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Springfield, Ohio;
The Springtield Publishing Company,

State Printers.


Seventy-seventh General Assembly ; Regular Session.

Senate Chamber. Monday, January 1, 1906, 10 o'clock, a. m. This being the day designated by the Constitution of the State of Ohio for the meeting of the General Assembly, the Senators-elect convened in the Senate Chamber at 10 o'clock, a. m., and were called to order by the President of the Senate, Lieutenant Governor Warren G. Harding.

The following named persons presented certificates of election as .Senators from their respective districts, and having taken an oath administered by Chief Justice Davis of the Supreme Court, to support the Constituticn of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and also an oath of office, entered upon the discharge of their duties :

First District-Thomas Hunt, John W. Harper, Arthur Espy, Edward A. Hafner.

Second and Fourth Districts—Isaac E. Huffman.
Third District-William H. Meck.
Fifth and Sixth Districts-F. C. Arbenz.
Seventh District-Gordon F. Lauiman.
Eighth District--Milton E. Rathburn.
Vinth and Fourteenth Districts—Isaiah R. Rose, Joseph S. Sites.
Tenth District--L'. S. Brandt, B. F. Gayman.
Eleventh District-Oran F. Hypes.
Twelfth District-J. E. Russell.
Thirteenth District-Samuel H. West.
Fifteenth and Sixteenth Districts-W. L. Atwell.
Seventeenth and Twenty-eighth Districts-F. M. Vanover.
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Districts-J. P. Mahaffey.

Twentieth and Twenty-second Districts-Marshall V. Duvall, D. W. Crist.

Twenty-first District-R. A. Pollock.
Twenty-third District-Thomas Kinsman.

Twenty-fourth and Twenty-sixth Districts-X. 0. Mather, Charles Lawyer.

Twenty-fifth District-Frederic C. Howe, P. W. Ward, James M. Williams, Thomas P. Schmidt.

Twenty-seventh and Twenty-ninth Districts-Frank N. Patterson.
Thirtieth District-John C. Drake.
Thirty-first District-Elza Carter.
Thirty-second District-T. M. Berry, William M. Denian.
Thirty-third District-Amos Boehmer, Richarri i. Beatty.
Thirty-fourth District-Sylvester Lamb.

Mr. Huffman moved that the Senate proceed tr, the choice of seats by lot, which was agreed to, and the choice of seats wi. made by the drawing of lots by the retiring Clerk and Sergeant-at- \rras.

Mr. Hypes moved that the rules of the Senate of the Seventy-sixth General Assembly be adopted for the government of this Senate until otherwise ordered.

Which was agreed to.

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