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Finch, Law........ Finch, Sir Henry; a Dis. Gould's Dig....... Gould's Digest of Laws course of Law (1759).

(Ark.) Fish. Dig.......... Fisher's English Common Gould, Wat.. ... ... . Gould on Waters Law Digest.

Grab. & W. New Fish. Pat. Cas..... Fisher's Patent Cases (U. Trials

. Graham and Waterman on S.)

New Trials. Fish. Pat. Rep..... Fisher's Patent Reports Grant, Cas.

Grant's Cases (Pa.) (U. S.)

Grant's Dig.. . Gantt's (& Caldwell's) DiFish. Prize Cas..... Fisher's Prize Cases (U.

gest of Statutes (Ark.) S.)


Grattan (Va.)
Fitz. Abridg. Fitzherbert's Abridgment. Gray

Gray (Mass.)

Green, C. E.. ..C. E. Green (N, J.)
Flippin (U. 8.)

Green, Cr. Law R... Green's Criminal Law ReFoote & E. Incorp.

ports (N. Y.) Foote and Everett's Law Greene, G...... .G. Greene (Iowa)

of Incorporated Compa- Greenh. Pub. Pol.... Greenhood's Doctrine of nies Operating under Mu

Public Policy in the Law nicipal Franchises.

of Contracts. Fost. .. Foster (N. H.)

Green, H. W.......

H. W. Green (N. J.) Fost. Crown Iaw... Foster's English Crowa Green, J. S.. J. S. Green (N. J.) Law or Crown Cases. Greenl.

Greenleaf (Me.) Fost. Fed. Prac..... Foster's Treatise on Plead- Greenl. Cruise, Real ing and Practice in Eq Prop.

Greenleaf's Edition of uity in Courts of United

Cruise's Digest of Real States.

Property. Fost & F......... Foster and Finlason's Eng- Greenl. Ev. Greenleaf on Evidence.

lish Nisi Prius Reports. Green's Brice, Ultra Fras. Dom. Rel.... Fraser on Personal and Vires

Green's Edition of Brice's Domestic Relations, Scot

Ultra Vires, land.

Gross, St......... Gross' Illinois Compiled Freem. Freeman (I11.)

Laws (or Statutes). Freem. Ch.. Freeman's Chancery (Miss.) Grotius

... Grotius' Latin Law. Freem. Judgm.... Freeman on Judgments.


Hagg. Adm...... Haggard's English Admi-
King George (as 15 Geo. II).

ralty Reports. Ga. Georgia.

Hagg. Cons........ Haggard's English ConGabb. Cr. Law... Gabbett's Criminal Law,

sistory Reports. Ga. Dec.... Georgia Decisions.

Hagg. Ecc......... Haggard's English EccleGale's St... Gale's Statutes (I11.)

siastical Reports. Gale Whatley

Hale, Com. Law.... Hale's History of the ComEasem, Gale and Whatley (after

mon Law. wards Gale) on Ease- Hale, De Jure Mar.. Hale's De Jure Maris (Apments.

pendix to Hall on the Gall. Gallison (U. S.)

Sea Shore). Gantt's Dig..

Gantt's (& Caldwell's) Di- Hale, P. O. Hale's Pleas of the Crown. gest of Statutes (Ark.) Hale, Torts.

Hale on Torts. Gav. & H. Rev. St., Gavin and Hord's Revis. Hall

Hall's Superior Court (N. ed Statutes (Ind.)

Gear, Landl. & T... Gear Landlord and Halleck, Int. Law.. Halleck's International

Gen. Assem.......
General Assembly.

Hall, Mex. Law.... Hall's Mexican Law. Gen. Dig. U. S...... General Digest of the Unit- Halst.

Halsted (N. J.) ed States.

Halst. Ch.

Halsted's Chancery (N. J.) Gen. Lawg. General Laws.


Hammond (Ohio) Gen, R. R. Act.. General Railroad Act. Ham. Cont..

Hammon on Contracts. Gen. St... General Statutes.


Hand (N. Y.)
King George (as 15 Geo. Handy

Handy (Ohio)

Har. (Del.). Harrington (Del.)
George (Miss.)

