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American Steel Barge Co. v. Chesapeake & 0. Coal Agency Co..53 C. C. A. 301

Rehearing denied, July 12, 1902.
Board of Com’rs of Kearny County, Kan., v. Vandriss. .......53 C. C. A. 192

Rehearing denied, June 16, 1902.
Boston Tow Boat Co. v. Chase Mach. Co...

..50 C. C. A, 318 Rehearing denied, November 15, 1992. German Ins. Co. of Freeport, Ill., v. Downmm....

.53 C. C. A. 213 Rehearing denied, May 31, 1902. Griffin v. American Gold Min. Co.

.52 C. C. A. 507 Rehearing denied, October 21, 1902. Hindman v. First Nat. Bank of Louisville..

.50 C. C. A. 623 Rehearing denied, May 29, 1902. Horman v. United States..

.53 C. C. A, 570 Rehearing denied, October 7, 1902. Ide v. Trorlicht, Duncker & Renard Carpet Co......

.53 C. C. A. 341 Rehearing denied, June 9, 1902. Jacobsen v. Dalles, P. & A. Nav. Co......

.52 C. C. A, 407 Rehearing denied, November 10, 1902. Lanyon Zinc Co. v. Brown...

.53 C. C. A. 354 Rehearing denied, May 5, 1902. Lesser, In re......

.52 C. C. A. 31 Rehearing denied, Marcb 8, 1902. McDonald v. First Nat. Bank of Kansas City....

.53 C. C. A. 533 Rehearing denied, June 26, 1902. Mast & Co. v. Superior Drill Co....

.53 C. C. A. 36 Rehearing denied, May 29, 1902. Mexican Nat. R. Co. v. Slater.

.53 C. C. A. 239 Rehearing denied, May 31, 1902. Missouri Broom Mfg. Co. v. Guymon.

.53 C. C. A. 16 Rehearing denied, June 16, 1902. Municipal Trust Co. v. Johnson City....

.53 C. C. A. 178 Rehearing denied, October 7, 1902. Olcott v. Cartwright.......

.52 C. C. A. 685 Rehearing denied, January 22, 1903. Watson v. Bonfils.....

.53 C. C. A. 535 Rehearing denied, June 23, 1902. 53 C.C.A,





ALIENS. Of trade-marks and trade-names. 33 Citizenship under state and federal C. C. A. 294.

laws. 6 C. C. A. 37. Of railroad right of way. 42 C. C. A. Citizenship of the Chinese. 1 C. C. A. 576.

212; 35 C. 0. A. 332. Of water rights. 45 C. C. A. 190.


What decrees are final. 2 C. C. A. 379. Pendency of action in state or federal In admiralty-New proofs. 3 C. C. d.

court as ground for abatement of 322. action in the other. 47 C. C. A. 205. Review of previous decisions as to va

lidity of patents in circuit court of ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

appeals. 3 C. C. A. 565. Risks and causes of loss. 38 C. C.

Review of interlocutory decree granting A. 3.

or refusing injunction in patent case

in circuit court of appeals. 3 C. C. ACTIONS.

A. 572; 27 C. C. A. 189; 32 C. C. A. Against counties-Jurisdiction of fed

484. eral courts as restricted by state

When may be aided by mandamus. 10 laws. 1 O. C. A. 514.

C. C. A. 450. On insurance policy-Time of bringing

Finality of judgments and decrees for suit. 2 C. C. A. 473; 35 C. C. A. 404.

purposes of review. 17 C. C. A. 238;

28 C. C. A. 482. Forms of action in federal courts. 5 C.

Appeal and review in bankruptcy C. A. 594.

cases. 43 C. C. A. 9. Limitation of actions against corpo

Appeal or mandamus. 47 C. C. A. rate officers. 53 C. C. A. 7.

376. By and against receivers and "agents"

Reduction or increase of amount of of national banks. 53 C. C. A. 398.

recovery on appeal. 48 C. C. A. 170. ADMIRALTY.

Nature of hearing on appeal-Admis- Effect of. 5 C, C. A. 594.

sion of new proof. 3 C. C. A. 322. Demurrage. 14 C. C. A. 657; 21 C.

