The works of Demosthenes, tr., with notes by C.R. Kennedy, Volume 5

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Halaman 7 - The grandest and most valuable of the many scientific Works produced by Sir William Hooker. HOOKER'S EXOTIC FLORA, Containing Figures and Descriptions of Rare, or otherwise interesting Exotic Plants, especially of such as are deserving of being cultivated in our Gardens. 3 vols.
Halaman 10 - Books that you may carry to the fire, and hold readily in your hand, are the most useful after all.
Halaman 9 - SELBY'S COMPLETE BRITISH ORNITHOLOGY. A most magnificent work of the Figures of British Birds, containing exact and faithful representations in their full natural size,° of all the known species found in Great Britain, 383 Figures in 228 beautifully coloured Plates.'. 2 vols. elephant folio, elegantly half bound morocco (pub. at 105/.), gilt back and gilt edges, 31/. luę. 1834' "The grandest work on Ornithology published in this country, the same for British Birds" that Audubon's is for the birds...
Halaman 401 - HOLBEIN'S COURT OF HENRY THE EIGHTH. A Series of 80 exquisitely beautiful Portraits, engraved by BARTOLOZZI, COOPER, and others, in imitation of the original Drawings preserved in the Royal Collection at Windsor; with Historical and Biographical Letter-press by EDMUND LODGE, Esq.
Halaman 9 - Figures of Shells, etched on copper-plates, in which the most characteristic examples are given of all the Genera established up to the present time, arranged in Lamarckian Order, accompanied by copious Explanations; Observations respecting the Geographical or Geological distribution of each ; Tabular Views of the Systems of Lamarck and Be Blainvilie ; a Glossary of Technical Terms, &c. New Edition, considerably enlarged and improved, with numerous Woodcuts in the text, now first added, svo, cloth,...
Halaman 12 - These volumes are so replete with what is valuable, that were we to employ our entire journal, we could, after all, afford but a meagre indication of their interest and worth. It is, indeed, a...
Halaman 5 - BAUER AND HOOKER'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE GENERA OF FERNS, in which the characters of each Genus are displayed in the most elaborate manner, In a series of magnified Dissections and Figures, highly finished in Colours. Imp. 8vot Plates, 61. 1S38-42 BEECHEY. — BOTANY OF CAPTAIN BEECHEY'S VOYAGE, comprising an Account of the Plants collected by ..Messrs. LAY and COLLIE, and other Officer* of the Expedition, during the Voyage to tire Pacific and Behring's Straits.
Halaman 7 - Flora,' by Dr. Hooker, is like that of all the Botanical publications of the indefatigible author, excellent; and it assumes an appearance of finish and perfection to which neither the Botanical Magazine nor Register can externally lay claim."— London.
Halaman 16 - ROSCOE'S LIFE AND PONTIFICATE OF LEO THE TENTH. New and much improved Edition, edited by his Son, THOMAS ROSCOE.
Halaman 289 - Who is it that says most ? which can say more Than this rich praise — that you alone are you I In whose confine immured is the store, Which should example where your equal grew.

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