Har. (Mich.). Harrington (Mich.)
George, Partn.. George on Partnership. Har. (N. J.). Harrison (N. J.)
Gibbon on Nuisances.


Hardin (Ky.)
Gilfillan (Minn.)

Hardw. Cas. Temp.. Cases temp. Hardwicke, by Gilbert, Ev.. Gilbert's Law of Evidence.

Lee and Hardwicke. Gilbert, Tenures. ... Gilbert on Tenures.


Hare's English Vice ChanGilbert, Uses (by

cellors' Reports. Sugd.)

Gilbert's Uses and Trusts Hare, Const. Law.. Hare's American Constituby Sugden.

tional Law, Gilb. Rents... Gilbert's Treatise on Harg. Co. Litt..... Hargrave's Notes to Coke Rents.

on Littleton. Gilb. Repl. Gilbert on Replevin. Hargrave & Butler's Gild

Gildersleeve Reports Notes on Co. Litt.. Hargrave and Butler's (N. M.)

Notes on Coke on LittleGill Gill (Md.)

ton. Gillet, Cr. Law..... Gillett's Treatise on Crim- Harp.

Harper (S. C.) inal Law and Procedure Harp. Eq.

Harper's Equity (S. C.) in Criminal Cases.


Harris (Pa.) Gill & J..

Gill & Johnson (Md.) Harrison, Ch.... Harrison's Chancery PracGilman Gilman (ill.)

tice. Gilmer Gilmer (Va.)

Hart, Dig. .... Hartley's Digest of Laws Gilp. Gilpin (U. S.)

(Tex.) Godd. Easem.. Goddard on Easements. Har. & G.

Harris & Gill (Md.)
Gould, PL.........
Gould on the Principles of Har. & J.

Harris & Johnson (Md.)
Pleading in Civil Actions. Har. & McH. .. Harris & McHenry (Md.)



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Hasbrouck's Reports (Ida-, Hoff. Land Cas..... Hoffman's Land Cases (U.

Haskell (U. S.)

Hoft. Mast......... Hoffman's Master in ChanHats. . Hatsell's Parliamentary

cery. Precedents.

Holl. Jur....... Holland's Elements of JuHaw. Hawaiian Reports.

risprudence. Hawes, Jur.. Hawes on Jurisdiction of Holmes

Holmes (U. S.)


Holt's English King's
Hawkins' Pleas of the

Bench Reports,

Holthouse, Law
Hawk. P. C.
Hawking Pleas of the Dict.

... Holthouse's Law DictionCrown.

ary. Hawk. Wills.... Hawkins' Construction of | Holt, N. P..... Holt's English Nisi Prius Wills.

Hawks (N. C.)

Holt, Shipp... Holt on Shipping.

Hayes' Irish Exchequer Hopk. Ch.. . Hopkins' Chancery (N. Y.)

Horner's Ann. St... Horner's Annotated RevisHaywa (N. C.). Haywood (N. C.)

ed Statutes (Ind.) Hayw. (Tenn.). Haywood (Tenn.)

Horner's Rev. St.... Horner's Annotated ReHayw. & H..... Hayward & Hazelton (0.

vised Statutes (Ind.)

Horr & B. Mun.
Haz. Reg.
Hazard's Register (Pa.) Ord.

Horr and Bemis' Treatise
H. BI.
Henry Blackstone's Eng-

on Municipal Police Orlish Common Pleas Re


Horr. & T. Cas. Self-
Head (Tenn.)


Horrigan and Thompson's Heard's Shortt, Extr.

Cases on Self-Defence. Rem. Heard's Edition of Shortt Houst.

Houston (Del.) on Extraordinary Legal Houst. Cr. Cas..... Houston's Criminal Cases Remedies.

Heiskell (Tenn.)

How. (Miss.). .Howard (Miss.)
Hempstead (U. 8.)


.... Howard (U. S.) Hen.

King Henry (as 8 Hen. How. Ann. st. ... Howell's Annotated Stat-

utes (Mich.)
Hen. St..
Hening's Statutes (Va.)

