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The object of this work is to give such a description of the various provinces and territories of Canada that the world may realize, more fully than it has yet been able to do, the progress this Dominion has made politically, commercially and industrially, and the unmeasured expanse of power, wealth and happiness to which its people seem destined to attain in the nearing age. Such a book of reference is more particularly demanded, because of the interest now taken in Canada by people of other countries—an interest due, among other causes, to the recent achievement of great public works of an international character, the latest of which is the establishment of direct steamship connection with China and Japan with a line in course of formation to Australasia; to the opening up for settlement of new regions continental in their character; and to the springing up of new streams of foreign trade as a result of the great Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London, where, under the masterful management of Sir Charles Tupper, our able High Commissioner for Great Britain, Canada made such a profound impression.

The first 160 pages are a reprint of the excellent handbook recently published by the Dominion Government, this portion of the work being from the able pen of Mr. George Johnson, chief statistician at Ottawa. The tables and statistics of this part are brought down to the end of the fiscal year 1888 in an appendix by the present compiler. This includes an account of the principal steamship and railway systems of Canada, a chapter on “Longevity in the Maritime Provinces, etc.” E. Following the general description of Canada is an account of each province, giving a sketch of their various educational systems, their provincial and municipal governments, their physical features, trade, commerce, manufactures, agriculture; mineral, marine, timber and other resources, with miscellaneous facts and figures. These are prepared either by the provincial governments or by the publisher, from information from official sources. A special section is devoted to a description of the North West Territories, the great Mackenzie Basin—whose vast expanse and illimitable natural resources are just beginning to loom up like a new world before the Canadian pioneers in their onward march over the great North West—and the immense and still less explored • region around Hudson Bay. Following the description of the various provinces and territories is a sketch of some of the leading cities and towns of Canada. To give asketch, however brief, of every town in Canada would have made this volume (already comprising nearly IOOO pages) too bulky, and these cities and towns are therefore given as samples of what Canadian cities and towns are, and how they have advanced. Whatever may be said of other cities and towns, those here described certainly present many attractions and show a most creditable record. In this last section some account is rendered of Canadians abroad; Mr. Erastus Wiman pays his splendid tribute to Canada, the land of his birth; and a sketch is given of the Island of Newfoundland, which it is to be hoped may one day form part of this great Dominion of the North. Besides the “Tables of Contents” of provinces, the reader is referred to the general index at the back of the book. When the reader has perused these pages, he will see with every Canadian patriot that there lies outstretched before this Dominion a vista of sublime moral, political and material power such as God has bestowed upon no people on earth, and that upon ourselves depends whether we realize this vision in our national life.

E. B. BIGGAR MONTREAL, June, 1889.

Page 27, Error re first printing press—see p. 50 sect. X. “ 35, 12th line from top 1872, should be 1873. 36, 1st line, 3rd paragraph, should be 215. Page 4o, for changes in administration of N.W.T., see sect. V///“ 42, 7th paragraph — Department of Indian affairs was transferred to Minister of Interior 1887. 71, “receipts in excess of expenditure” 1868, should be $201,835; for 1870, should be $1,166,717; for 1877, excess of expenditure should be $1,466,028. 85, 5th line from top 988, should be 1151. 99, 6th line from bottom, cost of canal system should be: $48,201,300. “ 126, last line, 4th paragraph, should be 1844. “ 139, 7th line from bottom, should be 1886. “ 160, last line—“British "should be omitted. “ 179, last line #59.1s, should be £95.1s. 180, total number of banks in Canada, should read 42. By changes in the postal law, made in 1889, letters are carried to places in Canada and United States at the rate of 3Cts for one ounceinstead of 3Cts. per half ounce.


Map of Dominion, showing position of Canada and distances to other coun-
tries—end of Index.
Outline map, showing political divisions of Canada, beginning of section I.
Map of Grand Trunk system,-facing p. 214, section I.
Map of New Brunswick—beginning of section III.
Map of Tobique River—section III, p. 85.
Map of Ontario, beginning of section WI.
Maps of Mackenzie Basin, -in section VIII,
Map of British Columbia, beginning section IX.


Section. Page.
Domesticated Buffalo, I 192
Bragh, or hand grist mill, ot 195
Canadian reaper in Palestine, it. 198:
Quebec from the Citadel, 4. 204
Wolfe's Cove, i. 205.
Victoria Bridge, t- 206
Montreal and Victoria Bridge, -- 20T
Ice Palace, it. 208t
Toboggan slide, ** 208
Scene on White Mountains, st 209.
Parliamentary Library building, Ottawa, 4. 210.

Wiew of Thousand Islands, *: 210^

Suspension o Niagara Falls,
Chicago & Grand Trunk station,
Paliament Buildings, Ottawa,
Bonaventure Station, Montreal,
Normal School and City Hall, Fredericton,
Marysville Church,
Views of St. John,
Views of St. John,
Grand Falls, N.B.,
Lake Temicouata,
Salmon Fishing on the Miramichi,
Suspension Bridge, St. John,
Parliament Buildings, Fredericton,
Grand Falls, of St. John,
St. John Harbor,
Masonic Temple, St. John,
South Wharf, St. John,
Squa-took Peak,
Asylum and Savings Bank,
King Square, St. John,
Trinity Church, St. John,
St. David's Church, St. John,
St. John Post Office and City Hall,
Canadian beaver,
Quebec Parliament Buildings,
University and School Buildings, Ontario.
Winnipeg in 1871,
Winnipeg in 1888,

Manitoba farm,
British Columbia forest scene,
British Columbia Salmon river,
Bird's eye view of Hamilton,
City Hall of Hamilton,
Court House of Hamilton,
Town Hall, Goderich,
Park, Goderich,

Goderich harbor,
Waterworks, Goderich,

New Custom House and Post Office, Goderich,

Public Schools, Goderich,
Scene near New Westminster,
View of Halifax,
Halifax Post Office and Custom House,
View of Fort William Harbor,
Elevator, Fort William,
Quebec, from Point Levi,
Quebec, from the River,
St. Louis Gate, Quebec,
Palace Gate, Quebec,
View from Citadel, Quebec,
Wolfe's Cove, Quebec,
View of Toronto,
New Board of Trade Building, Toronto,
Toronto Exhibition Grounds,
Montreal from Place d’Arimes,
St. Peter's Cathedral, Montreal,
Notre Dame Church, Montreal,
Notre Dame Church, Montreal (Interior),
Royal Victoria soul, Montreal,
City Hall, Montreal,
Montreal Post Office,
Merchants’ Bank, Montreal,

Bank of Montreal,

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