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for relief. And every sergeant, when returning to his Sergeants to respective guard house, shall report to the commandmake report

ing officer thereof, all the occurrences, in which he, or the men under his charge, were concerned, whilst

in the execution of their duty. And whenever the Centinels to sergeants return, with their parties, from the aforesaid be relieved. market places, to their respective guard houses, the

centinels shall there be relieved by others. In the evening of every Sunday or any other of the above mentioned days, the commanding officer at the pic

quet guard house shall send to the main guard house, Picquet guard to send their all persons who are confied at the picquet guard main guard prisoners to house, as aforesaid; and they shall be detained there,

together with such others, as may have been carried to the main guard house, until the next morning, then to be dealt with, as directed in and by the twelfth and thirteenth clauses of this ordinance, respecting persons who are taken up at night; but any one or more of the Wardens, shall have power upon due application made to him or them, to discharge any sucka person or persons sooner, on condition of paying the usual fine, and of their being no charge of

felony or breach of the peace, alledged against him, To send a pa- her or them. And if at any time, when the City trole to appre: guard is on duty, any white inhabitant of the city fending

should, either personally or in writing, apply at either . of the guard houses, for a patrole, to take up one or

more slaves or persons of colour, who came into his or her premises without leave, or whose behaviour therein, or in the neighbourhood, is riotous or otherwise disorderly, it shall be the duty of the commanding officer, to send a patrole immediately to the place where it is requested, to take up such slave or persons of colour, one or more, and to confine the same in the guard house, there to be dealt with as above directed, with regard to other slaves or persons of colour, who

are brought to the guard house. And if Guard to be any of the City Guard shall not take up a negro or apprehending person of colour, and bring the same to the guard or for receiv- house, when it is his duty and in his power to do so,

or shall take a bribe for liberating any person, apprehended by him or them, or delivered into his or their custody, or conceal or destroy any pass or permit of

ing a bribe.

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Persons as

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any person so apprehended or delivered into his cus-
tody, he and every of them, shall be fined in a sum,
not less than twenty, nor more than fifty dollars, for
each and every such offence, which fine shall belong Proviso.
to the informer; Provided it is proven by the testimo-
ny of any other person than such informer, or if not
so proven, then to go to the City Treasury.

15. That if any person or persons shall assault or strike, or in any manner or way oppose, molest, abuse saulting guard or interrupt any of the City Guard, in the execution to be fined. of his or their duty, every such person shall, if a white or free person of colour, forfeit and pay a fine, not less than fifty nor exceeding one hundred dollars, to be recovered in the Inferior City Court; and in case of non payment, shall be confined in the com-ed, &c. mon goal, until such fine with costs and the legal fees be paid, or until discharged by a due course of law i which said fine shall belong to him or them of the City Guard, who was, or were so assaulted or struck, or otherwise molested, as aforesaid; Provided, that such offence be proven by the testimony of any other person, than him or them, and if not, the said fine so recovered, to be paid into the City Treasury. And


if a slave, shall be confined in the work-house, and afterwards receive such a number of lashes at the public market, in Queen or Market- Proviso streets, as any magistrate and two freeholders of the city shall adjudge: Provided however, That nothing herein contained, shall prevent any of the City Guard, so assaulted or struck in the execution of his or their duty, from pursuing also such other legal remedy or remedies, as may be provided by the laws of the state.

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14th, 1815.

1. Be it ordained, That the captain and lieute- Passed, April nants of the City Guard, shall furnish the Intendant with the names of the present City Guard, in order to select therefrom, in his presence, and with his ap- Guard when probation, the complement of sergeants, privates, enrolled, to and musicians; whereupon they shall be enrolled in sign articles of the City Guard, and sign articles of agreement, in which each of them shall bind himself to perform all




the duties prescribed, or to be prescribed by any city ordinance, and to comply with all such rules and orders as are or may be, from time to time, established by the City Council for the regulation and government of the said Guard.

2. That from and after the first day of May next, the captain of the City Guard shall receive a monthly pay of fifty-five dollars,* each of the lieutenants a monthly pay of forty dollars,f the orderly sergeant a monthly pay of twenty-five dollars; each sergeant a monthly pay of twenty dollars; each private a monthly pay of eighteen dollars ; and each fifer and drummer a monthly pay of nine dollars.; which pay as

aforesaid, shall be in full compensation of and for all Captain's duty their respective services.