Howell, N. P....... Howell's Nisi Prius ReHen. & M.. Hening & Munford (Va.)

ports (Mich.) Herm. Chat. Mortg.. Herman on Chattel Mort. Howell, St. Tr..... Howell's English State gages.

Trials. Herm. Estop.....

Herman's Law of Estoppel. How. Prac.. ... Howard's Practice (N. Y.) Herm. Ex'ns... Herman's Law of Execu- How. Prac. (N. S.).. Howard's Practice, New tions.

Series (N. Y.) High, Extr. Leg.

How. St..

. Howell's annotated StatRem. High on Extraordinary

utes (Mich.) Legal Remedies,

How. & H. St...... Howard and Hutchinson's
High, Inj..
High on Injunctions.

Statutes (Miss.)
High, Rec..
High on Receivers.

Hughes (Ky.)... . Hughes (Ky...
Hil. Abr..
Hilliard's American Law,


... Hughes (U. S.) Hill Hill (N. Y.)

Hume's Hist. Eng.. Hume's History of EngHill. Cont.. Hilliard on Contracts.

land. Hill. Elem. Law.... Hilliard's Elements of Humph.

... Humphrey (Tenn.) Law.

Hun Hill, Eq...

Hill's Equity (S. C.) Hurd's Rev. St..... Hurd's Revised Statutes Hilliard, R. R... Hilliard on Real Property.

(I11.) Hill, Law. Hill's Law (S. O.)

Hurl. Bonds.. . Hurlstone on Bonds. Hill. Mortg.. Hilliard's Law of Mort- | Hurl. & C....... Hurlstone & Coltman's gages.

English Exchequer Re Hill's Ann. Codes &

ports. Laws

Hill's Annotated Codes and Hurl. & G......... Hurlstone and Gordon's
General Laws (Or.)

Reports (10, 11, EngHill's Ann. St. &

lish Exchequer Reports). Codes

Hill's Annotated General | Hurl. & N.......... Hurlstone and Norman's
Statutes and Codes

English Exchequer Re(Wash.)

ports. Hill's Code..... Hill's Annotated Codes and Hutch. Carr....... Hutchinson on Carriers.

General Laws (Or.). Hutch. Code.. . Hutchinson's Code (Miss.) Hill's Code..... Hill's Annotated General Hutch. Dig. St..... Hutchinson's Code (Miss.)

Statutes and Codes

(Wash.) Hill & D. Supp..... Hìll & Denio, Lalor's Sup

plement (N. Y.) Hilt. Hilton (N. Y.)


Idaho. Hil. Term 4, Will.


Hilary Term 4, William III. App..

Illinois Appellate Court

Hil. Torts...... Hilliard on the Law of Imp. Dict... Imperial Dictionary.


Indiana. Hittell's Laws.. Hittell's General Laws Ind. App.. Indiana Appellate Court (Cal.)

H. L. Cas.
House of Lords' Cases, Ind. T.

Indian Territory.

Ind. T. Ann. St... Indian Territory Annotat-
Hobart's English King's

ed Statutes. Bench Reports.

Ing. Law J........ Insurance Law Journal Hodge, Presb. Law.. Hodge Presbyterian

(Pa.) Law.


Coke's Institutes.
Hoit. Ch.

Hoffman's Chancery (N. Internat. Dict. .... Webster's International


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...... John




Interst. Com. R. ... Interstate Commerce Re Kelly

Kelly (Ga.) ports.

Kent, Comm. Kent's Commentaries OD Int Rev. Manual... Internal Revenue Manual.

American Law, Int Rev. Rec....... Internal Revenue Record Kent & R. St....... Kent and Radcliff's Law (N. Y.)

of New York (Revision Iowa Iowa,

of 1801).
Iredell's Law (N. O.). Kern,

Kernan (N. Y.)
Ired. Eg.
Iredell's Equity (N. C.) Kerr, Inj..

Kerr on Injunctions.
Irwin's Code.. Clark, Cobb and Irwin's Kerr, Rec.......... Kerr on Receivers.
Code (Ga.)
Kersey, Dict.

Kersey's English

Dictionary, 1708.

Keyes (N. Y.)

Kielway .......... Keilwey's English King's

Bench Reports. Jac,

King James (as 21 Jac. I). Kinney, Law Dict. Jac. Law Dict... Jacob's Law Dictionary.

