encouragement of day, and to appoint for how long

the British white herring fishery. time the same shall be kept open Cap. 25. For making good a deficien upon each day for the future, and s upon the revenue of the office of to prevent the stealing or destroydeeper or clerk of the hanaper, and ing of turnips; and to amend an

for preventing any future deficien act made in the second year of his S therein, to answer the publick present Majesty, for better regulaa tervices provided for out of the tion of attornies and solicitors. n.

fame; and for augmenting the in- Cap. 27. For the more easy and speecome of the office of master or dy recovery of small debts within keeper of the rolls. 603

the city and liberty of Westminster, Op 26. To continue feveral laws and that part of the dutchy of Lana for the better regulating of pilots, cafter which adjoineth thereto.

For the conducting of thips and Cap. 28. To explain part of an act

telels from Dover, Deal, and Isle paffed in the thirteenth and four4 Toanet, up the rivers of Thames teenth years of the reign of King

and Medway and for permitting Charles the Second, for the unifor, Dum omfpirits of the British sugar mity of publick prayers, and ad

Mutations to be landed before the ministration of sacraments; and ale ma Gutts of excise are paid thereon; : fo part of an act passed in the thir* add to continue and amend an act : teenth year of the reign of Queen

Phot preventing frauds in the ad. Elizabeth for the ministers of the T reasurement of coals within the church to be of sound religion,', * Setyand liberty of Westminster, and Cap. :29. To encourage the importaleveral pariches near thereunto; lition of pig and bar iron from his

and to continúe several laws for Majesty's colonies in America; and

preventing exactions of occupiers to prevent the erection of any mill zest locks and wears upon the river or other engine for fitting or roll

There westward, and for ascertain ing of iron, or any plateing forge ng the rates of water carriage up- to work with a tilt hammer, or

oather said river; and for the bete any furnace for making steel, in any litet regulation and government of of the said colonies. B ij 11 featmen: in the merchants service; Cap. 30. For the more easy and;

and also to amend so much of an speedy recovery of small debts with29 made in the first year of the in the Tower Hamlets,

Teiga of King George the First, as Cap. 31. For extending and improv

Telates to the better preservation of ing the trade to Africa. . and alsson in the river Ribble; and to Cap. 32. For granting to his Majesty De regulate fees in trials at aflizes, and certain duties upon such species of

Mia Prius, upon records issuing fail cloth as are therein mentioned, 20. On of the ofice of pleas of the which thall be imported from Irein court of excbequer; and for the land into Great Britain, during the

apprehending of persons in any time therein limited. Esin County or place, upon warrants Cap. 33. For preventing delays and

granted by juftices of the peace in expénces in the proceedings in the 250 any other county or place; and to county court of Middlesexs, and

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for the more easy and speedy reco- 5. An act for vesting in trustees cervery of small debts in the said coun- tain leases and estates therein menty court.

tioned, of and in the manors of Cap. 34. For permitting raw lilk of Spalding and Holbeck, and of seves

the grow:h or produce of Persia, ral lands, tenements and hereditapurchased in Rusia, to be import ments to the same belonging, in ed into this kingdom, from any the county of Lincoln, which were port or place belonging to the em forfeited by James late duke of Monpire of Russia.

mouth, pui in exigent upon an inCap. 35. For making a better and dictment of high treason, to the more effectual provision for the re intent that the loss of the record of lief of the poor, for the cleanling such indictment, and of the Capia: the streets, and for keeping a night. and exigent thereon, may be fuply watch, within the parilh of Saint plied for the purposes therein menMarlin in the Fields, within the tioned.

liberties of the city of IVijiminler. 6. An act to impower the committees Cap. 36. For settling a stipend or of Thomas earl of Bradford, a luna. maintenance upon the rector of the tick, to lay out part of his persona parish of Saint George the Mariyr, estate in the purchase of lands and in the borough of Southwark, in the estates of inheritance for the pur. county of Surrey, and his succes poses therein mentioned."

