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Provided however, that the foregoing fees charges and Proviso.
expences for slaves and other persons, committed to
the Work-House, shall commence only from and af-
ter the first day of September next, and until that
day the former rates, allowed by law shall be conti-

12. That if a slave is kept at the Work-House for Master of the three months, the Master thereof shall have a right receive two to demand and receive from his or her owner, or from payment of all the agent or representative of such owner, full pay- at the end of ment of all fees charges and expences, due to the three months, end of the said term for or on account of such slave, and in like manner at the end of every three months thereafter. But for each and every day, that any slave shall, by order or with the knowledge of his or her owner, or of the agent or representative of such owner, be kept at the Work-House after the expiration of the first three months, the Master of the WorkHouse shall charge and demand, for the use of the city, the additional sum of six and a quarter cents, which sum shall be further increased in the same proportion for each succeeding term of three months, while any such slave is kept at the Work-House. And if a slave be taken out of the Work-House by his or her owner, or by the agent or representative of such owner, after the expiration of three months, and by him, her or them again committed to the WorkHouse, within nine months after being first taken out as aforesaid, and then detained longer than four weeks from such re-commitment, the Master of the WorkHouse shall charge and demand the aforesaid additional sum or sums for the use of the city, as if such slave had not been taken out in the intermediate time. And all monies, thus received by the Master of the Work-House for the use of the city, shall at the expiration of every quarter, be paid over by him into the hands of the City Treasurer.

13. That if the Master of the Work-House shall Penalty to be demand or take from any person or persons higher master of the fees and charges, than as above allowed, he shall, on


for receiving conviction thereof before the Inferior City Court, for- higher fees, for feit and pay for each and every such offence the sum also be liable of one hundred dollars, to which the person or per- to removal &c.


Master of the

sons, from whom he demanded or took any higher fee or charge, shall be respectively entitled; and he shall moreover be liable to removal from office at the discretion of the City Council. And if the said Master shall deliver up a slave, that had been kept at the Work-House for a longer term than three months, without previously receiving, for the use of the city, the additional sum or sums, due as aforesaid, he shall be liable for the same to the City Council, and subject also to removal from office for every neglect of this part of his duty.

14. That it shall be lawful to and for the Master detain slaves of the Work-House, to detain in his care and custody are paid. Suces every slave, until all fees, charges and expences, due

for or on account of such slave, be fully paid to the said Master. And if the owner of a slave, or the agent or representative of such owner, having brought or gent such slave to the Work-House, or having obtained information of the confinement of such slave at the Work-House, shall not take such slave out of the Work-House, at the end of nine months from the day of his or her confinement, paying the full amount of all fees, charges and expences, then due for or on account of the same as aforesaid, the Master of the Work-House shall thereupon have such slave sold for cash at public auction, by the City Sheriff, in order to recover the amount or balance, due for on account of such slave, as aforesaid.

15. That the Master of the Work-House shall adwork house to mit and confine in the same every fugitive slave, fine fugitive taken up in the district of Charleston, upon a certifislaves, &c.

cate, from a Justice of the said district or from a Warden of the City, being produced to him, contain ing the particulars of the apprehension of such fugitive slave, and requiring his or her confinement in the Work-House ; but in case of loss, by death or otherwise of such slave or slaves, as are committed by a State Magistrate, no claim for compensation shall be preferred against the corporation of Charleston. And upon receiving such slave, the Master of the Work-House shall give a receipt for to the person, delivering such slave into his charge, and pay also the same person for the amount of his trouble

Master of the

admit and con


and expence, allowing seven cents per mile, and fifty cents per day, allowing twenty-five miles per day going only, and the sum of two dollars and fourteen cents for taking up such slave if a runaway. And lei if the owner of such slave be known to the Master of the Work-House, he shall immediately inform such owner thereof, but if the owner of such slave be unknown to the Master of the Work-House, he shall without delay advertise, in the city paper, the name, age and other particular description of such slave, in order, that his or her owner may have notice, of such slave's being in his custody or possession. And in case, that no owner shall appear, and prove his or her property to such slave, (which proof shall be made upon oath, before one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, or any one of the justices of the quorum) within twelve months from the day of publishing such notice in the city paper aforesaid, then the Master of the Work-House shall cause such slave, to be advertised for sale by the City Sheriff, who shall give in the city paper one month's notice, of the time, place and reason of such sale.

