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Of the Line of Descent of William Roe Van Voorhis.

A. COERT ALBERTS, of voor Hies, had children :

(B.) 1. Steven Coerte of Voorhies, the common ancestor

of the Van Voorhies family of Long Island and
New Jersey; born in the year 1600; married
Willempie Roeloffse, who was born in the year
1619, and died in 1690. He emigrated from
Holland in April, 1660, in the ship “ Bontekoe "
(Spotted Cow), Capt. Pieter Lucassen, with his
wife and all his children except his daughter
Merghin. He purchased, Nov. 29, 1660, a farm
at Flatlands, Long Island, from Cornelis Dirck-
sen Hoogland, on which he settled and where
he died Feb. 16, 1684, bis will being dated
Aug. 25, 1677.
Signature of Steven Coerte, or Steven Koers, as written by

himself—from the “History of the Bergen Family."

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2. Hilbert Coerte, of Voorhies, born in 1634.
3. Jan Coerte, of Voorhies, who occupied the home-

stead of his father in 1684..

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4. Albert Coerte, of Bethuyn, who married Aeltyn

and died prior to 1699. 5. Wesvel Coerte, of Veeninge, who died prior to 1699. 6. A daughter, name unknown, who died prior to 1699. 7. Another daughter, name unknown, who died prior

to 1699.



List of Passengers from Holland, in April, 1660, in the

Ship Spotted Cow." Jan SOUBANICH, from Byle in Drenthe. ALBERT JANSS, from Drenthe. PETER JACOBS, from East Friesland. · CORNELIS BARTELS, from Drenthe. STEVEN KOORTS, from Drenthe-wife and seven children.. JAN KEVERS, from the Landscape, Drenthe—and wife. FOCKE JANSEN, from Drenthe - and wife and seven

children. CLAES AĢENTSEN, from Drenthe—and wife, three children

and boys GOVERT EGBERTS, from Meppelt-farmer's servant. EVERTJE DIRCKS, from Drenthe-maiden. EGBERTJE DIRCKS, from Drenthe-maiden. PETER JANSEN, shoemaker, from Drenthe-wife and four

children. COERT CARTENS, from Drenthe-farmer's servant. ROELOFT SWARTWOUT, agriculturist. CORNELIS JACOBS VAN LEEUWEN, in the service of Swart

ARENT MEUWENS, from Gelderland-in Swartwout's service.
ARIAEN HUYBERTS, from Jena-in Swartwout's service.
PETER HINHAM, from Nimwegen-Tailor.
ALBERT HEYMANS, agriculturist, from Gelderland-wife

and eight children.
ELIAS GYSELING, from Zealand.

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* Documentary

ory of New York, vol üi., p. 36.


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