The Galaxy of Wit: Or, Laughing Philosopher, Being a Collection of Choice Anecdotes, Many of which Originated in Or about "The Literary Emporium.", Volume 1

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Stereotyped by J. Reed, 1830 - 108 halaman

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Halaman 61 - the Revelation of St. John, where he describes a mighty Angel coming down from Heaven, with a rainbow on his head, a book open in his hand, and setting his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot upon the earth. I am quite at a loss to calculate the extent of such
Halaman 64 - The life of a conscientious clergyman is not easy; I have always considered a clergyman as the father of a larger family than he is able to maintain. No, Sir, I do not envy a clergyman's life as an easy life, nor do I envy the clergyman who makes it
Halaman 189 - No generous patron would a dinner give. See him, when starved to death, and turned to dust, Presented with a monumental bust! The poet's fate is here in emblem shown ; He asked for bread, and he received a stone. THE CONTEST.
Halaman 186 - injured a letter, I'll change my notes soon, and, I hope, for the better. May the just rights of letters, as well as of men, Hereafter be fixed by the tongue and the pen ; Most devoutly I wish they may both have their due, And that /may be never mistaken for U.
Halaman 91 - minister contended in the pulpit, that women never entered heaven, upon the ground, that as St. John in the Revelation, says, " there was silence in Heaven for the space of half an hour;" it was unreasonable to suppose that women were there, for they
Halaman 104 - to a union with him, was the probability of his dying before her, and leaving her to feel the sorrows of widowhood. To which he made the following ingenious and delicate complimentary reply: " Blessed is the man that hath a virtuous wife, for the number of his days shall be doubled.
Halaman 192 - not that thou nothing know'st. PRUDENT SIMPLICITY. That thou mayst injure no man, dove-like be, And serpent-like that none may injure thee. A BATTERED BEAUTY. Hair, wax, rouge, honey, teeth, you buy A multifarious store! A mask at once would all supply, Nor would it cost you more.
Halaman 192 - brought up the rear, And cleared away old scores. EQUALITY. Pale Death, with equal foot, strikes wide the door Of royal halls and hovels of the poor. SUNSET AND SUNRISE. Contemplate when the sun declines, Thy death with deep reflection, And when again he rising shines, Thy day of resurrection! ON ONE IGNORANT AND ARROGANT. Thou mayst of double ignorance boast, Who
Halaman 70 - PASSION. Henry Beaufort, cardinal of Winchester, who was extremely rich, cried out upon his death bed—" Will not death be hired ? Will money do nothing ? Must I die that have such great riches ? If the whole realm of England would save my life, I am able, either by policy to get it, or by riches to buy it.

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