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preceding clause, all which vessels it shall be the duty of every Pilot to avoid as much as possible, whenever they are known to, or justly suspected by him as such.

11. That whenever the Governor of the State, or law being of the Intendant of the city, by and with the advice and force Pilots to consent of the City Council, shall issue a proclamato at quaran- tion, subjecting vessels from certain ports or coun: fine ground, tries to quarantine, it shall be the duty of every

Pilot, conducting any such vessel over the bar of
Charleston, to bring her to the quarantine ground

, and to remain on board or to go to the Lazaretto, without coming up to the city, until the Port Physician shall permit it; and during the time, for which any such Pilot remains on board any such vessel, or stays at the Lazaretto, he shall be allowed four dollars for each and every day of his remaining on board

, or staying at the Lazaretto, as aforesaid, and be found in necessary provisions at the expence of the master, owner or consignee of such vessel. And every Pilot

, neglecting or refusing to bring any such vessel to the quarantine ground, or coming up to the city, without previously obtaining the Port Physician's permission

, or before the time limited by the said Port Physician, shall for each and every such offence, forfeit and pay to the use of the city, fifty dollars, with costs, and shall for the same offence be deprived of his licence, and not obtain the same again before the expiration

of twelve months. Any Pilot that 13. That the Pilot, who brought in a vessel, shall bring in a ves- have the exclusive right of carrying her out again, right to take unless the master or commander of such vessel her out again, shall, within a fortnight after his arrival in port,

prove to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Pilotage or a majority of them, that the same Pilot had inisbehaved, during the time he had charge of such vessel, or unless the sanie Pilot shall have been deprived of his licence before the departure of such vessel, in either of which cases another Pilot may be employed, who shall be entitled to receive the otiward pilotage. And every Pilot, having a right, or becoming entitled, to carry out a vessel, shall either attend in person, or procure another Pilot of his own


Fee for extra.

degree, to attend for him on such outward bound, vessel, after receiving from the master thereof or from the Harbour-Master of Charleston, twenty-four hours notice to be left in writing at the place of his abode ; but if such Pilot should neither attend in person, nor substitute another Pilot of equal degree with bimself, the master of such vessel shall be at liberty, after the expiration of the above limited space of time, to employ another Pilot of equal branch, who shall be bound, if not previously engaged, to carry such vessel out, and who shall be entitled to the outward pilotage.

14. That any Pilot, who shall bear down to a ves-Pilots to resel, which may be to the leeward of the bar, and tional fees, for who shall board and offer to take charge of any vessel to the vessel at the distance of ten leagues from land, shall leeward of the be entitled to receive, from her master owner or con- bar, &e. signee, four dollars for every day of his being on board, previous to her coming into port, over and above the fees of pilotage herein established.

15. That every Pilot, who shall be directed by the service, &c. master of an inward bound vessel, to anchor her in the roads, and afterwards to bring her up to the city, shall be entitled to four dollars for such extra service.

16. That every Pilot, who brought in a vessel, Pilots, that shall have a right, to demand his fees of pilotage and bring in a vesother lawful charges as aforesaid, before her depar- mand their ture from port, and to refuse to carry her out, if such fees, before

she departs, fees and charges are not duly paid ; and no other &c. Pilot, having notice of such fees and charges being unpaid to the Pilot, who brought in a vessel, slali have a right to carry her out, on pain of being liable to such Pilot, for the fees of bringing her in and of carrying her out, as well as for any other charges that may be due such Pilot on account of such vessel. And whenever a Pilot, entited to carry out a vessel, is apprehensive, that his fees of pilotage may not be paid by her master or owner or consignee, after he brings her over the bar, he shall have a right to demand his fees in advance, or such security for

payment thereof, as shall be reasonable and satisfactory; and on failure thereof, to refuse to carry her

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out, in which case also no other Pilot shall have a right, to carry out such vessel, on pain of being liable to the former Pilot for the fees of her pilot

age. White persons

17. That, if any wbite person, or free person of or free persons colour, shall repair on board any vessel to the north: titled to com. ward or southward of the bar of Charleston, whose pensation, for master or commander, being at a loss to know where tion to masters he is, and wishing for instruction, may make a signal of vessels, de- or signals for that purpose, and if such person shall

give instruction to such master or cominander, he shall be entitled to a compensation of five dollars ; and if such instructor be disired, to continue on board to bring the vessel to the bar, he shall be allowed the like sum for every day, not exceeding two days; and for every subsequent day of his remaining on board such vessel for the purpose aforesaid, he shall be allowed the sum of two dollars, to be paid by her master or owner or consignee ; Provided, that he doth apply for payment, before the departure of such

vessel from the port of Charleston. No person per

18. That no person shall be authorized and permitted to pilot mitted, to conduct and Pilot any vessel over the bar out having a of Charleston harbour, either when coming into, or Pilot's licence, when going out of port, unless such person shall have

a licence, as aforesaid. And every person, not having received such licence, or having forfeited the same, or being deprived thereof, as aforesaid, who shall presume, to bring into, or to carry out of the port of Charleston any vessel, which has to cross the bar, as well as every Pilot, having a branch of only twelve feet, who shall presume to conduct a vessel

