Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States Adopted January 7, 1884: And the Rules of Practice for the Circuit and District Courts of the United States in Equity and Admiralty Cases and Orders in Reference to Appeals from Court of Claims

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907 - 101 halaman

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Halaman 29 - DOCKETING CASES. 1. It shall be the duty of the plaintiff in error or appellant to docket the case and file the record thereof with the clerk of this court by or before the return day, whether in vacation or in term time.
Halaman 45 - March 3, 1891, the plaintiff in error or appellant shall file with the clerk of the court below, with his petition for the writ of error or appeal, an assignment of errors, which shall set out separately and particularly each error asserted and intended to be urged.
Halaman 80 - In all cases, where the rules prescribed by this court, or by the circuit court, do not apply, the practice of the circuit court shall be regulated by the present practice of the high court of Chancery in England, so far as the same may reasonably be applied consistently with the local circumstances and local convenience of the district, where the court is held, not as positive rules, but as furnishing just analogies to regulate the practice.
Halaman 45 - Pending an appeal from the final decision of any court or judge discharging the writ after it has been issued, the prisoner shall be remanded to the custody from which he was taken by the writ, or shall...
Halaman 29 - ... such presiding judge may make such rule or order for the safe-keeping, transporting, and return of such original papers as to him may seem proper, and this court will receive and consider such original papers in connection with the transcript of the proceedings.
Halaman 66 - ... in the same manner and to the same extent as the executors or administrators in suits concerning personal estate represent the persons beneficially interested in such personal estate; and in such cases it shall not be necessary to make the persons beneficially interested in such...
Halaman 35 - ... time as above required, by the opposite party, the case shall abate: And provided, also, That the said representative may at any time before or after said suggestion come in and be made a party to the suit, and thereupon the case shall proceed, and be heard and determined as in other cases.
Halaman 41 - But on the coming in of the court on each day the entire number of such ten cases mil be called, with a view to the disposition of such of them as are not to be argued. 3. Criminal cases may be advanced by leave of the court on motion of either party.
Halaman 85 - In all cases of seizure, and in other suits and proceedings in rem, the process, unless otherwise provided for by statute, shall be by a warrant of arrest of the ship, goods, or other thing to be arrested; and the marshal shall thereupon arrest and take the ship, goods, or other thing into his possession for safe custody...
Halaman 65 - In every case where an amendment shall be made after answer filed, the defendant shall put in a new or supplemental answer on or before the next succeeding rule-day after that on which the amendment or amended bill is filed, unless the time is enlarged or otherwise ordered by a judge of the court; and upon his default, the like proceedings may be had as in cases of an omission to put in an answer.

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