A Century of Progress: History of the Delaware and Hudson Company, 1823-1923

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J.B. Lyon Company, printers, 1925 - 755 halaman
Contains information on the company's presidents, centennial, founding, scope, locomotive aquisitions, and various other topics.

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Halaman 378 - The President in time of war is empowered, through the Secretary of War, to take possession and assume control of any system or systems of transportation, or any part thereof, and to utilize the same, to the exclusion, as far as may be necessary, of all other traffic thereon, for the transfer or transportation of troops, war material, and equipment, or for such other purposes connected with the emergency as may be needful or desirable.
Halaman 384 - I knew a very wise man so much of Sir Chr — 's sentiment, that he believed if a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.
Halaman 378 - Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, under and by virtue of the powers vested in me by the foregoing resolutions and statute, and by virtue of all other powers thereto enabling, do hereby, through Newton D.
Halaman 488 - The manner of the carriage is by laying rails of timber from the colliery down to the river, exactly straight and parallel ; and bulky carts are made with four rowlets fitting these rails ; whereby the carriage is so easy that one horse will draw down four or five chaldron of coals, and is an immense benefit to the coal merchants.
Halaman 378 - It is hereby directed that the possession, control, operation, and utilization of such transportation systems hereby by me undertaken shall be exercised by and through William G. McAdoo, who is hereby appointed and designated Director General of Railroads. Said Director may perform the duties imposed upon him so long, and to such extent, as he shall determine, through the boards of Directors, receivers, officers, and employes of said systems of transportation.
Halaman 378 - December, 1917, of each and every system of transportation and the appurtenances thereof located wholly or in part within the boundaries of the continental United States...
Halaman 378 - ... systems of transportation ; to the end that such systems of transportation be utilized for the transfer and transportation of troops, war material, and equipment, to the exclusion so far as may be necessary of all other traffic thereon ; and that so far as such exclusive use be not necessary or desirable such systems of transportation be operated and utilized in the performance of such other services as the national interest may require and of the usual and ordinary business and duties of common...
Halaman 394 - Commission shall make a general investigation of the compensation of persons in the railroad service, the relation of railroad wages to wages in other industries, the conditions respecting wages in different parts of the country, the special emergency respecting wages which exists at this time owing to war conditions and high cost of living, as well as the relation between different classes of railroad labor.
Halaman 556 - The arrangements for carrying passengers are quite extensive. There are twenty-four cars belonging to the company — at once spacious, elegant, and convenient. They are twenty-four feet in length by eight in breadth, and sufficiently high within for the passengers to stand erect, the whole divided into three apartments ; the seats of which are cushioned and backed with crimson morocco, trimmed with coach lace ; each apartment is surrounded by moveable panels, thus affording the comforts and facilities...
Halaman 555 - If the legislature of this State shall, at the expiration of ten and within fifteen years from tlie completion of the said railroad, make provision by law for the repayment to the said company of the amount expended by them in the construction of...

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