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certificate under the seal of the office. The certificate states that “the armorial bearings assigned to the family, from their extreme simplicity-a golden tower on a red shield quartered with a tree torn up by the roots on a silver field-indicates considerable antiquity. The description of the arms, according to the terms of blazonry on the Continent, is as follows: E aux 1. & 4. de gu à la tour d'or ouv' du champ.

aux 2. & 3. d'argent à l'arbre arr' de sinople.

the heraldic description of which, in England, would be as follows: ; Quarterly Ist & 4th gules-a tower d'or opened of the field.

2d & 3d argent-a tree eradicated vert.

Crest-a tower d'or. Motto-Virtus castellum meum.

Of the origin and meaning of these arms nothing is recorded; they may possibly indicate that the first possessor held some castle or fortress in feudal times. The tree is quartered in right of a marriage with the heiress and repre

sentative of another family who bore this device." **. The engravings of William Roe Van Voorhis and his wife,

Rachel Vail, are taken from the family portraits in the possession of Sylvanus Rapalje Esqr., of Hopewell, Duchess County, N. Y., by his kind permission.

The compiler of these notes would here state that he does not claim the following record to be a genealogy of the family, or even of that branch of it from which William Roe Van Voorhis was descended; but, having become interested in tracing back his grandfather's lineage, and having in the pursuit collected considerable collateral information, he has thought perhaps it might be interesting to some members of the family to have the material in its present form for reference; and to that end a limited number of copies have been published by the writer for distribution

among the family only. He would also here return his thanks to those of the family, and others, who have assisted him in his labors by furnishing dates, etc., trusting that all shortcomings will be pardoned him in view of his having made it a labor of love.

NEW YORK, January 3, 1881.



The direct ancestors of Major WILLIAM ROE VAN Voorhts are indicated by the capital letters :





D. 3.

D. 3. IV.






A. COERT ALBERTS, of voor Hies, resided in front of the

town of Hies, and had brothers and sisters :

Steven Alberts, of voor Hies.
Hendrick Alberts, of Twyel, who had five children

living in 1684.
Luytgen Alberts, of Hackes Welt, who had one

child living in 1684 Jan Alberts, of Heffelying, who died prior to 1684,

leaving one daughter. Hilbert Alberts, who died prior to 1684, leaving

two sons and one daughter. Wesvel Alberts, of Amsterdam, who died prior to

1684, leaving one son and one daughter. Gertien Alberts, of Oshaer by Veghten, who was

married and had children. Merghin Alberts, who married Jan Mewus, of the

Hught, and died prior to 1684, leaving children.

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