16. That the City Sheriff shall expose to sale, at City Sheriff to public outcry near the Exchange of Charleston, all advertize and 1 slaves sold by virtue of the fourteenth clause of this slaves if the

ordinance, to defray the amount or balance of fees expences of and expences, due for their keeping, and all runa- be not duly way slaves sold by virtue of the fifteenth clause of paid, and of this ordinance; and for the money arising from every slaves, if not such sale, he shall give to the purchaser a receipt, time, &c. specifying the reasons of the sale of every such slave; and he shall forthwith pay over such money into the City Treasury, after deducting the usual commissions and legal expences for selling every such slave. And the Master of the Work-House shall lay his account of fees and expences, due for every such slave, before the City Council, to be au

dited, and paid if the proceeds of such sale will adį mit: Provided however, that the said Master shall i not be allowed, in the settlement of his account, for

any slave who has remained in the Work-House for a year and a day, more than four hundred and eleven

days subsistence for such slave. And the City Treasurer shall retain the balance of such monies for the use of the owner or owners of such slave, until by him, ber or them claimed ; but if such balance, remaining from the sale of a runaway slave, as aforesaid, be not claimed by his or her owner or owners within a year and a day after such sale, then the City Treasurer shall pay the same into the public Treasury of this State, taking a receipt therefor, agreeably to the act of the General Assembly, in sach case made and provided.

17. That the Master of the Work-House shall, keep Worte House a fair and regular book, wherein he shall enter the to keep a book time of each person's commitment to the Workfor entering House, his or her abode therein and discharge therements and dis-from, together with an account of each person's la


bour and employment, and a correct statement of all expences attending the Work-House, and of all monies by him disbursed for the support and maintenance of the persons therein confined. And it shall be the duty of the said Master, to submit his book and books to the inspection of the Intendant, the Wardens of the City, and the Commissioners of the Work-House, or any of them, as often as it may

be required; and likewise to furnish the said Commissioners, once in every month, with a true and complete list of all slaves, brought to the Work-House, together with their owner's names, and the terms of their respective confinement, and of all other persons therein confined, specifying the period, causes and other circumstances of their respective confinement.


26th, 1818.

City-Hall. 1. Be it ordained, That from and immediately after Passed, June the publication of this ordinance, if any person or persons shall break any of the doors or windows ; deface the pillars, wainscoting or walls, by cutting or carving thereupon; break or injure the steps, staircase, balustrades or balusters; or shall injure, damage, deface or dirty any part of the inside or the outside of the City- Persons injurHall of Charleston, or the out building or cistern ing any part of attached thereto; or shall force open any of the doors, to he tined windows or gates, or climb on or over the balustrade $ 100. or railing, or shall refuse or neglect (on being required by the Keeper of the City-Hall) to go out of the same when detected, in violating any part of this ordinance, wor at the time fixed for shutting the gates or doors, or shall commit or cause to be committed any riot or quarrel therein, or in the lot or square attached, or which shall or may hereafter be attached or belonging to the said building; or insult or molest, or obstruct the Keeper of the City-Hall in the execution of his duty ; every such person or persons so offending, shall on conviction be subject to a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars, the one half thereof to go to the informer, and the other moiety to the use and benefit of the city : And the offender or offenders committing any riot or quarrel in said building, or the ing and quarlot or square attached to the same, or which shall or to be prosemay be attached thereto, shall also be liable to be cuted. prosecuted therefor in the Court of General Sessions; but in case the said offender shall be a slave or free person of colour, he or she shall be taken before any How persons one of the Wardens of the city, who on conviction, slaves are to shall sentence the offender to a punishment not ex- be treated for ceeding nineteen lashes, unless the said free person ordinance. of colour, or owner or other person having charge of such slave, shall and do pay to the said Warden, for the use of the city, a sum not exceeding ten dollars,

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