Witham in olden time, two lectures

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Halaman 51 - Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time; Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.
Halaman 7 - English, determined upon, viz., that the temples of the idols in that nation ought not to be destroyed ; but let the idols that are in them be destroyed ; let holy water be made and sprinkled in the said temples, let altars be erected, and relics placed. For if those temples are well built, it is requisite that they be converted from the worship of devils to the service of the true God...
Halaman 7 - ... kill cattle to the praise of God in their eating, and return thanks to the Giver of all things for their sustenance : to the end that, whilst some gratifications are outwardly permitted them, they may the more easily consent to the inward consolations of the grace of God. For there is no doubt that it is impossible to efface everything at once from their obdurate minds ; because he who endeavours to ascend to the highest place, rises by degrees or steps, and not by leaps.
Halaman 7 - ... they may build themselves huts of the boughs of trees about those churches which have been turned to that use from temples, and celebrate the solemnity with religious feasting and no more offer beasts to the devil...
Halaman 13 - ... fastened on, I ought to plough every day one entire field, or more. I have a boy to threaten the oxen with a goad, who is now hoarse through cold and bawling. I ought also to fill the binns of the oxen with hay, and water them, and carry out their soil.
Halaman 24 - All that this World is proud of. From their spheres The stars of human glory are cast down ; Perish the roses and the flowers of Kings, Princes, and Emperors, and the crowns and palms Of all the Mighty, withered and consumed ! Nor is power given to lowliest Innocence Long to protect her own.
Halaman 13 - It is a great labour, because I am not free." In the same MSS. we have this statement of a shepherd's and a cowherd's duty. "In the first part of the morning I drive my sheep to their pasture, and stand over them in heat and in cold with dogs, lest the wolves destroy them. I lead them back to their folds, and milk them twice a day ; and I move their folds, and make cheese and butter; and I am faithful to my lord.
Halaman 24 - And re-confirmed — are scoffed at with a smile Of greedy foretaste, from the secret stand Of Desolation, aimed : to slow decline These yield, and these to sudden overthrow ; Their virtue, service, happiness, and state Expire; and Nature's pleasant robe of green, Humanity's appointed shroud, enwraps Their monuments and their memory.
Halaman 7 - For, if those temples are well built, it is requisite that they be converted from the worship of devils to the service of the true God; that the nation, seeing that their temples are not destroyed, may remove error from their hearts, and, knowing and adoring the true God, may they more familiarly resort to the places to which they have been accustomed.
Halaman 9 - The sea-kings of the North were a race of beings whom Europe beheld with horror. Without a yard of territorial property, without any towns, or visible nation ', with no wealth but their ships, no force but their crews, and no hope but from their swords, the sea-kings swarmed on the boisterous ocean, and plundered in every district they could approach.

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