& Glos...... Kinney's Law Dictionary Jagg. Torts.. Jaggard on Torts.

and Glossary. Jarm. Wills.. Jarman on Wills.


Kirby (Conn.)
Jefferson (Va.)

Knight, Mech. Dict.. Knight's American MechanJellett, Cr. Law. Gillett's Treatise on Crim

ical Dictionary. inal Law and Procedure Kulp

Kulp (Pa.) in Criminal Cases.


Kentucky. Jeremy, Eg.......... Jeremy's Equity Jurisdic Ryd

Kyd on Bills of Exchange. tion.

Kyd, Corp.. Kyd on Corporations, J. J. Marsh. J. J. Marshall (Ky.)

Ky. Dec..

Kentucky Decisions.
Johnson (N. M.)

Ky. Law Rep. Kentucky Law Reporter. John. Dict.. Johnson's English Diction- Ky. St. Law..... Morehead and Brown Di. ary.

gest of Statute Laws John. Eng. Ch...... Johnson's English Vice

(Ky.) Chancellors' Reports. K. & R...... . Kent and Radcliff's Law of Johns. Jobnson (N. Y.)

New York (Revision of Johns. Cas. Johnson's Cases (N. Y.)

1801). Johns, Ch.

Johnson's Chancery (N. Y.)
Johnson's Quarto
Johnson's Quarto Diction-

.Jones (Pa.)


Louisiana. Jones, Bailm... Jones on Bailments.

La. Ann.

Louisiana Annual. Jones, Chat. Mortg.. Jones Chattel Mort- Lack. Jur.

Lackawanna Jurigt (Pa.) gages.

Lack. Leg. N.. Lackawanna Legal News Jones, Easem...... Jones' Treatise on Ease

(Pa.) ments.

Lalor, Supp. Lalor's Supplement to Hill Jones, Eq.... Jones' Equity (N. O.)

& Denio's Reports (N. Y.) Jones, Law. Jones' Law (N. C.)

Lamb. Eir.......... Lambard's Eiranarcha, Jones, Liens. Jones on Liens.

Lanc. Bar

. Lancaster Bar. Jones, Mortg. .... Jones on Mortgages. Lanc, Law Rev. Lancaster Law Review. Jones, Pledges. Jones on Pledges and Col- | Lans.

Lansing, (N. Y.) lateral Securities.

Lans. Ch..

Lansing's Chancery (N. Y.) Jones, Securities. ... Jones on Railroad Securi- Law J. Ch.. . Law Journal, New Series, ties.

Chancery. Jones & S.. Jones & Spencer (N. Y.) Law J. Exch....... Law Journal, New Series, Jones & V. Laws... Jones and Varick's Laws

Exchequer. (N. Y.)

Law J. Q. B....... Law Journal, New Series, Jour. Juris. Journal of Jurisprudence.

Queen's Bench (English).
Joyce, Ins...
Joyce on Insurance.

Law of Trusts (Tiff.
The Justice of the Peace, & Bul.)

Tiffany and Bullard on
London (periodical).

Trusts and Trustees. J. P. Smith.... .J. P. Smith's English Law Rep....... Monthly Law Reporter, King's Bench Reports.

Boston, Mass. J. Scott (N. S.)..... English Common Bench Law Rep. Ex....... English Law Reports, ExReports, New Series by

chequer, John Scott.

Lawson, Exp. Ev... Lawson Expert and Jud. Repos. Judicial Repository (N. Y.)

Opinion Evidence. Jur.

The Jurist, London. Lawson, Pres. Ev... Lawson Presumptive Jur. (N. S.)... The Jurist, New Series,


Lawson, Rights,
Jast. Inst...... Institutes of Justinian. Rem. & Pr....... Lawson on Rights, Reme-

dies and Practice.

Lawson, Usages &


Lawson's Law of Usages

and Customs. Kames, Eq......... Kames' Principles of Eq. Law T............. English Law Times Reuity.

ports. Kan. Kansas.

Law T. (N. S.).... English Law Times ReKan. App. Kansas Appeals.

ports, New Series. Kay & J.

