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the aforesaid description, to any person or persons ćity Treasures whatever, unless such bonds hall have been previously not to issue liexecuted, and to him delivered by such person or cence until the persons, nor until all other conditions, required of cuted. him or them in and by this and the above cited ordinance, shall have been fully complied with. And if

any person applies to the City Treasurer for more than one licence, he shall issue each licence separately, and take a separate bond for each as afore- Licences not said. But no licence shall be granted to any slave Sranted to or slaves whatever.

6. That if any person, having obtained a licence or licences as aforesaid, shall, within twelve months, On conviction be convicted, before the Inferior City Court, of six to forfeit their offences, committed against this or the above cited licence. ordinance, either by himself, or by any any other person or persons driving the cart, dray, waggon, or other carriage, to which any such licence refers, he shall forfeit his licence, if he obtained only one, or if he obtained more than one licence, he shall forfeit. one of them, and shall, moreover, not be entitled to receive another licence, in the room of the one so forfeited, before the expiration of one year thereafter. And if any person, having forfeited his licence as aforesaid shall ply, or drive for hire, before obtaining ano

Penalty ther in the room thereof, he shall forfeit and pay to the use of the city, the sum of twenty dollars for every day or part of a day on which he plies or drives for hire as aforesaid. And whenever any licence is forfeited, the city Treasure City Treasurer shall give to the City Marshal imme-shal's duty. diate notice thereof, and of the number of such li2 cence ; and it shall be the City Marshal's duty, to prosecute such person, if driving without a licence as aforesaid.

7. That exclusive of the fine and fines, payable by or for persons, riding or driving contrary to this and the above cited ordinance, every person of colour, of colour ofwhether bond or free, shall receive no less than twelve fend he shall or more than twenty lashes upon his bare back, at ral punishthe public market place, in Queen or Market-streets, ment, &c. whenever and as often as he shall ride or drive otherwise, than as directed in and by this and the above eited ordinance. And it shall and may be lawful to



and for every and any Warden of the city, to order such corporal punishment, to be inflicted upon every person of colour, whether bond or free, whom such Warden himself may see offending in the premises, or who may be brought before himn by any person, proving any such offence. And if it shall

appear the said Warden, that such person of colour hath aggravated his offence by insolent and refractory con

duct, it shall and may be lawful to and for such WarPersons of co. den, to order such person of colour, to be confined lour may be in the Work-House, for any term not exceeding one imprisoned.


8. That the Intendant shall be authorized and emCity Guard to powered, to order one or more of the City Guard, to patrole and in- patrole any part or parts of the city, that he may deshal of offend signate, with such reliefs as he may direct. And the

City Guard, so patroling, shall inform the City Marshal of all white offenders, to be by him prosecuted in the Inferior City Court, and shall stop and apprehend every person of colour, whether bond or free, riding or driving contrary to this or the above cited ordi nance, and carry the same before any one of the Wardens, to be dealt with according to the preceding clause.

9. That any of the City Guard, or other persons, , When horses, stopping or apprehending a person of colour, for ridstopped they ing or driving contrary to this or the above cited ormay be sent to dinance, shall have a right, to conduct or send the horse or horses, with the

cart, dray, waggon, or other carriage, to the nearest livery stable, (unless immediately taken possession of by the owner, or his or her representative) there to be kept at the cost of the owner or owners, until the expence or expences thereof be defrayed by the latter.

10. That if any person or persons shall assault or

strike, or in any manner or way oppose, molest, abuse, For opposing guard, &c. or interrupt any of the City Guard in the execution

of his or their duty, as aforesaid, every such person shall be dealt with in the manner, provided in the ordinance respecting the City Guard, relative to such

offence or offences. City Treasur 11. That whenever the City Treasurer grants a liar's duty.

cence or licences to any person applying therefor, he

shall give to such person a copy, printed on one sheet,
of this and the above cited ordinance.
i 12. That so much of the above cited ordinance,
Eu entitled an ordinance to amend an ordinance, er-
- titled “ an ordinance for regulating carts, drays, wag-

and carriages within the city and for other purposes," as is repugnant hereunto, shall be, and the

Repeal. same is hereby repealed, except as to such prosecu

tions, as have been instituted under any repealed E clause or part thereof prior to the passing of this or

dinance, and as to the fines and punishments therein attached to any such offence, for which a prosecution or prosecutions had been already commenced.

