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SECT. 33. The treasurer of every such corporation, upon Depositor to be making up each semi-annual dividend, shall send written notice amount entitled by mail to each depositor, who for six months then next preced- exceeded.

1876, 203, § 21. ing has not been entitled to a dividend on the whole amount standing to his credit, because the same exceeds the amount on which interest is allowed, specifying the amount not entitled to dividend.

SECT. 34. Every such corporation shall once in five years List of amounts publish, in some newspaper of the county where it is established, not entitled to a list of the amounts standing to the credit of depositors who published once have not been entitled to dividends on the whole amount standing 1876, 203, $ 22. to their credit for two years then next preceding, because the same exceed the amount on which interest is allowed, with the names and last known residences of the person to whose credit such amounts stand, which publication shall be continued in three successive papers.


and to be exempt from

SECT. 35. Any such corporation may receive on deposit to Funds in trust any amount funds in trust for the purpose of setting out shade- trees, cemeteries trees in streets and parks, and improving the same; for pur- fountains. chasing lands for parks, and improving the same; for maintain- be withdrawn, ing.cemeteries or cemetery lots, and for the erecting and maintaining drinking fountains in public places, or for any or all of attachment

, said purposes. Such funds shall be placed on interest in such corporation, and the interest and dividends arising therefrom shall be paid semi-annually to such city, town or cemetery authorities as may be designated by the donors of said funds or the will of the person bequeathing the same, and shall be expended by such authorities within their respective cities, towns or cemeteries for any or all of said purposes, as may be specified by such donors or such will. No part of the principal of such funds shall be withdrawn or expended, and the same shall be exempt from attachment or levy on execution.

SECT. 36. A judge of the probate court, after due notice Probate courts and a hearing, if in his judgment it is expedient so to do, may executors, etc., authorize an executor, administrator or trustee holding money in trust for such or other personal property for any of the purposes mentioned in

1877, chap. I92. the preceding section, to deposit such moneys or the avails aris


Statements of the amount thereof to be made every third year, etc. 1875, 174, $ 2.

ing from such personal property in any such corporation designated by the judge, to be held by it in the manner and for the uses and purposes mentioned in said section, and


the trusts upon which said executor, administrator, or trustee, held the same ; and upon the deposit of such money and its receipt and acceptance by such corporation the said executor, administrator or trustee shall be discharged from further care and responsibility therefor.

SECT. 37. The funds held in accordance with the two preceding sections shall be known as the “ Shade-Tree and Cemetery Fund,” and the treasurer of the corporation in which they are deposited shall give a certificate of gift to each donor of such funds, and shall send by mail or deliver in the month of January in every third year after the first deposit to the mayor of any city, or the chairman of the selectmen of any town within the limits of which the interest and dividends of any such fund are to be expended, a written statement, signed by such treasurer, of the amount of funds on deposit for the purposes aforesaid, which statement shall be recorded in the office of the clerk of such city or town.

SECT. 38. If a corporation holding such funds surrenders its charter or ceases to do business the supreme judicial court may order said funds to be transferred and deposited in some other such corporation upon the same trusts as aforesaid ; and if the laws authorizing such corporations are repealed, the court may order said funds to be transferred and deposited in such banking institutions as it may deem proper, to be held upon the trusts aforesaid.

If the corpora-
tion ceases to do
business, these
funds to be de-
posited in
1895, 174, $ 3.


SECT. 39.

Board may pre-
scribe manner
of keeping and
auditing books,
1880, 28, $ 1.
Treasurer to
make annual
report to board.

SECT. 40.

The commissioners may prescribe the manner and form of keeping and auditing the books and accounts of any such corporation.

The treasurer of every such corporation shall annually within twenty days after the last business day of October Particulars to be make a report to the commissioners showing accurately the con1888, chap 127.

dition thereof at the close of business on said day. The report shall be in such form as the commissioners shall prescribe and shall specify the following particulars : namely, Name of corporation and number of corporators; place where located; amount

stated in same.

of deposits; amount of each item of other liabilities; public funds, including all United States, state, county, city and town bonds, stating each particular kind, the par value, estimated market value and amount invested in each; loans on public funds, stating amount on each; bank stock, stating par value, estimated market value and amount invested in each ; loans on bank stock, stating amount on each ; railroad bonds, stating par value, estimated market value and amount invested in each ; loans on railroad bonds, stating amount on each; estimated value of real estate, and amount invested therein; loans on mortgage of real estate ; loans to counties, cities or towns; loans on personal security ; cash on deposit in banks, with the names of such banks and the amount deposited in each ; cash on hand; the whole amount of interest or profits received or earned, and the rate and amount of each semi-annual and extra dividend for the previous year; the times for the dividends fixed by the bylaws; the rates of interest received on loans; the total amount of loans bearing each specified rate of interest; the number of outstanding loans which are of an amount not exceeding three thousand dollars each, and the aggregate amount of the same ; the number of open accounts; also the number and amount of deposits received ; the number and amount of withdrawals ; the number of accounts opened, and the number of accounts closed, severally, for the previous year; and the annual expenses of the corporation; all of which shall be certified and sworn to by the treasurer. The president and five or more of the trustees shall certify and make oath that the report is correct according to their best knowledge and belief.

