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The secondary sources for this period naturally are more abundant than for previous periods. Dr. Ely's Labor Movement in America, published in 1886, during the climax of the upheaval, gives a contemporary appraisal by a trained eye of the social forces then at work. Waltershausen's Die nordamerikanischen Gewerkschaften, etc., and his Der moderne Sozialismus in den Vereinigten Staaten von America (Berlin, 1890) are also exceedingly helpful. Although he was clearly wrong in his conclusion that as a result of the growth of factory system of production, the mixed organisation of labour as typified by the Knights of Labor will come to prevail over separate organisation by trades, he none the less deserves to be classed among the keenest observers of American industrial life. His treatment of the subject is comprehensive and objective, although the book on socialism might benefit by a closer organisation of the material. A valuable cross-section description of the American labour movement during a period for which the then existing material is most meagre, namely, the later seventies, is found in Professor Henry W. Farnam's "Die Amerikanischen Gewerkvereine," in Schriften des Vereins fur Sozialpolitik (Leipzig, 1879), 1–39.

Sorge's contribution is particularly valuable for this period. He published one series of articles in the Stuttgart Neue Zeit (1891-1892, I, 206, 388; II, 197, 239, 268, 324, 453, and 495; 1894-1895, II, 196, 234, 272, 304, and 330; 1895-1896, II, 101, 132, 236, 262), as a connected history of the labour movement in America from 1877 to 1896, and another series in the same publication (1891-1892, II, 740 and 782; 18921893, I, 236 and 270, II, 326; 1894-1895, I, 14, 43, 71, 111,

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