Whereas, by an ordinance of the City Council of Charleston, ratified on the thirtieth day of Decem- Passed: June ber, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five, all drivers of carts and drays riding on the same, and not walking along side of their horse or horses, are subject, if a free person, to a fine of Preamble. five dollars, for every such offence, and if a slave, his owner or employer is liable for a like sum, &c. And whereas, it has in its operation been deemed oppressive, whilst the citizen's safety has in no way been promoted thereby :

1. Be it ordained, That so much of the said ordinance of the City Council, ratified on the thirtieth Repugnant day of December, one thousand eight hundred and pealed. five, as directs that all drivers of carts and drays shall not ride, but walk along side of their horse or horses, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

2. That any driver of a carriage, cart, waggon or Cruelty to Anidray, who shall wantonly and cruelly beat, bruise, maim or wound his horse or horses, or any animal he may have in use, in any of the streets, within the bounds of Charleston, after the publication of this ordinance, if a white person, he shall forfeit and pay, Penalty. for every such offence, a sum not exceeding ten dollars, to be recovered in the Inferior City Court, for the use of the city, or if a negro or person of colour, he or they shall be committed to the Work House, by


any one of the City Wardens, and receive such number of lashes, as he may direct, not exceeding twenty, at said Warden's discretion, for every such offence: Provided nevertheless, if any master or owner of said slave, or if any


person of colour, shall voluntarily offer and pay such fine in lieu thereof, as such Warden may direct, not exceeding ten dollars, then and in every such case, the corporal punishment shall be remitted.



Cotton Bales.
Whereas several distressing accidents have lately

arisen from persons throwing, or permitting to be Passed, Sept. thrown, from the second or upper floors of ware

houses, stores, and other buildings within the city of Charleston, cotton in bales, goods, and other articles, and it has become essential to the safety of the inhabitants thereof, to check and prevent such practices :

Be it ordained, That any person or persons who

shall throw, or permit, or suffer to be thrown from the Bales of Cot-second or upper floor of any ware-house, store, or ton, &c. not to other building, or who shall lower or permit, or suffer to be lowered out of the second or upper story

of condor upper any such building as aforesaid, cotton in bales, goods,

or any other article, without a good and sufficient tackle and rope, shall for every such offence be fined

in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, nor Penalty.

less than fifty; to be recovered in the Inferior City Court, one half to the person informing, the other half to the use of the city ; and that the person informing be a competent witness, notwithstanding any interest he may have in the penalty inflicted hereby.

be thrown from the se

Commissioners of Streets and

Passed, Nov.

20, 1806.

1. Be it ordained, That thirteen Commissioners of Streets and Lamps, shall be annually elected by the City Council, on the third Monday in October, or at



the next meeting of Council thereafter, to continue Commission, in office, until a new election shall be held in the fol-'ers of Streets lowing year. And every person who being elected be annually shall refuse to serve as a Commissioner of the Streets and Lamps, shall forfeit and pay to the use of the Penalty for city, the sum of fifty dollars ; Provided, That no per- not serving. son shall be obliged to serve more than one year in Proviso. seven, and that none who has served within the last seven years, shall be liable to the aforesaid fine, on refusing, to serve before the expiration of seven years from the time of his former election.

2. That the said Commissioners shall meet in the first week of every month, or oftener if necessary, Time affixed and seven of them shall be a quorum, sufficient to do for meeting. the business appertaining to their department.

3. That no owner or builder of any house or other No building to building in the city, shall dig or lay the foundation he erected thereof, in front of any street, lane, alley or open street. without court, or shall erect any wall or fence fronting as consulting a aforesaid, or shall lay, or cause to be laid, any side pavement fronting as aforesaid; before he, she or they, shall have applied to one of the Commissioners of Streets and Lamps, to lay off and mark out the true and proper line of such street, lane, alley or open

court, or to point out the width and shape of such i pavement, as the case may be. And every Com4 missioner, so applied to, is hereby authorized and re

quired to see, that such foundation, house, building Commission,

wall or fence, fronting upon any street, lane, alley or er’s duty. o open court, shall and do not encroach upon the same;

and that no such side pavement be made too wide, or otherwise improperly formed; and every such Commissioner shall, if he deems it necessary, have a right to employ, on every such occasion, a sworn surveyor, at the cost of every such owner or builder. And every person, neglecting to apply to one of the Penalty for Commissioners of the Streets and Lamps, in any of neglecting to the cases aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty dollars; and every person, not complying with the directions of a Commissioner of Streets and Lamps

Penalty for in any cases aforesaid, shall for each and every day, not complying while such directions are not complied with, forfeit with the direcand pay the sum of ten dollars, besides which, all


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