Kay and Johnson's Eng- Ld. Raym..... .. Lord Raymond's English lish Vice Chancellors' Re

King's Bench Reports. ports.


Lea (Tenn.)

Keble's English King's Leach, Cr. Cas..... Leach's English Crown
Bench Reports.


..... Keen's English Rolls Court Leach's O. L. ..... Leach's Club Cases, LonReports.

dou. Keen, Ch.......... Keen's English Rolls Court Leam. & Spic....... Leaming and Spicer's Laws, Reports.

Grants, Concessions and Keener, Quasi Cont., Keener OD Quasi con

Original Constitutions tracts.

(N. J.) Kol Sir John Kelyng's English Led...

Lawyers' Edition Supremo Crown Cases

Court Reporta.

J. P....





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Lee (Cal.)

L R. Prob. Div.... English Law Reports, Pro
Acts of the Legislature.

bate, Divorce and AdmiLeg. Chron. Legal Chronicle.

ralty Division. Leg. Gaz.... Legal Gazette (Pa.) L. R. Prob. & Div.. English Law Reports, ProLeg. Gaz R.... Legal Gazette Reports

bate and Divorce. (Pa.)

L. R. Prov. & Div.. See L. R. Prob. & Div. Leg. Int. Legal Intelligencer (Pa.)

L. R. Q. B......

English Law Reports,
Leg. News.
Legal News, Chicago.

Queen's Bench.
Leg. Op.
Legal Opinions.

L R. Q. B. Div.... English Law Reports Leg. Rec. Rep. Legal Record Reports.

Queen's Bench Division. Leg. Rep. Legal Reporter (Tenn.)


Lushington's English AdLeg. & Ins. Rep.... Legal & Insurance Re

miralty Reports. porter.


Lutwyche's English ComLebigb Val. Law

mon Pleas Reports. Rep.

Lehigh Valley Law Re-Luz. Law T. Luzerne Law Times (Pa.) porter.

Luz. Leg. Obs. Luzerne Legal Observer Leigh Leigh (Va.)

(Pa.) Leigh & C... Leigh and Cave's English Luz. Leg. Reg...... Luzerne Legal Register Crown Cases.

(Pa.) Leon

Leonard's English King's

Bench Reports,
. Levinz's English King's

Bench Reports.
Lewin, Cr. Cas... .. Lewin's English Crown
Cases Reserved.

McAdam, Landi. &
Lewis, Em. Dom.... Lewis on Eminent Domain. T.

McAdam on Landlord and Lewis, Perp... .... ... Lewis' Law of Perpetuity.

Tenant. Lex Mercatoria


McAllister (U. S.)
An Enquiry into the Law MacArthur

MacArthur (D. C.)
Merchant of the United MacArthur, Pat.Cas.. MacArthur's Patent Cases
States by George Caines.

(U. S.) Lieb. Herm.. Lieber's Hermeneutics. MacArthur & M. .. MacArthur & Mackey (D. Lil. Conv....... .Lilly's Conveyancer.

C.) Lilly, Abr...... Lilly's Abridgment, or Macaulay, Hist. Eng.. Macaulay's History Practical Register.

England. Lindl. Copartn... Lindley on Partnership. McCahon

McCahon (Kan.) Lindl. Partn..... Lindley's Law of Partner- McCart.

McCarter (N. J.) ship.

McCarty, Civ. Proc.. McCarty's Civil Proce Litt Coke on Littleton.

dure Reports (N. Y.) Litt. Littell (Ky.)

McClain, Cr. Law.. McClain's Criminal Law. Litt. Comp. Laws... Littell's Statute Law (Ky.) McClain's Code..... McClain's Annotated Code Litt. Sel. Cas. Littell's Select Cases (Ky.)

and Statutes (Iowa) Litt. & S. St. Law.. Littell and Swigert's Di- McClel. Dig........ McClellan's Digest of Laws gest of Statute Law (Ky.)

(Fla.) Livermore, Ag...... Livermore Principal McCord

McCord's Law (S. C.) and Agent

McCord, Eq.... McCord's Equity (S. C.) Liv. Law Mag...... Livingston's Law Maga- McCrary

McCrary (U. s.) zine_(N. Y.)

