The educational spirit of the present movement, a lecture

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Halaman 15 - When she was in a dreamless sleep, her brain was motionless, and lay within the cranium. When her sleep was imperfect, and she was agitated by dreams, her brain moved and protruded without her cranium, forming cerebral hernia.
Halaman 15 - A young gentleman was brought to me from (he north of England, who had lost a portion of his skull just above the eyebrow. On examining the head, I distinctly saw the pulsations of the brain, which were regular and slow ; but at this time he was agitated by some opposition to his wishes, and directly the pulsations of the brain were increased, and became more violent, and more blood rushed to the brain.
Halaman 11 - To myself I seem to have been as a child playing on the sea-shore, while the immense ocean of truth lay unexplored before me.
Halaman 27 - It is virtue then, direct virtue, which is the hard and valuable part to be aimed at in education; and not a forward pertness, or any little arts of shifting. All other considerations and accomplishments should give way, and be postponed, to this. This is the solid and substantial good, which tutors should not only read lectures, and talk of; but the...
Halaman 27 - Not so, not so fast, I beseech you. Reading, and writing, and learning, I allow to be necessary, but yet not the chief business. I imagine you would think him a very foolish fellow, that should not value a virtuous, or a wise man, infinitely before a great scholar.
Halaman 19 - ... or medium of intellect, unless the mind have been regularly educated and drawn out by appropriate employment during the period of its growth. The will, in exercising attention while acquiring knowledge and in reflection, that is, in using memory, really produces such a change in the size and order of the nervous fibrils of the brain, as to render it better and better adapted for use, as long as the laws of its formation allow or until disease interfere.

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