The Learning Advantage: Blending Technology, Strategy, and Learning to Create Lasting Results

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Karen Mantyla
American Society for Training and Development, 1 Jul 2009 - 176 halaman
When times get tough, why is it that the training budget so often gets slashed first? And more important, how can you change this pattern so that your training budget is protected—no matter the economic or business climate?

The Learning Advantage provides the answers to these questions through a series of case studies designed to help you change your organization's attitude toward learning by helping you make the clear link from learning to your company's bottom line. These case studies offer exemplary models of how to position learning for success by aligning learning strategy with business strategy and by leveraging the power of technology to deliver the best mix of training. Success stories come from a diverse set of leading companies, including:

Accenture's inspiring roadmap of how to develop a comprehensive learning infrastructure.

The Microsoft Xbox case study, which shows the nexus of strategy, application, and ROI in its breathtaking training challenge to get a global sales and customer service workforce ready for the Xbox 360 launch (includes access to an online, interactive exploration of Xbox 360 launch).

Caterpillar University's lessons on how it aligned strategy, technology, and employee development to build an award-winning learning institute with proven bottom-line results.

The U.S. Department of Labor's case study, which reveals how this federal agency blended technology with traditional learning for maximum benefit.

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Karen Mantyla brings an impressive combination of experience, education, and authorship to the table, making her uniquely qualified to offer The Learning Advantage to you. With more than 25 years of specialized experience in workplace education programs, from corporate leadership positions (including vice president of a Fortune 500 company) to her current role as president of her training and consulting company, Quiet Power, Mantyla specializes in development and delivery of workplace education programs in dispersed geographic locations. She also provides executive coaching services remotely, usually employing an array of technology distribution methods (blogs, webcasts, websites, and online interactivity). Mantyla helps design, develop, implement and maintain distance learning programs for her clients, always with an eye toward the human side of the distance learning equation.

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