New Perspectives in American Politics

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Transaction Publishers, 1989 - 204 halaman

The official publication of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists, this annual publication includes significant scholarly research reflecting the diverse interests of scholars from various backgrounds who use a variety of models, approaches, and methodologies. What unites the organization, and this annual publication, is its focus on politics and policies that advantage or disadvantage groups by reasons of race, ethnicity, sex, or other such factors. The research itself may be done in a variety of contexts and settings. This premier volume includes five feature articles and two special symposia. In addition, the publication includes bibliographical essays on politics and women, American Indians, Chicanos, and Blacks, as well as an assessment of recent books on Jesse Jackson.

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Lucius J. Barker is professor of political science, Washington University, St. Louis, and author of a number of articles and books in American politics, the most recent being Our Time Has Come: A Delegate s Diary of Jesse Jackson s 1984 Presidential Campaign.

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