Experience of 2020

Sampul Depan
The Jubilant Thoughts, 2005 - 259 halaman

Experience of 2020

We are in the end of the year 2020 and in this we have experienced many things like how to live together, to always behave in an optimistic manner in every situation, to prepare a lot varieties of foods at home, connection with various people through social medias,even made us learn many new things,and this was the time which gave many hidden talents a new source of light to shine better in the eyes of world.

So based upon this kala aur kalam is conducting an anthology "Experience of 2020" and giving a chance to all the writers to express their experience of 2020 through their poetries.

So let's enjoy the happy reading of this anthology with your open heart.

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Tentang pengarang (2005)

Siddharth Raj was born on 16 August 1997 in the district of Bihar vaishali village of hajpura.

His initiation of primary education has taken place at patna. Currently he is pursuing his bachelor's degree in Hindi from Magadh university. He loves to read literature and also writes about it. Along with poetry he also writes songs and stories.

He has been interested in literature since his childhood days, and has been reading and reciting the poems of the late suryakant tripathi, nirala ramdhari singh dinkar, maithalisharan gupt and baba nagarjun.

Siddharth took inspiration from these legends to write.

He can write on any subject, but is more interested in writing about love poetry and social subjects because he has acquired many experiences of life at a very early age.

Siddharth never makes mistake in seeing the true side of people.

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