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Council to

aforesaid act of Congress, or pursuant to any future levy a duty of act which shall be passed by Congress, to impose and fen.cents per levy a duty of ten cents per ton, or any duty what

ever, that shall hereafter be sanctioned or authorized by Congress, on all ships and vessels, of the United States, which shall arrive, and be entered in the Port of Charleston, from any foreign port or place; and also receive from the United States, or the government thereof, any grant or compensation whatever, which shall or may from time to time be granted or allowed for the providing relief and the maintenance of sick or disabled seamen in a Marine Hospital for the Port of Charleston.

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Passed, Dec. 19th, 1805.

to render an account of

1. Be it enacted, That that the Comptroller-General be, and he is hereby required and directed, annu

ally, to call on the Treasurer of the City Council of City Treasurer Charleston, to render an account on oath, to bim, of

the application of such monies as are appropriated for monies appro- the support of the transient poor, and for other pursupport of the poses; and that the account, so rendered, be laid be

fore the Legislature.


Passed, Dec. 19th, 1801.

1. Be it enacted, That nothing contained in this act,

shall be construed to extend to lessen the powers at Power vested present granted by law, and now exercised by the in corporation. Corporation of Charleston, or the Commissioners of

the town of Columbia, or the Commissioners of the Streets of Georgetown, or the Corporation of Camden, or any other incorporated towns: and that any regulations, conformably to their present powers, which the City Council of Charleston may deem requisite to enforce or prescribe, in relation to the granting of licences to tavern keepers, retailers of spirituous liquors, and keepers of billiard tables, within the City of Charleston, shall be deemed lawful and valid ; any thing in this act to the contrary, notwithstanding.





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To be kept in dollars, cents and mills,
City Treasurer to keep his books in dollars cents and mills, and enter

his daily receipts and expenditures in cash book, in dollars, cents
and mills,

All judgments to be entered in dollars, cents and mills,
All boards of commissioners, and all persons who have accounts with

the city, to render accounts to the city treasurer once in three

Account of fees and perquisites to be rendered to the city council once

every three months,

Application to be made to the city council to exhibit all shows, &c. 6
Exhibition of theatrical entertainments, not prohibited when the pro-
prietor and managers are duly licenced,

The intendant alone, without the city council; may grant permission

for fire-works within the city,
Assize of Bread

Bread to be numbered; penalty for not numbering it; weight of bread, 7
Penalty for deficiency of weight, fine for adulteration,
Bread may be examined by the intendant and wardens-wanting in

goodness of materials, or deficient in weight or baking, or not be
ing numbered, or fraudulently mixed, to be seized for the poor, by
the intendant, wardens or magistrate of the district,

Penalty for bakers refusing lawful search or seizure,

City Člerk to obtain the average price of flour, once a week,

To make a return of the prices of the different qualities,

Offenders to be prosecuted in the inferior city court, within 30 days, ib.
Table of assize of bread,

No goods to be exposed for sale in the streets, except to the eastward
of the curtain line on the bay-penalty

Auctioneers to retain and pay over to the city treasurer, a tax from the
sales of horses, cattle, goods,wares and merchandizes,

Auctioneers to retain a certain per centage on sales, and to pay it to
the city treasurer-no duty on sales made of the

property of

deceased, or of insolvent debtors, or of incorporated societies, or
under the order of any court of justice in the state-auctioneer to
give bond to obtain a licence,

12, 13
Persons wishing licences, how to apply,

Licences granted only to citizens ; oath to be taken ; penalty for act:
ing without licence,

14, 15
Auctioneer to keep books of sale-penalty for refusing,



Assessment-city treasurer's duty,

page 17 To call on auctioneers for payment of the tax, once every three months, ib. Penalty for not doing it,

ib. No exemption from tax on stock in trade,

ib. How per centages are to be collected,

ib. Billiard Tables Persons to be licenced to keep billiard tables,

18 Penalty; mode of application; no individual to be security for more

than one licence; no person possessing a licence to be taken as
security ; sum required; gambling prohibited,

19 Liquors not to be sold; but prohibition not to extend to persons who have taken out licences to keep tavern,

ib. Licence to state where kept ; no playing allowed on sunday,

ib. Fine for keeping openafter hours; penalty,

20 Marshal's duty; penalty ; how recoverable,

ib. Bake House, (public) Commissioners, of whom composed,

20 Commissioners to appoint superintendant, bakër and steward ; ap

pointments to be submitted for the approbation of council ; commis-
sioners to affix wages of persons employed; wages to be submitted
to council ; baker to give bond ; commissioners to draw on city trea-
surer for a sum not exceeding $1000 every three months; commissi-
oners to render accounts quarterly,

21 Board of Health Commissioners to be ballotted for ; time of meeting,

21 Their duty; duty of city marshal and his deputies,

22 Of the clerk of the commissioners of streets and lamps, scavengers and constables ; power of the commissioners,

ib. Penalty for not obeying order of commissioners,

23 Appointment and duty of clerk; his salary, duty and power,

24 Penalty for refusing him admittance into any house, lot or enclosure, ib. Vessels in the harbour to have one wind-sail;

ib. Duty of the harbour master or deputy ; vessels to admit and discharge water at least twice a week; penalty for refusing,

ib. Commissioners, or any three of them, to order off any vessel supposed to endanger the health of the city,

ib. Penalty for refusing to remove vessel,

ib. Interments to be published weekly,

25 Regulations for the health of the city to be enforced by commissioners; regulations to be approved of by the city council,

ib. Any one of the commissioners may enter any lot, grounds, &c. of any person, and examine the same,

ib. Commissioners to cause lots to be drained, and water to be pumped out of cellars,

