The Medical register for the state of Massachusetts

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W.P. Lunt, 1875 - 296 halaman

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Halaman viii - Each State, county and district medical society entitled to representation shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half that number...
Halaman 142 - Whoever advertises, prints, publishes, distributes or circulates, or causes to be advertised, printed, published, distributed or circulated any pamphlet, printed paper, book, newspaper, notice, advertisement or reference, containing words or language giving or conveying any notice, hint or reference to any person, or to the name of any person, real or fictitious, from whom, or to any place, house, shop or office where any poison, drug, mixture, preparation, medicine, or noxious thing, or any instrument...
Halaman 28 - Some general rules should be adopted by the faculty, in every town or district, relative to pecuniary acknowledgments from their patients ; and it should be deemed a point of honor to adhere to these rules with as much uniformity as varying circumstances will admit.
Halaman 139 - ... violated in any particular building or place, such magistrate, if satisfied that there is reasonable cause...
Halaman viii - The delegates shall receive their appointment from permanently organized State Medical Societies, and such County and District Medical Societies, as are recognized by representation in their respective State Societies, and from the Medical Department of the Army and Navy of the United States.
Halaman 286 - A distinctive feature of the method of instruction in this College Is the union of clinical and didactic teaching. All the lectures are given within the Hospital grounds. During the regular Winter Session, in addition to four didactic lectures on every week-day except Saturday, two or three hours are daily allotted to clinical instruction. The Spring Session consists chiefly of Recitations from Text-books.
Halaman 129 - ... respecting articles which are capable of containing or conveying infection or contagion, or of creating sickness, brought into or conveyed from its town, or into or from any vessel. Whoever violates any such regulation shall forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.
Halaman 128 - They shall make sanitary investigations and inquiries respecting the causes of disease, especially of epidemics, the source of mortality and the effects of localities, employments, conditions and circumstances on the public health ; and they shall gather such information in respect to these matters as they may deem proper for diffusion among the people.
Halaman 121 - Surgeons are entitled to an examination for promotion after three years' service in the Navy. In order that the relative position of Assistant Surgeons of the same date, who shall be examined for promotion at different times, may be more readily determined, a majority of the members of the Board will be selected, if practicable, from those who served on the next preceding Board.
Halaman 1 - They shall be selected with special reference to their acknowledged interest in or devotion to sanitary studies and allied sciences, and to the practical application of the same.

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