, of more than twelve feet draft, over the bar of Charleston, either in coming in or going out, shall not only be entitled to no fee, gratuity or reward for the same, but shall for each and every such offence forfeit and pay, to the use of the city, the sum of one hundred dollars with costs. Provided however, that the foregoing prohibition shall not extend, to prevent any person from assisting any vessel in distress

, without a Pilot on board, if such person shall deliver up such vessel to the first Pilot, who shall afterwards come on board, and offer to conduct and pilot such


Tessel; and Provided also, that the captain or crew
of a vessel shall not be liable to such fine, for con-
lucting her over the bar without the aid of a Pilot.
19. 'That every master or commander of a vessel,

Masters of bearing towards the coast or for the bar of Charleston, vessels, refugo (coasters excepted) who shall refuse to receive on ing to take a board a licenced Pilot, shall be, and is hereby made on board, are liable, on his arrival in the port of Charleston, to pay the fees of to the Pilot, who first offered, without the bar, to go pilotage. on board and take charge of such vessel, the same rates and fees herein above established, as if such Pilot had actually brought such vessel into port. Provided however, that, if a Pilot having a branch of Provisos. twelve feet only is refused by the master of a vessel of greater draft, such master shall not be liable to him for her pilotage ; and Provided also, that, if a Pilot refuseth to produce his licence to the master of a vessel, when the latter demands it, the fees of pilotage shall not be chargeable against the master, rejecting the services of such Pilot.

20. That every master of an outward bound vessel Masters of shall

, at the appointed time of his departure, have vessels to have his vessel in readiness for sailing, and as a signal readiness, at thereof hoist a jack at the foretopmast head; and the timestampa every master of a vessel, who shall detain a Pilot at their dethe time appointed, so that he cannot proceed to sea, though wind and weather should permit, shall pay to such Pilot four dollars per day, during the time of his detention and of his actual attendance on such vessel.

21. That, if any master or commander of a vessel shall carry off any of the Pilots for the bar and harbour of Charleston, he shall allow every such Pilot two dollars for each and every day during his absence, and supply him with provisions and other necessaries in the same manner, as is usual for the consumption of masters of vessels ; and the master, as well as the owner, consignee and security of such vessel shall be liable for the aforesaid sums. Provi- Proviso, ded however, that no Pilot, who is carried off as aforesaid, shall be entitled to any of the suns above mentioned, if such vessel shall have laid to for the space of sixteen hours after crossing the bar, and no

parture, &c.


Pilot-boat shall then appear to receive such Pilot on board.

22. That the Harbour Master shall be bound, to ter's duty, fre. keep constantly a complete register of all the Pilots

for the bar and harbour of Charleston ; to affix in some conspicuous part of his office, an accurate list of such Pilots, placing on one column the names of those who have full branches, and on the opposite column the names of those who have branches of twelve feet; to permit every master of a vessel, to inspect and examine the said list; and to furnish every master of a vessel, coming to the Harbour Master's office, with a copy of this ordinance, for the purpose of perusing it at the said office; without charging, or being allowed to charge, any fee or perquisite for any or either of the aforesaid services.

Passed, May 15th, 1815.

Power of



1. Be it ordained, That the Commissioners of the Pilotage be authorized, and full power and authority are hereby given to them, to permit at their discretion,

any person to act as a Branch Pilot, or as a full Branch Commission. Pilot of the bar and harbour of Charleston ; they hav

ing examined the said person, and made such enquiries respecting him and his qualifications, as to them, the said Commissioners, or a majority of them, shall appear necessary and expedient.

2. That the Commissioners of Pilotage shall ers to give cer- give to every person appointed by them, a Branch pointment. Pilot, or a full Branch Pilot, a certificate of his appoint

ment, signed by a majority of them, or by their chairman, by their direction; which certificate shall be presented by the person appointed, to the Intendant who shall thereupon proceed in the manner directed by the Ordinance ratified on the seventeenth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and seven, to regulate the pilotage of the bar and harbour of Charleston: And the person appointed a Pilot as aforesaid, having taken the oath, given bond, and performed all that is required by the ordinance aforementioned, shall be to all intents and purposes a Pilot of the bar and harbour of Charleston, agreeably to the certificate given by the said Commissioners.

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