SECT. 41. Beginning with the year ending with the last busi- Additional ness day of October eighteen hundred and eighty-nine and required.

18go, chap. 44. every fifth year thereafter such reports shall also state the number and amount of deposits of fifty dollars and less, of those exceeding fifty dollars and not more than one hundred dollars, of those exceeding one hundred dollars and not more than two hundred dollars, of those exceeding two hundred dollars and not more than five hundred dollars, of those exceeding five hundred dollars and less than one thousand dollars, of those of one thousand dollars or more : and of those to the credit of women, both adult and minor, guardians, religious and charitable associations, and in trust, respectively, received during the year.

SECT. 42.

[blocks in formation]

The commissioners shall furnish blank forms of reports to every such corporation, and shall prepare annually from such reports, and communicate to the General Court on or before the first Wednesday in January, a statement of the condition of each corporation from which a report has been received for the preceding year, and shall include therein a statement of the affairs of such corporations in the hands of receivers, and shall make such suggestions as they may deem expedient relative to the general conduct and condition of each of the corporations visited by them.

The annual report of the board of commissioners of savings banks, required to be made to the General Court, may hereafter be published in two volumes : that portion relating to savings banks, institutions for savings, safe deposit, and loan and trust companies to constitute one volume, designated as Part I., of which twenty-five hundred copies shall be printed; and that portion relating to co-operative banks and loan companies to constitute another volume, designated as Part II., of which fifteen hundred copies shall be printed; the two parts to remain as number eight in the series of public documents.

SECT. 43. The treasurer of every such corporation shall, upon a written request signed by an overseer of the poor of a city or town, inform him of the amount, if any, deposited in the corporation to the credit of any person named in such request, who is a charge upon the Commonwealth or upon a city or town therein as a pauper; and a treasurer who unreasonably refuses to give such information, or wilfully renders false information, shall forfeit fifty dollars for every such offence, to the use of the city or town upon which such pauper is a charge, or to the Commonwealth if the pauper is a charge upon the Commonwealth.

Treasurer to
inform overseers
of poor of
deposits to the
credit of a
1876, 203, § 25.


(Acts of 1882, Chapter 77.)

Receivers to Receivers of insolvent savings banks and institutions for savdeposit books and papers with ings shall, at the end of one year after final settlement ordered commissioners at end of vear by the court, deposit with the commissioners of savings banks after settlement, ordered by

all books and papers of such insolvent savings banks and insti 1882, 77, $ 1.

tutions for savings, including those relating to their receiver


ship. And said commissioners shall receive and hold the same Chap. 72, 1884. in some proper repository in the state house or Commonwealth to hold same. building

(Chapter 258, Acts of 1883.) At the expiration of one year after final settlement ordered by the court, receivers of insolvent insurance companies and receivers of insolvent savings banks and institutions for savings shall report to the court the names and residences, when known, of the persons or parties entitled to any moneys or dividends from the estate of such corporations remaining in their hands uncalled for, with the amount due to each. The court shall thereupon order such notice to be given by the receivers as justice may require, and upon the expiration of one year from the time of giving such notice the receivers shall in like manner report the amounts still uncalled for. Unless cause shall appear for decreeing otherwise, such amounts shall then be ordered to be paid into the treasury of the Commonwealth and schedules signed by the receivers shall at the same time be deposited with the treasurer and auditor of the Commonwealth setting forth the decree of the court and the names and residences, so far as known, of the persons or parties entitled thereto arranged in alphabetical order and the amount due to each. The auditor shall forthwith cause notice of such deposit to be mailed to such parties.

The deposit of books and papers required from receivers of insolvent corporations under the provisions of section one of chapter seventy-seven of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and eighty-two shall be made at the time when the payment into the treasury of the Commonwealth of such unclaimed moneys or dividends is required by law to be made and not before.

Section one hundred seventy-three of chapter one hundred nineteen, and section forty-four of chapter one hundred sixteen of the Public Statutes are hereby repealed, but receivers of any insolvent savings bank or institution for savings in whose case final decree of distribution has been made at the passage of this act shall make payments into the treasury of the Commonwealth as required by the provisions of section forty-four of chapter one hundred sixteen of the Public Statutes notwithstanding, and

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