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applications that may be made; and publish the as

size of bread once in every month. Duty of Sur 5. That it shall be the duty of the Surgeon of the

con to the Hospital and Poor House, to visit at least once in evePoor House. ry two days, at such place where the Commissioners

of the Hospital and Poor House, or Commissioners of the Marine Hospital shall direct, and give them all necessary medical and chirurgical assistance: he shall also require their apartments, lodging and clothing, to be kept clean, and that they have comfortable and proper nourishment, with careful attendance: And if he shall observe any neglect of duty, in the persons attending them, he shall give information thereof to the Commissioners aforesaid, respectively.

Passed, Oct.


Orphan-House. Whereas the present mode of supporting and edu18th, 1790. cating poor children, at different schools, has been

found by experience, to be attended with heavy expence, and many inconveniences, and the establishment of an Orphan-House, properly organized and conducted, will be attended with less expence, more convenience and benefit, and may tend to give general satisfaction to the citizens, and induce the benevolent to assist in the support of so charitable and laudable an institution.

1. Be it ordained, That a lot of land, not less than A lot of land to two hundred feet square, shall be immediately laid be laid out for out, by the Committee of the City Lands, on the most erecting an

healthy and convenient spot, and reserved for the building and erecting an Orphan-House, as soon as the funds of the corporation will admit, or any practical plan to defray the expence thereof can be devised. And that all such poor orphan children, and children of poor distressed or disabled parents, as shall be deemed proper objects of admission by the Commissioners, who shall be vested with powers, for managing the said Orphan-House, shall be admitted into the same, and shall be supported, educated and maintained at the expence of the corporation,


House and lot

Juring such term and under such regulations, as the City Council shall from time to time prescribe or sanction.

2. That nine Commissioners shall be elected by Commissionhe City Council, on the last Monday in October, ers to be elect(five of whom shall be a quorum) but if no Council Council. should meet on that day on the first day thereafter, whereon the Council shall meet, to continue in office for one year.

3. That until the said Orphan-House shall be erected, a proper house and lot of land, conveniently of land to be situated, shall be rented as an Orphan-House, by the rented, until Commissioners, as aforesaid, who shall have the House, sbali direction and management of the same, and who be ereçted. shall admit, take charge of the cloathing, maintenance, and education of the children of the OrphanHouse; and it shall be the duty of the Commissioners, to choose and appoint proper assistants, nurses, and domestics, and to superintend and manage the Orphan-House, the officers and servants thereof, and Duty missibe the children therein, to the best of their judgement and skill, subject to the control of the City Council.

4. That it shall be the duty of the Steward of the Orphan-House to see that good and wholesome provi- be elected. sions are sent, for the use of the children, and other perşons residing in the Orphan-House, by the butchers, bakers, and other persons, employed to furnish such articles as may be necessary ; to take care of the articles delivered him for the use of the OrphanHouse ; to keep a book of fair and regular accounts His duty. of all receipts and expenditures, which shall be subject at all times, to the examination of the Commissioners; to perform all the duties of a good Steward ; to obey the directions, and regulations of the Commissioners; and, to enable the said Steward to discharge faithfully the duties required of him, he To he supplied shall reside in the Orphan-House ; and shall receive, with provinecessary provisions for himself.

5. That a Matron of good capacity and character, a School Misshall be elected by the City Council, on the last tress and MuMonday in October, annually; but if no Council shall elected.



A steward to

meet on that day, then, on the first day of the Council thereafter, as School Mistress and Matron of the Orphan-House, whose duty it shall be to teach the children to read and sew; to take care that their clothes are properly made, washed and preserved to keep the children, and their rooms cleanly, and to watch over their morals and conduct; to direct the assistants and nurses, and to see that they discharge their duties faithfully, and to distribute them properly

among the children, in the different rooms; to take Her duty.

care that the victuals provided for the children, are wholesome, cleanly, and well prepared ; to preserve order and decorum at table and elsewhere, and to

conduct the children regularly to some place of To be supplied

worship, on the Sabbath ; and to obey all the direcwith provisi- tions of the Commissioners. And, to enable the said

Mistress and Matron to perform her duties, she shall reside in the Orphan-House, and shall receive necessary provisions for herself.