3. That it shall be the duty of the captain or commanding officer of the City Guard, to attach to his monthly pay roll, an account of all monies received

by him, or any other person of the City Guard, for Uniform and apprehending slaves, or for any other purpose, speciduty of the fying therein the appropriation of such monies. guard.

4. That the uniform and clothing of the City Guard, shall be such, as the City Council shall from time to time direct and furnish :. That the captain and lieutenants of the City Guard, be and they are hereby made subject to such orders and duties, as the Intendant, with the consent of the City Council, shall from time to time direct: That the captain of the Guard shall every evening, after the roll shall be called, detach one lieutenant, one fifer and drummer, and as many sergeants and privates as the Intendant shall direct, to the Picquet Guard House, there to take post and to do duty till the next morning; and to the said lieutenant he shall give such orders, not repugnant to any city ordinance or guard regulation, or to superior orders, as he may from time to time judge necessary for the safety and welfare of the city and of its inhabitants: That the orderly sergeant

* Altered by ordinance of 21st of January, 1818, to seventy

+ By same ordinance the lieutenants receive a monthly pay of bifty dollars.


shall be attached to the main guard house: That the sergeants shall not in future carry halberts, but when on duty they shall be armed with swords : And that it shall be the duty of the fifers and drummers, to attend the City Sheriff whenever he makes any proclamation.

Passed, Aug.

14th, 1815.

their owners.

1. Be it ordained, That if any person shall after the passing of this ordinance, give a ticket to any negro or negroes or other person or persons of colour, Penalty for with intention to permit such negro or negroes or other giving tickets persons of colour to remain out of his, her or their without the owners or employers premises, after the beating of consent of tattoo, without the consent and knowledge of such owner and employer, he or she shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty dollars, to be recovered in the Inferior City Court, to the use of such owner or employer.

2. That whenever any slaves shall be taken up by Punishment of the Guard, for being out after the beating of the tat- up after tattoo. too, that it shall and may be lawful for the attending Warden, either to fine the said slave as now directed by law, or at the request of the owner to order the said slave to be corrected, with no less than five or more than nineteen lashes in the work house, without subjecting the owner of the said slave to any expence or charge at the said work house.

Duty of the 3. That it shall be the duty of the master of the work house, work house, to receive all such slaves as may

be committed by virtue of this ordinance, and have them corrected agreeably to their sentences without any charge or expence to the owners of such slaves.

master of the

1. Be it ordained, That from and after the passing Passed, March of this ordinance, one lieutenant and twenty pri- 22d, 1816. vates, be added to the City Guard, whereby the said Guard shall hereafter consist of one captain, three

City Guard to lieutenants, one orderly sergeant, nine sergeants, nine- be augmented. ty privates, two fifers and two drummers.

2. That the said lieutenant shall be elected by Lieutenant to Council, after the passing of this ordinance, and to City Coancil

continue in office until the third Monday in October next, or the meeting of Council thereafter, when the annual elections for officers shall be held, at which time and annually thereafter, one captain and three lieutenants of the City Guard shall be elected.

3. That the said lieutenant and privates shall be, and each of them are hereby made subject to all the rules and regulations which now or may hereafter be prescribed and expressed in, and by any and every ordinance of Council for regulating the City Guard.


Passed, Oct.

2 lst. 1816

1. Be it ordained, That a discretionary power be, and hereby is vested in the attending Warden or Wardens at the guard house, denominated the guard committee, so far as to authorize him or them to remit entirely or in part, at his or their discretion the penalty or punishment for any offence whatever, inflicted by.or specified in the city ordinances.

Passed, Jan.


1. Be it ordained, That from and after the first day 31st , 1818. of February next, the pay of the captain of the City

Guard shall be at the rate of seventy dollars per month, and the pay of the lieutenants fifty dollars per month.

2. That from and after the passing of this ordiGuard detect dinance, whenever any member of the City Guard to be compen- shall detect, and prove to conviction, any person or

persons breaking into and opening the doors of any house or building or getting into the same by any means for the purpose of robbing or in any wise injuring the same, or the property therein, such member or members of the City Guard shall be entitled to receive a compensation or reward not exceeding twenty dollars for every such detection, subject to the distribution of the attending Warden for the time being.

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