fors, in lieu of tythes. I 7. An act to enable his Majesty to Cap. 37: For building a bridge cross grant the inheritance of the mano

the river of 'Thames, from Hampton of Garstang in the county of Lan Court in the county of Middlesex, caster, and of a messuage or tene. to East Moulscy in the county of ment in Newbigginge in Londale Surrey,

in the county of Westmoreland, to Cap. 38. For repairing the road from trustees, in trust for the honourable

the city of York over Skipbridge, to Edwird Walpole esquire, and his

Boroughbridge in the county of York. heirs, upon a full and valuable con. Cap. 39. For the more effectual re fideration to be paid for the Gam

pairing and preserving the piers and 8. An act to enable Roger Mortlock. harbour of IV hitby in the county of doctor in divinity, now called Ros York.

ger Pertiward, and the heirs of his Cap. 40. For repairing and widening body, to take and use the surname

the roads leading from Egremont to and arms of Pettiward. Dudden Bridge, Santon Bridge, and 9. An act to enable Beckford Kendal Salthouse, in the county of .Cum esquire, now called Beckford Kendal berland.

Cater, and his issue male, to take Private Aets.

and use the surname and arms of

Anno 23 Georgii II.

10. An act for naturalizing Fobin 1. An act' for naturalizing Thomas Peter Mandrot, Lewis Chabanel,

Abraham Ogier, Peter Henry Gau William de Drufina, and others. vain, and others.

II. An act for naturalizing Haac 2. An act for naturalizing Charles. Schomberg, doctor in physick. Lindegren.

12. An act for naturalizing Engelbert 3. An act for naturalizing Henry Hake. Holyii.

13. An act to impower the guar4. An act for naturalizing Germain dians of Henry earl of Pembroko Lai. - - - -

and Montgomery, an infant, to inake



leases of his real estate during his .vised by the will of John Hilton minority.

'esquire, deceased, and for applying 14. An act to enable Hugh earl of the money arising thereby in the Northumberland, and Elizabeth payment of his debts and legacies. countess of Northumberland and 22. An act for explaining and amendbaroness Percy, his wife, and their ing several powers contained in the children, progeny, and issue, to settlements made in the marriage take and use the name of Percy, of Henry Walters gentleman, and and bear and quarter the arms of Anne his wife, for rendering the the Percies earls of Northumberland. same more effettual for the pur15. An act for sale of part of the pofes thereby intended. settled estate of Sir Thomas Moystyn 23. An act to impower the executors baronet, in the county of Anglesey, and trustees of Samuel Shepheard for payment of debts, and for pro 'esquire, deceased, to fell his houses viding a recompence to his eldest at Exning in Suffolk, and in CavenTon and issue in lieu thereof,

dish Square, and the plate and fur16. An act for establishing a partition niture thereto belonging, and to apmade between dame Mary Latre, ply the money produced by such and others, of divers estates in the sale, as the court of Chancery shall parishes of Weft Thorock and Stifford, direct or appoint. . in the county of Ellex, in pursuance 24. An act for fale of part of the elof several orders of the high court tates of John Needham esquire, and

Anne his wife ; John Leche esquire, 17. An ad for impowering trustees to and Mary his wife; and Elizabeth cut down and fell timber upon the Hurleston, for discharging incitate late of John Trevor esquire, . cumbranccs affe&ting the fame, in the counties of Denbigh and Flint, and other purposes therein menfor discharging his debts, and also tioned. to make lea fes of mines in the said 25. An act to enable William Cowper counties.

esquire, to settle a jointure upon 1$ An act for investing part of the his present wife, and to make per orial estate of Charles Churchill Jeases of certain estates in the coun. eiquire, deceased, in the purchase ty of Hertford. ' cf lands to be settled, pursuant to 26. An act for impowering truitces añ agreement in the settlement to raise money out of the settled made on the marriage of Charles estate of Robert Dolman esquire, Courchill junior esquire, with the for discharging several debts and Tady Maria Walpole.

