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Pasged, Dec. 16th. 1808.


every three


1. Be it ordained, That all boards of commissioners appointed by the City Council, and also all per

sons whatever, who may have accounts with the city, ers Accounts be, and they are hereby required to render accounts to be settled to the City Treasurer, for adjustment, once in every

three months; any thing in any ordinance to the con

trary in any wise notwithstanding. City Officers' 2. That each and every officer in the city, whose

compensation arises from fees and perquisites, be, and they are hereby required, to render to the City Council, once in every three months, an account, on oath, of the amount of all such fees and perquisites of office received by them.


Passed, Oct.


Amusements. 1. Be it ordained, That from and after the publica28th, 1301. tion of this ordinance, all and every person and per

sons whomsoever, who shall, within the city of Charleston, act, represent, perform, or exhibit; or cause to be acted, represented, performed, or exhibited, for hire, gain or reward, any species or kind of

equestrian exercises, rope dancing, wire dancing or be made to ex. ballancing, tumbling, legerdemain or slight of hand, hibit all shows, or puppet show; or exhibit any beast or beasts, wild

or tame; or open and use, or permit to be used and frequented, for public amusement, any garden or gårdens, walk or walks, under the name of Vauxhall gardens, or any other denomination or description; or erect and build, set up and use, any or coaches, chair or chairs, or other machine or machinery, for public diversion or amusement; or perform, exhibit, set up, or establish and use; or cause to be performed, exhibited, set up, established, and used, within the said city, for hire, gain, or reward, any other species or sort of public amusement whatsoever, without permission of the City Council, first had and obtained, and under such rules and regula

tions, as they may think proper to establish, shall, Penalty

each and every of them, forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding twenty dollars, for every offence, to be sued

for and recovered by the City Recorder, before the court of wardens,* and paid into the hands of the City Treasurer, for the use of the corporation : Provided, Proviso. nevertheless, That this ordinance shall not be construed to prohibit or restrict the exhibition of theatrical entertainments, or other amusements of the theatre or stage, when the proprietors or managers thereof, are duly licensed and authorized, conformably to the ordinances and regulations of the City Council: or to prohibit the Intendant alone, without the City Coun- Intendant's cil, from granting permission for the exhibition of Authority. fire-works within the said city.

2d, 1813.

Hssize of Bread. 1. Be it ordained, That from and immediately af- Passed, Aug. ter the ratification and publication of this ordinance, every baker, or other person, who shall make or bake for sale, or sell, or expose to sale any of the sorts of bread mentioned in this ordinance, shall fairly imprint and number, or cause the same to be done, on every loaf of each respective sort of bread he, she or they shall make or bake, or sell or expose to sale, the numbers hereinafter mentioned, that is to say: Upon every loaf of bread which shall be made, baked or sold, or exposed to sale, as white bread, made of flour of the finest quality, the number one, (1.)—Upon every loaf of wheaten bread, the number two, (2.)—and upon numbered. every loaf of household bread, the number three, (3.) And every person who shall make or bake for sale, or shall expose to sale, any loaf of the different sorts of bread authorized to be made in pursuance of this ordinance, which is not numbered agreeably thereto, every such person or persons, for every time he, she or they offend in the premises, and be thereof convict- Penalty. ed, shall forfeit or pay a sum not exceeding sixty dollars.

2. That if any person or persons shall.make or bake Weight of any bread for sale, or sell or expose to sale any

bread deficient in weight, according to the assize made and

* Recoverable in the Inferior City Court.

Bread to be



put into


prescribed from time to time, as herein after directed, he, she or they so offending in the premises, and being

thereof convicted, shall forfeit and pay a sum not exrenalty.

ceeding fifty dollars: and for the second and every similar offence, his, her or their name or names shall be published in one of the gazettes, in addition to the

foregoing forfeiture of fifty dollars. Fine for adul 3. That if any baker, or any other person or per


any bread by him, her or them sold or exposed to sale, any mixture of other grain than that specified in the first section of this ordinance, or who shall in any wise adulterate the purity of the flour further than what is absolutely necessary to the well making or baking thereof, the person or persons so offending, shall forfeit all such bread, and also a sum

not exceeding sixty. dollars. Bread may be 4. That it shall and may be lawful at all times durlawfully examined by the ing the course of the day, for the Intendant, any of Intendant and the Wardens of this city, or magistrates of this dis

trict, to enter into any house, shop, stall, bake-house, ware-house or out-houses, of or belonging to any baker or vender of bread or elsewhere, and there search for, view, weigh and try all or any part of the bread which shall be there found, and if any shall be discovered wanting in the goodness of the materials of which it shall be made, or deficient either in baking or legal weight, or not truly numbered, or fraudulently

mixed: in every such case, the Intendant, any of the To be seized Wardens of this city or magistrates of the district

shall seize such bread so found, and send the same to the Poor-House for the use of the poor, or make such other charitable distribution thereof as to him or them

shall seem expedient. Penalty for Ba. 5. That if any baker or vender of bread shall rekers refusing a fuse such search and seizure to be made, or in any

wise hinder or resist the same, or shall at any time abuse any public officer or officers, his or their clerk or clerks, deputy or deputies, in the proper discharge of their public duty, he, she or they shall, for every such offence, forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, and moreover shall have his, her or their name or names published in one of the gazettes twice, in addition to the foregoing forfeiture of one hundred dollars.

for the poor.

or seizure.

robtain the av:

erage price of


€ 6. That the City Clerk, or in case of his absence City Clerk to ior sickness, his deputy shall within the last day of every week, from the best information he can procure from those who sell the largest quantity of flour to the bakers, make in writing (upon oath, if thereunto required) to the City Council, if they shall convene, or upon there being no council, to the Intendant for the time being, touching the average price per barrel of

196lbs net, of the several qualities of flour sold within the city for the current week, to the intent that all

bakers of bread, if they shall think fit, may attend the setting of the said assize; which said average price shall be deemed and taken as the ordinary price of

such flour for the ensuing week; to which shall be 1 added the sum of eighteen shillings and eight pence,

as a full compensation to the baker; and the assize I shall be ascertained and appointed according to the

same, agreeably to the table of assize hereunto an1 nexed, which shall be notified in any one of the ga

zettes, in the first publishing day of every week, for 22 the information of all concerned; so that notwith

standing any advance or reduction that may happen a in the price of four, no alteration shall be made in

the assize for the current week; either to raise the (salne higher, or sink the same lower.

7. That the City Clerk, or in case of his absence City Clerk to or sickness his deputy shall, within the last day of of the prices of every week, make a return in the form of a certificate the different of the prices of the different qualities of flour, in the flour

qualities of f manner already expressed; to which return the said

city clerk, or in case of his sickness or absence his deputy shall, from time to time, subscribe bis name.

And in case the said city clerk, or in his absence or è sickness his deputy shall neglect or refuse to make the

same, the person so offending, shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding fifty dollars.

8. That no person or persons shall be prosecuted Time of profor any

offence before mentioned, in this Ordinance, fences. unless he, she or they be prosecuted for the same in the Inferior City Court, within thirty days included, after the offence is committed. 9. That an Ordinance intitled, “ An Ordinance for Former ordi

nances repeal A regulating the price and assize of bread,” ratified in ed.

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City Council the twenty-seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two, and an Ordinance ratified in City Council the thirtieth day of July, one thousand seve hundred and ninety-five, be and the same are hereby repealed.

Table of Assize.

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