Documentation of Communist Penetration in Latin America, Bagian 1-3

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Halaman 198 - Communist organizations such as the World Federation of Trade Unions, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the World Peace Council, and the Women's International Democratic Federation.
Halaman 111 - The peoples of all countries know that the danger of a new world war still persists. US imperialism is the main force of aggression and war.
Halaman 198 - The faction in power have shown by their acts and their speeches that they are prepared to go to any lengths, including violence, to turn British Guiana into a Communist State.
Halaman 188 - ... revolution, depending on the state of their development. Sooner or later, in each historic epoch, as objective conditions ripen, consciousness is acquired, organization is achieved, leadership arises, and revolution is produced. Whether this takes place peacefully or comes to the world after painful labor, does not depend on the revolutionaries; it depends on the reactionary forces of the old society...
Halaman 354 - Staff if it does not want to allow itself to be devoured by its mortal enemies? But where is this General Staff? Only the revolutionary party of the proletariat can serve as this General Staff. The working class without a revolutionary party is an army without a General Staff. The Party is the General Staff of the proletariat.
Halaman 1 - Raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?
Halaman 195 - But the peasantry is a class which, because of the ignorance in which it has been kept and the isolation in which it lives, requires the revolutionary and political leadership of the working class and the revolutionary intellectuals.
Halaman 165 - ... by the glorious Communist Party of Venezuela and by the valiant militants of the Leftist Revolutionary Movement. The imperialists were given evidence of what revolutionary solidarity is, and active solidarity of revolutionaries who do not sit in their doorways to wait for the corpse of their enemy to pass by, of revolutionaries who understand that the duty of all revolutionaries is to create the revolution.
Halaman 198 - Guiana must be suspended to prevent Communist subversion of the Government and a dangerous crisis both in public order and in economic affairs...
Halaman 124 - The Communist parties have unanimously condemned the Yugoslav variety of international opportunism, a variety of modern revisionist 'theories' in concentrated form. After betraying Marxism-Leninism, which they termed obsolete, the leaders of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia opposed their antiLeninist revisionist programme to the Declaration of 1957; they set the...