26 Penaliy for refusal or neglect,

27 Ciy Treasurer to defray the expence of draining lots, &c. and city sheriff to recover the same,

ib. City Inspector Office abolished; duties to be performed by the clerk of the board of health; bis salary,

27 Commissioners of the Poor

Beggars to be sent to the poor house; commissioners to make rules



and regulations for the poor house; to be submitted to the city coun-' page cil; to be elected annually,

28 Commissioners to have direction of the poor, poor house and lunatics, 29

Account of expenditures, once in six months, to be laid before council, ib. Carriages and Carts No person to drive a cart, &c. without a licence,

29 Price of licence; number of licence to be painted on shaft; penalty, 30 Commencement and expiration of licence,

ib. Penalty for refusing to carry, unless good excuse be given

ib. City Marshal and constables to stop persons riding or driving immoderately,

ib. Drivers of carts or drays not to ride, how to be treated if a slave, ib. Fine, how to be appropriated, Free persons refusing to pay fine, to be confined,

31 No carts or drays to apply for hire but at places appointed by the city marshal; penalty,

ib. Regulations for driving; penalty,

ib. Persons not allowed to break horses in the city; penalty for doing it, ib. Limits of the city,

32 Rates of cartage; divisions of the city established,

33, 34 Rates for dray loads,

35 Rates not particularly enumerated,

36 Penalty for demanding greater rates,

ib. Horses not permitted to run at large,

37 To be driven with a bridle or halter; penalty,

ib. Marshal's duty; rates may be altered or revised, Persons not to drive a cart, dray or waggon, faster than a walk,

ib. Nor other carriage faster than a moderate trot,

ib. Nor to turn round the corner of a street faster than a walk,

ib. Penalty, unless good cause can be shewn,

38 Persons applying for a licence for cart, to make oath that he is owner, ib. To produce the same to the city treasurer,

ib. People of colour, applying for licence, to be recommended,

ib. Carriages for hire, to have a painted number,

ib. Penalty, Public carriages to stand only where directed by the city marshal, to be expressed in their licence by the city treasurer; penalty,

ib. Persons holding licences to give bond for payment of fines, Bond to be executed before licence is issued, Licences not granted to slaves,

ib. Persons on conviction of six offences to forfeit their licence,

ib. Penalty for driving after forfeiture of licence,

ib. City Treasurer and city marshal's duty,

ib. Persons of colour offending to receive corporal punishment, and may be imprisoned,

40, 41 City Guard to patrol and inform city marshal of offenders,

41 Horses, carts, &c. stopt, to be sent to a livery stable,

ib. Persons opposing city guard, to be dealt with in the manner directed by the ordinance respecting the city guard,

ib. City Treasurer's duty when he grants licences,

ib. Drivers of carriages, carts, &c. not to use cruelty to animals; penalty, 42 Cotton Bales

Bales of cotton not to be thrown from the second or upper story; penalty,




page 44





45 ib. ib, 46 ib.







Commissioners of Streets and Lamps

To be elected annually ; penalty for refusing,
No person obliged to serve more than one year in seven,
Time appointed for meeting,
No building to be erected fronting on a street without consulting a

commissioner; commissioner's duty,
Penalty for neglecting to apply to a commissioner, and for not com-

plying with directions,
Regulations for building steps, and of the projection ; penalty,
Carriages not to obstruct foot passengers,
Sign boards to be placed thirteen feet high,
Houses to have but one balcony, and above the first story; penalty,
Persons not permitted to keep a stand in the street,
Cellar door not to remain open at hight; penalty,
Vendue-Masters, permitted to expose before their store, the goods and

commodities they sell at public auction,
To take up only the front of their respective stores, and to the distance

of six feet,
No fine for keeping cellar doors open in the day time, if the same be

provided with a grating, or other cover,
Fire wood not to lay longer than four hours in any street,
Regulations to be observed when persons are about to build ; penalty,
Obstructions in the streets to be removed by the city marshal, when

ordered by a commissioner of streets and lamps,
Expence to be defrayed by the persons encroaching it,
Penalty for encroaching, or white person opposing marshal,
Punishment for negro or person of colour, opposing marshal,
Shavings to be removed, penalty for not removing them,
Rubbish not removed, liable to become public property,
Penalty for not removing it,
Penalty for leaving dirt, &c. in any street,
Scavenger's duty; penalty for employing scavenger's cart,
Commissioners to point out where drains, &c. are to be built, and to

contract for building the same,
Posts to be put along the pavements,
Owners of lots to be assessed for drains,
How asssessments are to be made and collected,
Pavement repaired at the expence of the owner of lot on which it fronts,
Assessment and collection,
Penalty for molesting workmen, repairing broken pavements,
How slaves are to be dealt with,
White persons rolling barrels or wheel-barrows on foot pavement to be

fined ; negroes whipped,
White persons injuring posts to be fined,
Negroes offending, how to be dealt with,
White persons injuring trees, to be fined; negroes corrected,
Commissioner's duty,
Fine for molesting lamplighters or scavengers,
Negroes to be corrected,
Fines for breaking or removing lamps or posts,

Negroes confined and corrected,
• Fines for extinguishing lamps; negroes to be corrected,

White persons purchasing oil from lamplighter, to be fined,

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