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and the expences attending the repairs of the damage

so done. Xeeper of the

2. That it shall be the duty of the Keeper of the City Hall to City-Hall, at all times to have the City-Hall kept open from sun

clean, that he shall cause the several officers of rise to sun set. the city, located in the City-Hall, to keep their res

pective offices in good order ; that he shall not suffer any rubbish, dirt or filth of any kind to remain in or near the said building, or the lot or square attached thereto, or which shall or may be attached to the same; that he shall open the gates and doors of the said City Hall every day at sun-rise, and shut them in the evenings : Provided, the Intendant for the time being, shall not be prevented from dispensing with these regulations, on any particular or public occa

sion. That the Keeper or one of his deputies shall Keeper dur de constantly attend the City-Hall from the opening to

the shutting of the same : And he is hereby strictly required to take into custody or inform of and against any person or persons, who shall commit any of the offences mentioned in this ordinance, and him or

them to prosecute as herein before directed. Persons pull

3. That if any person or persons shall pull down or ing down the overthrow any of the trees or boxes inclosing the same,

on New East-Bay-street, or cut or injure the same, stones on East- or any of the seats or benches placed on the said be finteleando públic walk; or throw off, remove or purloin any of punished. the stones, forming the walls of the said New-Street on

East-Bay continued; he or they, shall, if a white person, be subject to a fine of fifty dollars ; the one half thereof to be given to the informer, who shall prosecute to conviction, all and every such offender or offenders; and the other moiety to the city : And if a a negro or free person of colour, may be fined and corrected at the discretion of any Warden of the city.

trees, or carry

ing off the

State of South Carolina,

CITY OF CHARLESTON, An Ordinance, making of force all Ordinances

and parts of Ordinances, contained in a 56 Digest of the Ordinances of the City Council of Charleston.”

Be it ordained by the Intendant and Wardens of Charleston, in City Council assembled, and it is hereby ordained, by the authority of the same, That the Ordinances and parts of Ordinances of the City Council of Charleston, contained in a digest of the corporation laws, entitled a “ Digest of the Ordinances of the City Council of Charleston," and considered therein as of force, shall be, and they are hereby declared of force, and that all Ordinances and parts of Ordinances, not contained in said Digest, except the ordinance, “ for raising supplies, for the use of the city; for the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and for other purposes therein mentioned,” be and the same are hereby repealed. Ratified in City Council, this thirteenth day of July, in the year

of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and in the forty-third year of American Independence.

JOHN GEDDES, Intendant. By the Intendant,

G. M. BOUNETHEAU, Clerk of Council.

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City Officer's Salaries.

(Elected by the City Council annually.)


1500 3500

Clerk of Council,

1000 City Marshal,

· 1000 City Inquirer and Assessor,

800 City Treasurer, (for himself and Clerk,) 600 Harbour Master,

450 City Sheriff,

200 City Attorney, (under a resolution of Council) 200, Physician to the Poor and Orphan House, 1200 Physician to the Marine Hospital,

1200 Keeper of St. Michael's Clock,

140 Steward of the Orphan House,

500 School-Master of the Orphan House,

*1300 Matron of the Orphan House,

300 School-Mistress of the Orphan House,

250 Sewing-Mistress of the Orphan House,

150 Eight Nurses for said institution, at $90 per an.t 720 Master of the Poor House,

500 Mistress of the Poor House,

400 Four Nurses for ditto at $60 per annum,t 240 Steward of the Marine Hospital,

300 Matron of the Marine Hospital,

200 'Two Nurses to ditto at $144 per annumf 288 Cook to the Marine Hospital,

96 Clerk to the Board of Fire-Masters,

500 Clerk to the Board of Health,

500 Clerk to the Com’rs. of Streets and Lamps, 400 Clerk to the Com’rs. of Weights and Measures, 600 City Baker,

400 Clerk of the Market, $900, his Deputy, $600, 1500

* Eight hundred dollars when he resides in the Institution.

Compensation from time to time fixed by the Commissioners.

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