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(Containing a portion of the Decisions of January and June Terins, 1933.)




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NOTE.—"rs” follows the name of the plaintiff in error—"and,” that of the defendant.

2-6 231


Allen and Thompson,
181 Hassell, adm’r and Mays et al.

222 Bank of Alabama and Walker, 215 Hays rs Goree,

170 Bell et ux and Hogan, 2-6 Hemphill et al vs Coats.

125 Berry vs Carler et ux,

387 Uenley & Murphey and Condry et al. 9 Bibb and Wyatt, 391 Henry and DeSylva,

409 Black et al. and Meek & Co. 374 Hill and Canterbury,

224 Brooks and Brown vs Maltbie,

96 Hogan os Be!) et ux. Caldwell vs Wallace,

282 Hooper and Davis, Canterbury rs Hill, 224 Horn and Collingsworth,

2:37 Carswell's ex'or and Craig,

257 Houston & Gillespie rs. Sadler, et al. 130 Carpenter rs Jeter, 3:26 Hunt rs Lewin and Wyser,

133 Carpenter and Hanrick, adm’rs and Gar Hutchins vs Childress & Baker, 34 row, 336 Innerarity and Ryder,

14 Carter et ux and Berry, 387 Jeter and Carpenter,

326 Casey & Heusiis and White, 212 Johnson is Perry,

45 Cavannauglı vs Tatum, 204 Johnson rs Sims,

330 Chandler and Tate,

417 Judge of Wilcox Connty Court, use, &c. Childress & Baker and Hutchins, 34 us Pharr,

332 Coats and Hempbill et al. 125 Kellar and Sprowl et al.

382 Collingsworth vs Horn,

237 | Lce and Casey vs White, adm'r. 178 Comptroller and Nichols, 154 Lewiv and Wyser and Hunt,

138 Condry et al. vs Henley & Murphy, 9 Low and Rogers and Morris,

123 Craiy rs Carswel's ex or, 267 Maltbie and Brooks and Brown,

96 Creagh ex’or and Waters,

81 Mays et al. vs Hassell, adm'r. Creagh ex'or and Waters, 410 M’Daniel, et al and Gates,

69 Cummings vs Tindall, ex'or, 357 M’Laughlin and Simpson,

88 Cummins rs Gray,

397 | Meek & Co, Black et al. Dale rs Mosely, 371 Meredith vs Naish,

59 Davis rs Hooper, 231 Moore and Toney,

347 Davis os The State, 83 Moore vs Wright,

84 Davis vs Tuscumbia, &c. Rail-road Co. 421 Morris vs Low and Rogers, De Sylva vs Henry, 409 Moseley and Dale,

371 Drake os Reed, 192 Naish and Meredith,

59 Dufphy et al. vs Seaman, et al. 159 Nichols us The Comptroller,

154 Elliot et al. vs Gray, for use, &c. 168 Nugent vs The State,

72 Fitts and Sawyer, 365 Perry and Johuson,

45 Garrow us Carpenter and Hanrick, ad'rs, 336 Perryman and Wiggins,

94 Gates os M’Daniel et al.

69 Pharr and Judge of Wilcox County Court Goree and Hays,

use, &c.

332 Governor, for use, &c. White, et al. 441 Ragsuale und Hall et al.

252 Gray and Cummins,

397 | Ready, adm'x vs Thompson's adm’rs, 52 Gray, for use, &c. and Elliott et al. 168 Reed and Drake,

192 Greer et al.and Wyatt, 315 Richards vs Vanner, adm'r.

64 Hall et al vs Ragsdale,

232 Rives and Winsion and Fenwick, 269 Hamilton and Robinson & Davenport,

91 Robinson & Davenport vs Hamilton, 91 Hancock vs Tanner & Evans 262 Ryder vs Innerariiy,





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