Income Distribution in the United States

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U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1966 - 306 halaman

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Halaman 4 - family," as used in this report, refers to a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all such persons are considered as members of the same family.
Halaman 1 - I see that no one has passed here "In a long time." Later he saw that each weed Was a singular knife. "Well," he mumbled at last, "Doubtless there are other roads.
Halaman 172 - ... (5) interest (on bonds or savings), dividends, and income from annuities, estates, or trusts; (6) net income from boarders or lodgers, or from renting property to others; (7) all other sources such as unemployment benefits, public assistance, alimony, etc.
Halaman 28 - The Relation of Census Income Distribution Statistics to Other Income Data," Studies in Income and Wealth, vol.
Halaman 214 - Priced for the Consumer Price Index 33 Table 2 — Cities in Which Prices Are Collected for the Consumer Price Index 34 The Consumer Price Index of the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a statistical measure of changes in prices of the goods and services bought by families of city wage earners and clerical workers.
Halaman 27 - A1so excluded from the concept and not mentioned by Kolko are various types of fringe benefits such as life insurance, medical care, health insurance and pension plans, as well as government services, which have been increasing rapidly in recent years and are widely distributed thoughout the population.
Halaman 2 - The index for the total private economy is based on estimates of private gross national product (in constant prices) published by the Office of Business Economics of the Department of Commerce. The estimate for agriculture is obtained from the same source. The estimate for manufacturing is based on previous work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics with preliminary extensions for recent years.
Halaman 224 - not reported") Craftsmen, Foremen, and Kindred Workers 36. Bakers 37. Blacksmiths, forgemen, and hammermen Blacksmiths Forgemen and hammermen 38. Boilermakers 39. Cabinetmakers and patternmakers Cabinetmakers Pattern and model makers, except paper 40. Carpenters 41. Compositors and typesetters 42. Electricians Foremen (nec) 43. Construction 44. Manufacturing Metal industries Machinery, including eleUrical Transportation equipment Other durable goods Textiles, textile products, and apparel Other nondurable...
Halaman iv - ... represent. This cooperation was essential for the preparation of the monographs. The monograph authors were asked to provide interpretations of census and related statistics that would illuminate major current problem areas. The authors were also asked to take a critical look at the data and to make any recommendations which in their opinion would contribute to better development and use of the data. The views expressed in the monograph series are those of the individual authors, each of whom...
Halaman 30 - People are poverty-stricken when their income, even if adequate for survival, falls markedly behind that of the community. Then they cannot have what the larger community regards as the minimum necessary for decency; and they cannot wholly escape, therefore, the judgment of the larger community that they are indecent.

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