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Persons oppo. person or persons whatsoever, shall molest or obstructie sing Harbour, the Harbour Master in the performance of his duty

, to penalty or in the exercise of any of his powers as aforesaid,

each and every such person or persons, shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay to the use of the city,

the sum of fifty dollars with costs. Further duty. 5. That it shall be the duty of the Harbour Mas


go every day, once at least, to all the wharves of the city, in order to view the position of the vessels, and to give proper orders and directions for their morning and arrangement; and he shall moreover go to any of the wharves for the purposes aforesaid

, whenever thereunto requested by the owner or wharfinger thereof, or by the master or owner of a vessel lying at such wharf. And if he neglects so to go, when thereunto requested as aforesaid, and not otherwise previously engaged or necessarily employed in his official capacity, he shall be liable to a fine of twenty dollars, with costs, and amenable also for all losses that may arise from or through his neglect; and the sum or sums in any case recovered of him, shall belong to the person or persons who may prosecute him to conviction.

6. That the Harbour Master shall keep an office, ter to keep an at some convenient place, on or near East-Bay, if

the City Council shall assign him a certain place for his office, at the place so assigned. In front of his office he shall fix a painted board above the door, with the words “ HARBOUR MASTER'S OFFICE, exhibited in large characters, and in some conspi

cunus part of the inside of his office, suspend a copy Free admit- of this ordinance. To this office every person baxto his ufüce. ing business with the Harbour Master, shall have a

right to repair, at any time, between the rising and setting of the sun, and to demand either verbally, or in writing, his attendance at any wharf, or on board any vessel, where his presence or official functions

may be required. In the said office he shall file all To keep a re; the certificates given him by captains of vessels as


aforesaid and keep an exact journal of his proceedings in all occurrences relative to his department

, which file and journal he shall produce before the

Harbour Mas. office,



Intendant or the City Council, whenever thereunto requested.

7. That in order to impress the Harbour Master with a due sense of the importance of his functions, and to excite him to a faithful and diligent discharge of his duties; he shall within one week after his His oath. election, take the following oath before the Intendant, to wit: “I, A. B. do solemnly swear (or affirm) that “I will well, truly and impartially execute the duties " of Harbour Master, for the port of Charleston, agree" able to law, and to the best of my skill and abili“ ties. So help me God.” He shall at the same time give bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, To give bond. with two or more sureties, who being previously approved of by the City Council, shall jointly and severally become bound for the faithful performance of his duties. After taking the oath of office, and giving bond as aforesaid, the Harbour Master shall be Commissioned coinmissioned by the Intendant, for the term for by Council. which he was elected by the City Council, subject however to be at any time removed from office by a vote of Council.

8. That the Harbour Master shall have authority Harbour Masto appoint one or more deputies, who shall be pre- ter to appoint viously approved of by the Intendant, and then take a deputy. the same oath of, office, and be respectively subject to the same penalties for breach or neglect of duty, as the Harbour Master himself, he being likewise responsible for the conduct of each of his deputies, and obliged to have at no one time less than one deputy for his assistance and for the dispatch of business.

9. That the Harbour Master shall receive an an- Compensation nual salary of five hundred dollars, payable quarterly, and duties. and be entitled to a reward of ten dollars for apprehending and securing in the work-house, any slave, who may be found on board any vessel with intent to run away, or to be carried off clandestinely and illegally in such vessel, which reward shall be paid him by the owner of such slave immediately, or otherwise be advanced to the Harbour Master by the master of the work house, when such slave is committed,


Pilots to re

of vessels.

to be refunded by the owner to the master of the work house before he discharges such slave.

10. That it shall be the duty of every pilot, port the arrival bringing a vessel into port, to report the same to the

Harbour Master; he shall also inform the Harbour Master of his name and place of residence, under a penalty of twenty-five dollars for every such neglect, in order that the Harbour Master may keep a register thereof, in his office. And if a captain or commander of a vessel should require the Harbour Master to procure the same pilot to carry out his vessel, that brought her in, it shall be the Harbour Master's duty to look out for such pilot. Provided however, That the captain or commander of such vessel, on making this application to the Harbour Master, shall pay him one dollar for his trouble; and in case the same pilot cannot be had, the Harbour Master is hereby authorized and obliged to procure any other pilot of equal branch with the one who brought the vessel in, to carry her out.


Passed, July

1st, 1806.

a fee.