McCrary, Elect..... McCrary's American Law L J. Ch. Law Journal, New Series,

of Elections. Chancery, English.

McCul. Dict,

McCulloch's Commercial L. J. Exch....... Law Journal, New Series,



McGloin (La.)
L. J. M. Cas...... .. Law Journal, New Series, McKelvey, Ev. Mckelvey on Evidence.
Magistrates' Cases, Mackey

Mackey (D. C.)
Loc. Acts...
Local Acts.


McLean (U. S.)
Loc. Code.
Local Code.

Macl. Shipp.. Maclachlan on Merchant
Loc. Laws.
Local Laws.

Lofft's English King's


McMullad (S. C.)
Bench Reports.

McMul. Eg. McMullan's Equity (8. C.) Lomax, Ex'rs...... Lomax on Executors.

Macn. & G.. Macnaghten and Gordon's Lom, Dig... .... Lomax's Digest of Real

English Chancery ReProperty.

ports. Long, Irr..... Long on Irrigation.


Macqueen's Scotch Appeal
Lowell (U. S.)

Lower Ct. Dec. ....
Lower Court Decisions Madd.

Maddock's Reports, English (Ohio)

L. R. A.

Lawyers' Reports Annotat- Maine, Anc. Law... Maine's Ancient Law.


Manning (Mich.) L. R. App. Cas..... English Law Reports, Ap- Man., G. & S...... Manning, Granger, and peal Cases, House of

Scott's English Common Lords.

Pleas Reports. L R. C. P...... English Law Reports, Mansf. Dig......... Mansfield's Digest of StatCommon Pleas.

utes (Ark.) L. R. Eq....... English Law Reports, Eq- Manson, Bankr. Cas.. Manson's Bankruptcy and uity.

Winding-Up Cases. L. R. Ex. Cas...... English Law Reports, Ex- | Man. Unrep. Cas... Manning's Unreported Cas chequer.

es (La.)

& L. R. Exch........ English Law Reports, Ex-Man. & G.......... Manning Granger's chequer.

English Common Pleas L. R. F. L...... English Law Reports,

English and Irish Appeal | Man. & R... Manning & Ryland's Eng-

Jish Magistrates' Cases. L. R. H. L. Sc..... English Law

Reports, Marsh

Marshall's English ComScotch and Divorce Ap

mon Pleas Reports. peal Cases.

Marsh., A. K.......A. K. Marshall (Ky.) 4 R. P. C....... English Law

Reports, Marsh. Ins....... Marshall on Marine Insur Privy Council, Appeal

ance. Cases.

Marsh., J. J.......J. J. Marshall (Ky.)

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Martin, Dict....... Edward Martin's English : Mont. & M.. Montagu and MacArthur's Dictionary.

English Bankruptcy ReMart. (N. C.).. Martin (N. C.)

ports. Mart. (N. S.). Martin's New Series (La) Moody, Cr. Cas.... Moody's Crown Cases, Mart. 1o. S.) Martin's Old Series (La.)!

English Courts. Mart, & Y.

Martin &_Yerger (Tenn.) Moody & M........ Moody and Malkin's EngMary. Marvel's Reports (Del.)

lish Nisi Prius Reports. Mason Mason (U. S.)

Moody & R........ Moody and Robinson's EngMass. Massachusetts.

lish Nisi Prius Reports. Math. Pres. Ev.. Mathews on Presumptive Moore

Moore (Ark.)


Sir Francis Moore's EngMaule & S......... Maule and Selwyn's Eng.

lish King's Bench Relish King's Bench Re

ports. ports.

Moore, Cr. Law.... Moore's Criminal Law and Maxw. Adv. Gram..W. H. Maxwell's Advanced

Procedure. Lessons in English Gram- Moore, P. C........ Moore's Privy Council Remar.

ports. Maxw. Cr. Proc..... Maxwell's Treatise on Moore, Presb. Dig.. Moore's Presbyterian DiCriminal Procedure.

gest, Maxw. Interp. St... Maxwell on Interpretation Moore & S......... Moore and Scott's English, of Statutes.

