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him! for he is a good God to his own; and he never takes any thing from " then but he gives them as good, and bet"ter, back again : you will


himself. My dear, we have had many a sweet day together: we must part for a while; " but we will meet again, and shall have one « work in the prailes of God, in the praises

of the Lamb. O! how wonderful is it! “ and let my soul wonder. O to get a discovery of bim eye to eye, it is so much

enlivening! It is life eternal to know the living God, and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent. I will not say with Job, when it is “ morning, When will it be evening ? No,

I dare not say it; it will be but a little " while and I will

Then to his children he said, “ Now you

are fatherless : your father is to be taken “ from you; bat leck God: and now I got.

you from the Lord, and I give you to " him. Now, I leave you upon him

ye are no more mine."
To his son he said, “ My dear David, I

am lying here, man, finding how goodGod “ is, and I would fain have you God's, and

acquaint with his ways, that when I am “ dead, I nay live in you, and you may " tell to the generation not born, how good 6. God is. O man! if I had

O man! if I had you a seeker “ of God, I would think myself happy in it. My dear, feek God, seek hitn, and feek


get rest."

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early, and he will be found of you: mind, « David, that I have commended God and « his ways to you."

To his eldest daughter, Margaret, he said, " I must recommend to you my God and “ his ways: be an encouragement to your “ inother: mind the many exhortations I " have given you, and despise them not, " and save your own soul; and cry that,

by a day of his power, he may bring you

to found sincerity: you have lost a loving «

father; it will be God only that can make “ him up : seek the Lord, and be your Hi mother's comfort."

Seeing his youngest child, he caused bring her to him, and said, “ Mady, my dear, the “ Lord bless you; and the God of your “ father, and my father, bless you : the God to that fed me all my life, the angel that re** deemed me from all evil, bless you and the rest, and be your portion ; that is a good

ly heritage, better than if I had crowns " and fceptres to leave you. My child, I

got you from the Lord, and I give you

to him again, "Here is a demonstration of " the reality of religion, that I a poor,

weak, * timorous man, as much afraid of death as

any, am now enabled, by the power of

grace, composedly, and with joy, to look * death in the face, in its most ghastly shape, si and hope, vithin a little, to have the vi

&ory. You may believe a man venturing




" on eternity. I am not acting as a fool, " but I have weighed eternity this last night; “ I have looked on death as stript of all " things pleasant to nature; I have confidered the spade and grave, and every circum. stance in it that is terrible to nature, and, un“ der the view of all there, I found that in the

way of God, that gave satisfaction, not only

rational satisfaction, but a heart-engaging power attending it, that makes me rejoice. After that he spoke to his servants, and

As for you, my fervants, that have “ been in my fainily, my dear friends, make

religion your main business, and inid that " above all things: I charge all my servants “ in my house, beware of graceless masters; « avoid it as what my turn to your deftruc" tion: seek to be with them that fear God."

He exhorted his brethren to diligence in the ministry “ It was the delight of my " heart, said he, to preach the gospel: I de

fired to decrease thu: the bridegrooin might

'increafe ; and to be nothing that he might * be all. I repent I did not more for hiin. O that I had the congues of men and an.

gels to praise him!”

When desired to ly quiet and take sleep, he answered, “ The folk I am going to sleep " not day nor night, but cry, Holy, boly,

holy. They that wait on the Lord Ball mount up as with eagles wings. Whereon should a man bestow his lait Creath, but " in commending the Lord Jesus Christ, God “clothed in our nature, dying for our sins?”

He caused read one of Mr. Rutherford's. letters t, and thereafter said, “ That is a « book I would commend to you all: there " is more practical religion in that letter, * than in a book of large 'voluines.”

He exhorted fome ministers, that came to fee hiin, to faithfulness. “ As for the work w of the ministry, said he, it was my deli" berate choice. Were my days as trouble“fome as they are like to be, I would ra" ther be a contemned minister of God, than “ the greatest prince on earth. I cannot " but commend the Lord Jelus as far as my word will go : I must proclaim it, he is as the best master that ever I faw.

To his son that was a child, he said, “ If "I had as many sons, as there are hairs on

your head, I would beltow them allonGod.

To: some present, he said, '“' Sirs! I “ dread mightily that a rational fort of re

ligion is coming in among us, I mean by it, a religion that consists in a bare attendance 64. on outward duties and ordinances, with“ out the power of godliness, and thence

people shall fall into a way of serving God, « which is mere Deilin, having no relation " to Christ Jesus, and the Spirit of God.

He expressed his fears of a storm coming on the church of Scotland; but he said, the

day +Viz. That to Mr. John Mein, Letter 139.

hart, upon

day would break, and the Lord would arise: and he hoped the church would be made a wonder, and the Lord will say, Lo, this people have I formed for myself. He can make a na. tion to be born at once. He cried often, with the fpoufe, in the Song, When small the day break, and the shadows flee away? Turn, ту beloved, and be thou like a roe, or a young

the mountains of Bether. He laid, “ Shall. I forget Zion? Nay: Let my right-hand forget her cunning, if I

prefer not Jerufalem to my chiefejt joy.--“ o to have God returning to this church, " and his work going on in the world! If

every drop of my blood, every bit of my body, every hair of my head, were all

men, they should all go to the fire to have " this going on. If I would say, that I " would speak no more in the name of the “ Lord, it would be like a fire within me. “ I am calling you to fee a miracle, God is “ melting me down into corruption and dust, " and yet he is keeping me in a calm. – I " could not believe that I would have born, " and boró chearfully, this rod fo long: this " is a miracle, pain without pain; and this " is not a fancy of a man disordered in his “ brain, but of one lying in full composure. " O blessed be God that ever I was born! I " have a father, and a morber; and ten bre. " thren and lifters in heaven, and I shall be " the eleventh. I shall shortly be at that


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