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Of the Line of Descent of William Roe Van Voorhis.



1. Steven Coerte Van Voorhies, of Flatlands and

Gravesend, L. I., married Eagje or Achai Jans,

and died Feb. 16, 1723-4. 2. Albert Coerte Van Voorhies, of Flatlands and

New Utrecht, L. I., died in 1748; will proved Apr. 14, 1748; married 1*, Sarah Williamsen; married 24, Margrietje — ; married 3o, May 15, 1743, Willemptje Suydam, and also supposed to have married Ida Vanderbilt, and had children:

I. Coert, d. May 31, 1757 ; married Annatie

who d. Jan. 30, 1760, and had children:

a. Coert, d. 1762;.married, in 1760, ,

Sarah Van Brunt b. Albert Coerten, b. Aug. 1, 1716; d.

Sept. 26, 1784; married is, Nov. 22, 1737, Katrina Doremus, b. Aug. 28, 1716; d. Apr. 1, 1775;

married 2", Nelly Van Nostrand. c. Zacheus, b. ; d. 1770. d. Bernardus, b. Mar. 1, 1725; d. Dec.

10, 1769; married, in 1762, Femmetje Latten, who d. Nov. 4,

1768. e. Jannetje, b. Sept. 7, 1728; d. Dec.

18, 1781 ; married, Aug. 25, 1750,

Wilhelmus Van Brunt. f. Annatie, d. 1789; married John


VI. Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 10, 1695; married

Rutgert Van Brunt, of New Utrecht.
III. Mary, married John Van Nostrand.
IV. Margaret, married 18, Petrus Stoothoff ;

married 24, David Nevius.
V. Altie, married Wilhelmus Stoothoff, and

d. Feb. 25, 1743.
VI. Ann, married Hendrick Cortelyou, of

New Jersey.
VII. Neeltie, married Christopher Hoog-


3. Garret Coerte Van Voorhies, of Flatlands and New

Utrecht, L. I., d. in 1703; will proved Sept. 23, 1704; married 1*, Mensie Jans; married, 2Apr.

26, 168.5, Willemptje Pieters. 4. Altje Coerte Van Voorhies, married Apr. 16,

1687, Joost Rutgerse Van Brunt, of New Utrecht,

L.I. 5. Neltje Coerte Van Voorhies, b. June 30, 1676; d. Aug. 4, 1750; married, in 1693, Garret R.

Schenck, of New Jersey. 6. Cornelis Coerte Van Voorhies, of Flatlands, L. I.,

baptized Jan. 23, 1678; married Altje 7. Annatie Coerte Van Voorhies, baptized Dec. 6,

1680. (D.) 8. Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees, b. Apr. 20, 1683;

bap. Apr. 22, 1683 ; d. Oct. 10, 1757 ; will proved Feb. 5, 1758; m. 1*, Nov. 19, 1703, Barbara Van Dyck, b. Dec. 20, 168-; d. Apr. 18, 1743; m. 24, May 2, 1744, Sarah Vleit, b. Nov. 7, 1694 ; d. *; will proved Nov. 16, 1773

He left Flatlands, L. I., after his first marriage, and settled first in East New Jersey, and afterwards in the Rombout Precinct, now Fishkill, Duchess Co., N. Y., and had children :

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1. Jannetje, b. Sept. 15, 1704 ; d. Nov. II,

1792 ; m. Mar. 12, 1725, Col. John Brinckerhoff; b.

, 1702 ; d. Mar. 26, 1785. 2. Coert, b. Apr. 5, 1706; d. Mar. 19,

1785; m. June 16, 1727, Catherine

Filkin, b. ; d. Jan. 22, 1777. 3. Johannis, b. Aug. 6, 1708; d. 3

will proved Apr. 5, 1750; m. Sept. 30, 1731, Gerritje, dau, of Elias Van Benschouten, of Poughkeepsie Precinct,

Duchess Co. 4. Zacharias, b. Dec. 10, 1710; d. Jan. 20, 1784; unmarried.



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5. Gerrit, b. Mar. 13, 1713.
6. Maria, b. Sept. 16, 1716; d. •

June 12, 1739, Elias Dubois; b.

will proved Oct. 16, 1786. 7: Hendrick, b. Mar. 20, 1719; d. Nov. 4,

1745. 8. Jacob, b. Oct. 14, 1723; d. Jan. 17, 1780;

will proved Apr. 5, 1784; m. 1*, Oct. 27, 1750, Catherine, dau. of Peter Mesier, of N. Y. Eity; bap. April 21, 1723 ; d. i'm..24, Feb. 13, 1758, Trocy, or Froye Myer; b. ; d. i m. 3o, Aug. 1, 1769, Sarah White (widow); b.

1:1727 ; d. June ; 1788.

Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees purchased by deed, dated June 20, 1730, from Philip Verplanck, of the manor of Courtlandt, the following described premises :

“ All that certain lot of Land No. 1, situate, lying, and being in Duchess County, beginning on the Hudsons River at the northernmost bounds, of the land belonging to Mrs. Brett or her assigns; running from thence along said bounds northerly 66°, Easterly 575 chains; thence north 20° Westerly 7 chains; thence South 62° westerly 565 chains to Hudsons River aforesaid ; thence along said River to the place where it began. Containing two thousand seven hundred and ninety acres more or less."

This deed is an indentured parchment, and has on its back the acknowledgment by Philip. Verplanck of its execution before Judge Jacobus Ter Bos, with a permission to record, and also a receipt signed by the said Philip Verplanck for the consideration money, £670.

This Deed was never recorded, and is now in the posses“sion of Mr. William Henry Van Voorhis, of Fishkill on the

Hudson, Duchess Co., one of the direct descendants of Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees.

H. D. B. Bailey, in his History of Fishkill, says, page. 373:

“The first settlers at Fishkill Landing, after Peche Dewall, were Roger Brett, the Duboises, the Pines, and the Van Voorhises.' The Van Voorhises located on the Stony Kill road, one mile north of the village of Fishkill. Landing. The old dwelling yet stands (1874), and is located a few rods north of the residence of Mr. William Henry Van Voorhis. Mr. John Van Voorhis, the father of William Henry, was one of the lineal descendants, and lived there for many years.

In the fourth volume of the Documentary History of New York there is a list of the Freeholders of Duchess County, made August 28, 1740, certified to as correct by James Wilson, Sheriff of said County, in which list appear the names of


Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees, or Johannes Coerten Van Voorhees, as written by himself, appears from the records of the Dutch Church at Fishkill Village to have been one of the organizers of the church, his signature being affixed to almost all of the early church papers.

The first recorded church paper, which is in the Dutch language and has never been wholly translated, appears to

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