1. Be it ordained, That when the Harbour Master delivers the papers pointed out in the aforesaid ordinance, to the captain or commander of a vessel, it

shall and may be lawful for the Harbour Master, to Harbour Mas- demand from every captain or commander of such ter to receive vessel, the sum of one dollar, for a copy of the pa

pers furnished by him as aforesaid, Provided, That no captain or commander of a vessel shall be obliged to pay for more than one copy of the same in the course of the year : And provided also, That he shall have no right to demand the said fee before the expiration of one year, from any captain or commander of a vessel, who hath already paid him the same.

4. That every person, selling or offering for sale Penalty for of a negro or negroes on Sunday, shall for each and fering Negroes every such offence be liable to a fine of one hundred Sunday.

dollars with costs, and the name of every such offender, shall after conviction, be published by the City Marshal in the several Gazettes of Charleston.

5. That no gunpowder shall be permitted to be landed in the city, from any vessel coming into the

for sale on

jarbour of Charleston, and that no vessel shall be Vessels not
permitted to haul into any wharf or dock, having haul ineat any
gunpowder on board, until the same is discharged, wharf with
under the penalty of one hundred dollars with costs, on board.
for each of the above offences, which penalty with
costs, shall be paid by the captain, owner or con- Penalty.
signee of said vessel.

6. That the Harbour Master shall be liable to a fine of fifty dollars, if he demands or takes more than ter liable to a one dollar, per year, from the captain or commander fine for meg

duty of any vessel coming to the port of Charleston, and to a like fine of fifty dollars if he neglects or fails, within twenty four hours after the mooring of a vessel, to furnish the captain or commander thereof, with a copy of this ordinance, as well as with a copy of the aforecited ordinance, and with a printed form of the certificate pointed out in the said ordinance.

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Whereas it has become expedient to introduce fur- Passed, Judy ther regulations for the port, and to establish additi- 24th, 1815

. onal duties, in the Harbour Master's Department.

1. Be it ordained, That all vessels in the harbour of Charleston, shall be subject to the following regu- Regulations lations :- 1st. No vessel in ballast waiting for freight for vessels in shall take an inside birth next to the wharf, until her the harbour. cargo is ready to be taken on board.-2d. No vessel shall be allowed to hold an inside birth, in order to load, more than one week, if under one hundred tons; eleven days if from one to two hundred tons; tifteen days, if from two to three hundred tons; and twenty days, if over three hundred tons.-3d. No vessel shall be allowed after her hold is stowed, to retain her birth for the purpose of taking on board her deck load, more than twenty four hours.-4th. No vessel shall be allowed to grave in any of the docks, or at any wharf, where vessels load and discharge; but all vessels requiring repairs, or to be graved, shall undergo said repairs and graving al some ship carpen

ters wharf, or on the hards.--5th. No vessel being Bempty and occupying an inside birth shall be allow

ed to retain the same, to the exclusion of any yes-. sel, having her cargo ready to be taken on board.

2. That every captain, commander, or owner of a Penalty.

vessel, refusing or neglecting to comply with any of the aforegoing regulations, shall forfeit and pay to the use of the city, the sum of twenty dollars with costs, for the first day, and the further sum of fifty dollars with costs, for every subsequent day on which he so refuses or neglects to comply with any such regulation

3. That it shall be the duty of the Harbour MasHarbour Mas- ter, and he is hereby vested with full power and auter's duty, thority, not only to take care and use his best exer

tions, that the foregoing regulations be in every respect promptly and punctually observed, maintained, enforced and executed, but also to take legal measures against every person who may violate or transgress any of the said regulations, and to prosecute without delay every such offender, before any court of justice having competent jurisdiction to try and punish such offence. And the said Harbour Master shall also have full power and authority to cut the fast or fasts of any such vessel (within half an hour after notice thereof given) when the captain or commander thereof refuses or neglects to remove his vessel, after the time is expired, which is herein before allowed him, to retain his birth at the wharf, or who neglects or refuses to remove his vessel, and moor the same as directed by the said Harbour Master, and have the said vessel or vessels removed and moored in such a situation as is hereinafter prescribed; and the expences attending the same, shall be defrayed by the captain or commander of such vessel or vessels. And the said Harbour Master shall have full power and authority to order any empty vessel or vessels which may incumber the docks, to be removed into the stream, and be there moored, as otherwise already directed, that is to say, one hundred fathoms from the wharf; and also to remove, and if necessary cut the fast, of any empty vessel, occupying an inside birth, which shall refuse or neg. lect (after notice given) to give the birth to a vessel having her cargo ready to be taken on board; and if any person or persons whomsoever, shall molest or obstruct the Harbour Master in the performance of

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