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Halaman 308 - ... resulting in whole or in part from the negligence of any of the officers, agents, or employees of such carrier, or by reason of any defect or insufficiency, due to its negligence, in its cars, engines, appliances, machinery, track, roadbed, works, boats, wharves, or other equipment.
Halaman 185 - The discriminations which are open to objection are those where persons engaged in the same business are subject to different restrictions, or are held entitled to different privileges under the same conditions. It is only then that the discrimination can be said to impair that equal right which all can claim In the enforcement of the laws.
Halaman 360 - ... no laborer workman or mechanic in the employ of the contractor, sub-contractor or other person doing or contracting to do the whole or a part of the work...
Halaman 360 - Sts., 3738, which provides that "eight hours shall constitute a day's work for all laborers, workmen and mechanics who may be employed by or on behalf of the government of the United States.
Halaman 110 - And there shall be cut out or around the side of every hoisting shaft, or driven through the solid strata at the bottom thereof, a traveling way not less than five feet high and three feet wide, to enable persons to pass the shaft in going from one side of it to the other without passing over or under the cage or other hoisting apparatus.
Halaman 357 - That all men when they form a social compact, /' are equal in rights; and that no man, or set of men are entitled to exclusive public emoluments or privileges from the community.
Halaman 34 - It should be one of our prime objects to put both the farmer and the mechanic on a higher plane of efficiency and reward, so as to increase their effectiveness in the economic world, and therefore the dignity, the remuneration, and the power of their positions in the social world.
Halaman 357 - As to them the state stands in the position of parens patrice, and may exercise unlimited supervision and control over their contracts, occupation and conduct, and the liberty and right of those who assume to deal with them. This is a power which inheres in the government for its own preservation, and for the life, person, health and morals of its future citizens,
Halaman 358 - A statute would not be constitutional * * * which should select particular individuals from a class or locality, and subject them to peculiar rules, or impose upon them special obligations or burdens from which others in the same locality or class are exempt...
Halaman 355 - ... 1. Any agreement between members of a trade union as such, concerning the conditions on which any members for the time being of such trade union shall or shall not sell their goods, transact business, employ, or be employed: 2.

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