A Handbook for Farmers and Dairymen

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J. Wiley & sons, 1897 - 375 halaman

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Halaman 162 - Any member may call for a division of the question when the sense will admit of it...
Halaman 155 - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, and shall perform the duties usually devolving upon a presiding officer.
Halaman 155 - Committees, at which he is present, and shall regulate and keep order in the proceedings.
Halaman 162 - The object of this Society shall be to improve and ornament the streets and public grounds of the village by planting and cultivating trees, establishing and protecting grass-plats and borders in the avenues, and generally doing whatever may tend to the improvement of the village as a place of residence.
Halaman 173 - First class— Letters, and all other written matter whether sealed or unsealed and all other matter, sealed, nailed, sewed, tied or fastened in any manner, so that it cannot be easily examined, two cents per ounce or fraction thereof. Postal cards one cent each. Postal cards are...
Halaman 163 - Article 3. The business of the Society shall .be conducted by a Board consisting of a President, '„. six Vice'Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, and twelve Managers, to be annually chosen by the Society.
Halaman 166 - Number 3, white and blue flag (parallel bars of white and blue), six feet square, indicates that local rains or showers will occur, and that the rain-fall will not be general. Number 4...
Halaman 167 - ... 2, or 3 it indicates warmer weather; when placed below numbers 1, 2, or 3 it indicates colder weather; when not displayed, the indications are that the temperature will remain stationary, or that the change in temperature will not vary more than...
Halaman 128 - The milk bottle is set on this fulse bottom, and sufficient water is put into the pail to reach the level of the surface of the milk in the bottle. A hole may be punched in the cover of the pail, a cork inserted, and a chemical thermometer put through the cork, so that the bulb dips into the water. The temperature can thus be watched without removing the cover.
Halaman 167 - No. 3, alone, indicates local rain or snow, stationary temperature. No. 1, with No. 4 above it, indicates fair weather, warmer. No. 1, with No. 4 below it, indicates fair weather, colder. No. 2, with No. 4 above it, indicates warmer weather, rain or enow.

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