Common Pleas Reports, May, Ins.... May on Insurance.

Mor. Corp...... Mora wetz on Private CorMd. Maryland.

porations. Md. Ch.

Maryland Chancery. Moreau & Carleton's


Moreau-Lislet and CarleMechem, Ag.. Mechem on Agency.

ton's Laws of Las Siete Mechem, Pub. Off... Mechem on Public Offices

Partidas in force in and Officers.

Louisiana. Mees. & W........ Meeson and Welsby's Eng. Mor. Priv. Corp.... Morawetz on Private Cor. lish Exchequer Reports.

porations. Meigs Meigs (Tenn.)

Morrell, Bankr. Cas.. Morrell's English BankMeigs, Dig. Meigs' Digest of Decisions

ruptcy Cases. of the Courts of Tennes. Morris

Morris (Iowa)

Morris, Repl.. Morris on Replevin.
Merivale's English Chan- Dlorr. Min. Rep.... Morrison's

Mining Recery Reports.

ports. Merl. Repert....... Merlin, Répertoire de Jo- Morse, Banks

. Morse

on the Law of risprudence.

Banks and Banking.
Metc. (Ky.)
Metcalfe (Ky.)


Mosely's English Chancery Metc. (Mass.) Metcalf (Mass.)


Mun. Code.... Municipal Code.
Mich. N. P.. Michigan Nisi Prius.
Miles (Pa.)


Munford (Va.) Mill, Const. Mill's Constitutional Re- Murfree, Off. Bonds.. Murfree on Official Bonds. ports (S. C.)


Murphey (N. C.) Miller, Const. ..... Miller on the Constitution Murray's Eng. Dict.. Murray's English Dictionof the United States.

ary. Miller's Code....... Miller's Revised and An- Myl. & C.......... Mylne & Craig's English notated Code (Iowa)

Chancery Reports. Mills' Ann. St...... Mills' Annotated Statutes Myl. & K.

Mylne and Keen's English (Colo.)

Chancery Reports, Mills, Em. Dom.... Mills on Eminent Domain. Myr. Prob.

Myrick's Probate Court Mill. & V. Code.... Milliken & Vertrees' Code

Reports (Cal.) (Tenn.)

M. & C. Partidas... Moreau-Lislet and CarleMinn. Minnesota.

ton's Laws of Las Siete Minor Minor (Ala.)

Partidas in force in Minor, Inst. Minor's Institutes of Com

Louisiana. mon and Statute Law. M. & W.... .... Meeson and Welsby's EngMisc. Laws...--.. Miscellaneous Laws (Or.)

lish Exchequer Reports. Misc. Rep.

Miscellaneous Reports (N.


Mitch. Mod. Geog... Mitchell's Modern Geog-

raphy. Mitf. Eq. Pl........ Mitford's Equity Pleading. Nat. Bankr. Law.. National Bankruptcy Law.. Mo. Missouri.

Nat. Bankr. R...... National Bankruptcy Reg. Moak, Eng. R.. Moak's English Reports.

ister (U. S.) Moak, Underh.

N. B. R....... National Bankruptcy Reg. Torts Moak's Edition of Under

ister (U. S.) hill on Torts.

N. C....

North Carolina, Mo. App.

Missouri Appeal Reports. N. C. Term R..... North Carolina Term ReMo. App. Rep'r Missouri Appellate Report

ports. er,

N. Chip..

N. Chipman (Vt.)
Modern Reports, English N. D.

North Dakota.
King's Bench.

N. E.

Northeastern Reporter. Monag. Monaghan (Pa.)


Mon., B.
B. Monroe (Ky.)

Neg. Inst. Law. Negotiable Instrument Mon., T. B.. T. B. Monroe (Ky.)



Co. Law

Nev. & M.

Nevile and Manning's EngRep'r Montgomery County Law

lish King's Bench ReReporter (Pa.)

ports. Month. Law Bul... Monthly Law Bulletin (N. Newb. Adm. Newberry's Admiralty (U. Y.)

S.) Mont. & B...... Montagu & Bligh's Eng. Newell, Defam. .... Newell on Defamation, lish Bankruptcy Reports

Slander and Libel.

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