sums of money contracted and 13. An act for sale of the manor of borrowed by him. Balley, and other estates in the 27. An act for vesting the estates of qurty of Bucks, lately belonging Richard Stanley esquire, a lunatick,

Hugh Barker the younger esquire, lying in the counties of Kent and dacealed, pursuant to an agreement Middlesex, in trustees, to be sold made with hi n for that purpose. for the payment of several debts and 19. Ao act for making effectual an incumbrances thereon, and for agreement for sale of a messuage at other purposes therein mentioned. Turley Hill in the county of Berks, 28. An act to sell part of the settled e

wh the appurtenances, late the state of Thomas Sergison esquire, and ietate of colonel Charles Lanoe, de- , to lay out the moneyarising thereby, : ceased, to Alexander Walker esquire. . in the purchase of lands and heredit. iii, An act for sale of the elases de aments to be settled in lieu thereof.

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29. An

29. An act to enable William Nisbet the sum of two millions one hun. mi of Dirleton esquire, and the heirs dred thousand pounds, to be raised

of intail for the time being, to by annuities, and a lottery, and p. make leases of lands in the county charged on the finking fund, rei of Haddington, and for other pur- deemable by parliament. i. poses therein mentioned.

Cap. 3. For enlarging the term' and 30. An act for raising money by sale powers granted by an act passed or mortgage of the estate of Garton in the twelfth year of the reign of Orme esquire, in the county of his present Majesty, for repairing Sussex, for the payment of his the road between Stamford and

debts, and the portion of Charlote Grantham in the county of Lincoln; hii Orme his daughter, and for other and for making the fame more efe 3. purposes therein mentioned.

fectual. . 31. An act for inclosing and dividing Cap. 4. For enabling his Majefty to

certain common fields and common raise the several fums of money grounds, called Nether Heyford therein mentioned, by exchequer Common Fields, lying and being in bills, to be charged on the finking the parishes of Néther Heyford, Štow fund; and for impowering the with nine Churches, and Bugbrooke, coinmiffioners of the treasury to in the county of Northampton, and pay off the old and new unfubfcrib

for extinguishing all right of com ed South Seas annuities out of the * mon in certain meadows, pastures, supply granted to his Majesty for

and inclosed grounds in the said the service of the year one thousand parishes, and providing a recom- . feven hundred and fifty ones and

pence to the sectors of the said pa for enabling the bank of England to - rilhes, in lieu of tythes.'

hold general courts, and courts of 32. An act for confirming articles of directors, in the manner therein agreement for inclosing and divid- directed; and for giving certain ing the commons and waste grounds persons liberty to fubfcribe bank and

within the manor of Culcheth in the South Seas annuities omitted to be 3 county of Lancaster.

fubscribed pursuant to two acts of 33. An act for securing the sole pro the last session of parliaments

perty, benefit and advantage of an Cap. 5. To indemnify persons who
engine invented by Ifrael Pownoll, ' have omitted to qualify themlelves
deceafed, for raising ballast, sullage, for offices and employments with-
and fand, and for removing in the time limited by law, and for
banks, shelves and shoals, in rivers allowing further time for that pur-
and harbours, to the children of pore.
the said Ifrae! Pownoll, for a certain Cap. 6. For punishing muriny and
term of years.

defertion ; and for the better pay.:. 34. An act for naturalizing Jacob ment of the army and their quar. Van Wylick.


Cap. 7. For granting an aid to his Anno 24 Georgii II,

Majesty by a land tax, to be raised

in Great Britain, for the service of Cap. i. For continuing and granting the year one thoufand seven hun

to his Majesty certain duties upon d red and fifty one. Immalt, mum, cyder and perry, for Cap. 8. For the better carrying on, ini the service of the year one thou- - and regulating, the navigation of ho fand seven handred and fifty one, the river Thames and Ifis, from the Cap, 2. For granting to his Majesty city of London westward to the


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