The Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899

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Tuttle Company, printers, 1899 - 826 halaman

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Halaman ix - As for nobility in particular persons, it is a reverend thing to see an ancient castle or building not in decay, or to see a fair timber tree sound and perfect; how much more to behold an ancient noble family, which hath stood against the waves and weathers of time?
Halaman 35 - All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.
Halaman xlix - Is thy face like thy mother's, my fair child ! Ada! sole daughter of my house and heart? When last I saw thy young blue eyes, they smiled, And then we parted, — not as now we part, But with a hope. — Awaking with a start, The waters heave around me; and on high The winds lift up their voices: I depart, Whither I know not; but the hour's gone by, When Albion's lessening shores could grieve or glad mine eye.
Halaman xvi - Howe'er it be, it seems to me 'Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Halaman 743 - Signed, sealed and delivered ? in the presence of J County, ss. day and date above, personally appeared DR signer and sealer of the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed.
Halaman 734 - Mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament...
Halaman xlix - The land grows weary of her inhabitants, insomuch that man, which is the most precious of all creatures, is here more vile and base than the earth he treads upon...
Halaman 174 - The pleasures of earth I have seen fade away, They bloom for a season, but soon they decay ; But pleasures more lasting, in Jesus are given, Salvation on earth, and a mansion in heaven. Home, home, sweet, sweet home, The saints in those mansions are ever at home. 3 Allure me no longer, ye false glowing charms!
Halaman 740 - ... or breast-work. This wall served a most excellent purpose, as the sharpshooters behind it could take the most deadly aim at the advancing foe ; and it is a well established fact that the British troops in front of this wall were almost completely annihilated. There stood John Moore and his company from Amoskeag, many of whom were " dead shots

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