6. That the Commissioners who shall be appoint

ed by the City Council, shall have power and make redes for authority, to make, and frame, such rules and regu

lations as they may think necessary, for the good went of the government and conducting the business of the OrHouse, to be phan-House, and all persons therein. Provided, all the City Coun. such rules and regulations are presented to, and approved of by the City Council

, within ten days after the same are framed, and that the City Council shall, and may confirm, alter and amend, or annul the same.


The Commissioners emthe



Passed, Aug. 17th, 1796

tron, elected by Commissioners

2. Be it ordained, That the Steward, Master, and Matron, shall hereafter be elected by the Commis

missioners of the Orphan-House, to be confirmed by Steward, Master, and Ma- the City Council.

3. That the Commissioners of the said OrphanHouse shall be elected annually; and, in addition

to their other powers, they, or any five of thern, shall Commission have the power of suspending and discharging any ers to be elect- of the officers of the said House, after a full hearing and empoiver- and fair trial being given such officers, before the their officers. Commissioners, at a meeting to be called for that


Passed, Aug 1. Be it ordained, That the Physician of the Poor and 4th, 1809. Orphan Houses, shall and do attend on and administer nedicines to, all sick persons in the said institutions, whether such parsons be maintained and relieved in Duty of the he same, or whether they be employed therein, as the Poor and officers, assistants, or servants; and that the said orphan

Houses, &c. Physician shall prefer no charge or demand on account of attendance and medicines, by him imparted to any officer, assistant in either of the said institutions.

2. That the Steward and Matron of the Orphan-Steward and House shall hold no other office or appointment, un- Orphan-House connected with their respective employments in the to hold no

o:her employ. Orphan-House.


1st, 1818.

1. Be it ordained, That the salaries of the follow-Passed, July Officers shall be as follows:

The Matron, three hundred dollars ;—the School Mistress, two hundred and fifty dollars ;-the Nurses and Spinning Mistresses, each ninety dollars; And ries. that the said salaries shall be paid quarterly.

Officers' sala.

1. Be it ordained, That from and after the twenti- Passed, March eth of February last, the School Master of the Orphan Ilth; 1816. House shall receive for his services, the annual compensation of eight hundred dollars, and the further School Massum of five hundred dollars annually for his support, ter’s Salary. so long as he may or shall reside out of the OrphanHouse, payable quarterly.

1. Be it ordained, That from and after the twenti- Passed, April

29th, 1816 eth day of February last, the salary of the Physician of the Poor-House and Orphan-House shall be raised

Physician's to twelve hundred dollars per annum, payable Salary. quarterly

Passed, July 1. Be it ordained, That the salary of the Steward 21st, 1817. of the Orphan-House shall be five hundred dollars the

Stewards'salayear, payable quarterly, the same to commence ry.

from the twentieth day of February last, any ordinance to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.


Trustees of

Passed, Sept.

Whereas it is just and expedient that the donations Ist, 1808

and bequests made by benevolent persons for the benefit of the Orphan-House, and also all monies or property of any

kind, which may result or arise from escheated estates, should be kept separate and apart, in order to form a fund, the interest of which alone should be expended. And whereas the interests of the said establishment would be promoted by placing the same under the care of particular trustees.

1. Be it ordained, That the Intendant, the ChairOrphan-House man of the Commissioners of the Orphan-House,

and the City Treasurer, for the time being, and their successors in office for ever, shall be, and they are hereby constituted and declared Trustees of the Orphan-House funds and estate, to be by them invested, from time to time, in such stock, bank shares or other estate, as they may deem most beneficial to the institution; and to be by them held in trust for

the use and benefit of the Orphan-House. Orphan-House 2. That all the specialties, stock money on hand, property to be vested in the and other property or estate, of right belonging to hands of the the said establishment, shall be, and are hereby

directed to be assigned, transferred or paid over to the said trustees, for the purposes aforesaid ; and that the same, together with all future donations, devises and bequests, to or for the benefit of the said institution, and also all monies or other estate, which may arise to the same from escheated property, are hereby placed under the special charge of the said trustees, who are directed and required to pursue all lawful ways and means for the recovery of all such property, real or personal, as may be so given, devised, bequeathed, or which shall result from escheated property; and when recovered to invest the same in such stock, bank shares, or other estate, as may be most beneficial to said establishment; provided, that such investment be made with the approbation of the Commissioners of the Orphan-House for the


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