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Master of the

their rules, orders and regulations shall be repugnant to this ordinance, or shall, if not contemplated in this ordinance, become binding and of' force, unless approved of by the City Council; and provided also, that they shall, once at least in every three months, make a report to the City Council of the state of the Work-House, of the repairs made at the same, and of the number of persons confined therein during the said term, specifying such slaves, as were confined in the same for three

months and upwards. 3. That the City Council, shall, on every third to be elected Monday in October, or at their next meeting thereannualy, &c. after, elect a Master or Keeper of the Work-House

aforesaid, who shall remain in office until the next annual election, unless previously removed by a vote of Council. And every Master of the Work-House shall, before he enters on the execution of his office,

take the following oath or affirmation in the presence To make oath of the City Council

, to wit :-" I, A. B. do solemnly swear, (or affirm) that I will well and faithfully ex

ecute the office of Master of the Work-House in “ Charleston, agreeably to the regulations prescribed

or to be prescribed by the City Council concerning “ the same, and according to such orders and direc« tions, as shall be given me for that purpose by the " Cominissioners thereof; and that I will keep a fair " and true account, not only of all persons committed “ to the said Work-House, noting the days of recep“tion and dismission, together with the expences at“ tending the same, but of all monies disbursed by

me for the support and maintenance of such per" sons-So help me God.” Provided however, that, in case of the death, or resignation, or dismissal of a Master of the Work-House, the Commissioners thereof shall have power and authority to make a temporary appointment, without requiring the foregoing Oath or affirmation of the person, to whom they may give the charge of the Work-House, until the vacancy be regularly filled according to law.

4. That every applicant for the office of Master of the Work-House, either at the annnal period of election, or at any other time when the same becomes. vacant, shall in his letter of application mention the

before he enters upon the duties of his office.

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Master of the

bames of at least two respectable freeholders in Applicants for Charleston, offering to become his sureties, for the the office of punctual payment of such rent for the Worá-House, Work House, as shall be required by the City Council, and for his to give in the faithful performance of the duties of his office. And free holders, the person, who shall be elected by Council as to be his sure

ties, &c. Master of the Work-House, shall thereupon give bond in the sum of two thousand dollars, with such sureties as shall be approved of by Council, conformably to the twelfth clause of an ordinance, passed on the thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and six, and entitled " an ordinance, further regulating the appointment

duties and salaries of city officers, and of other per

sons employed in the public institutions and depart"ments of the City of Charleston."

5. That it shall be the duty of the Master of the Work-House to admit and confine in the same, all work-house to slaves delivered into his charge and custody, by order online slaves or in behalf of their respective owners, or committed his charge, &c. by the Intendant or any Warden of the City, or committed by a State Magistrate under some special act of the General Assembly, prescribing their confinement at the Work-House. But state prisoners, or other offenders against any law of this State, or of the United States, not committed by the Intendant or by a Warden of the City, or whose confinement in the Work-House is not explicitly required by an act of the Legislature of this State or of Congress, the Master of the Work-House may at his option either receive or not, and for such of this description, as he may receive, he shall never prefer against the Corporation of Charleston any claim for compensation. And the Master of the Work-House, shall be answer- Master of tie able tor all escapes of persons, received by him in be answerable the Work-House, if such escapes shall happen through for all escaliers his negligence, or through the negligence of any per- der his charge, son employed by him; and he shall be liable to every owner of a slave, thus escaping, for such damages as the owner of such slave shall sustain by reason of his or her escape, and also for the value of such slave, if the same be not apprehended within three months from the time of his or her so escaping.



work-house to give notice

provided that the Commissioners of the Work-House shall direct the same, 99. That, in case of the sickness of a slave confined Master of tie in the Work-House, the Master thereof shall give immediate notice to his or her owner, if such owner be when a slave

is unwell, &c. known and residing within the City of Charleston but if such owner neglects or refuses to give or procure medical aid to such slave, or if the owner of such slave is not known, or resides without the limits

of the city, then it shall be lawful for, and incumbent on, the Master of the Work-House, to make the situation of such negro known to one of the Commissioners of the Work-House, and with his appro- Physician of bation to call for the assistance of the Physician of the Poorthe Poor-House, who is hereby directed, to attend charge for every such slave in his or her sickness, and to charge anedicine. the expence thereof against the owner.

10. That the Master of the Work-House shall em- Master of the ploy and keep to labour all negroes and persons of keep to labor colour, committed to the Work-House, except those all slaves unwho may be incapable of working through sickness or bodily infirmity, or who may be exempted from working by the Commissioners of the Work-House or any two of them, or who may receive suitable and sufficient employment from their respective owners ; it being hereby expressly ordained and declared, that all slaves, admited in the Work-House, shall from and after the third day of their admission be liable and subject, to do and assist in doing such work within the Work-Housé enclosure, as shall or may from time to time be directed by the City Council or by the Commissioners of the Work-House, and under such regulations, as may at any time be established by the same for that purpose ; and all such work shall be for the use and benefit of the city, without allowing any compensation thereof to the owners or masters of the persons, só employed to work.

11. That the Master of the Work-House shall be Master of the empowered and authorized, and he is liereby em- to demand the powered and authorized, to demand and receive following fees,

and charges, from the owner of every slaye, or from the agent or &c.


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representative of such owner, the undermentioned suins for the following several items or charges, viz:

For dieting and lodging a slave, (per day) 18:

and in addition thereto, if a slave should, in
case of sickness, require a further or better
diet, on the recommendation of the Physician
attending the Work-House, which shall be
proved by producing to the owner of such
slave, or to the agent or representative of such
owner, upon his or her demand, the said Phy-

sician's recommendation in writing,
For confining a slave,
For delivering a slave,
For putting irons on a slave, either as a criminal,

or when necessity requires it, or at the request
of the owner or of the owner's agent or repre-

25 For taking off the irons,

25 For every correction of a slave, by order of his

or her owner or of such owner's agent or repre-

27 For the necessity of clothing or covering of a

slave, the amount laid out for the same by the
Master of the Work-House

For the medicines and attendance, bestowed on

a sick slave, the amount of the Physician's
· bill for the same, paid by the Master of the

For advertising a fugitive slave, the amount of

the printer's bill for the same, paid by the

Master of the Work-House;
For poundage on all monies, advanced by the

Master of the Work-House, for or on account
of a slave, a rateable per centage of five in the
hundred, upon proving by proper vouchers and
receipts, the respective advances made by him

as aforesaid;
For dieting and lodging such persons, as are by

law entitled to bread and meat, viz: white
seamen, white apprentices, and free persons
of colour, per day for each


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