ARBITRATION. C. A. 337; 46 C. C. A. 4.

As a condition of an insurance policy. Extinguisment of maritime liens. 17

9 C. C. A. 628; 39 C. C. A. 389. C. C. A. 102.

ARBITRATION AND AWARD. Jurisdiction as to matters of contract.

Setting aside an award for interest, 18 C. C. A. 347; 27 C. C. A. 530.

prejudice, or misconduct of arbitraGeneral average. 20 C. C. A. 357.

tor. 12 C. C. A. 592.
Jurisdiction to enforce liens under
state laws. 21 C. C. A. 21.

Collision rules. 28 C. C. A, 532; 29 C. Of counsel. 13 C. C. A. 589.
C. A. 368.

Salvage awards. 30 C. C. A. 280.
Signals of meeting vessels. 30 C. C.

Citizenship as affecting the jurisdiction A. 630.

of the federal courts. 10 C. C. A. Negligence of both master and servant.

251. 30 C. C. A. 678.

ASSIGNMENT. Jurisdiction of suits between foreign- Of right to use name as trade-mark. 37 C. C. A, 193.

17 C. C. A. 579. Limitation of shipowner's liability. Of claims against the United States 45 C. C. A. 387.

and goverument contracts. 22 C. C. Statutory exemptions of shipowners A. 650. from liability. . 49 C. C. A. 11.


CREDITORS. Tax deed as color of title. 24 C. C. Power of corporation to make. 24 C. A. 402.

C. A. 221. 53 C.0.A.




TIONS. Effect of national bankruptcy act on Statutory exemptions from operation of state insolvency laws and on assign

usury laws.

36 C. C. A. 343. ments for benefit of creditors. 51 C. What law governs usury. 51 C. C. A. C. A. 11.


CANCELLATION. Assumption of risk incident to employ. Of patent to public land. 22 C. C. ment. 38 C. C. A. 314.


CARRIERS. Issuance-Following state practice. 5 Duty to protect passengers from danC. C. A. 591.

gerous fellow passengers. 4 C. C.


Right to restrain or expel disorderly Arguments of counsel. 13 C. C. A.

passenger 4 C. C. A. 231. 589.

Duties and liabilities of sleeping-car Bonds, securities, and other papers sub

companies. 10 C. C. A. 335; 31 C. ject to lien for services. 32 C. C. A.

C. A. 386. 229.

Liability for injuries caused by negliLiability of attorneys for contempt.

gence or torts of servants. 10 C. C. 48 C. C. A. 7.

A. 466; 27 C. C. A. 651.

Duty to stop trains at station. 14 C. AWARD.

C. A. 302. Setting aside for interest, prejudice, or

Quick dispatch-Demurrage. 14 C. C. misconduct of arbitrator. 12 C. C.

A. 057: 21 C. C. A. 312. A. 592.

Contracts cther than for carriage. 20 BAGGAGE.

C. C. A, 521. Responsibility of sleeping-car compa

Who are common carriers of goods.

20 C. C. A. 521. nies for baggage and valuables. 10

Liability as warehousemen. 20 C. C. C. C. A. 338.

A. 5:29. Limitation of liability by carrier for

Duty to trespasser on train. 31 C. C. passenger's buggage. 32 C. C. A.

A. 76. 308

Rights of licensee on train. 31 C. C. BANKRUPTCY.

A. 164. What persons are subject to bankruptcy

Rights of person traveling on pass. law. 42 C. C. A. 4.

31 C. C. A. 161. Appeal and review in bankruptcy

Burden of proof of negligence where (ases. 43 C. C. A. 9.

passengers have been injured. 32 C.

C. A. 23. Franchises and licenses as assets in

Live stock-Evidence admissible in acbankruptcy. 43 C. C. A. 389. Effect of national bankruptcy act on

tions for injuries through negligence

or accident. 32 C. C. A. 148. state insolvency laws and on assign- Limitations of liability for personal inments for benefit of creditors. 51 C. C. A. 11.

juries to passengers and for baggage.


Continuance of passenger relation. 40

C. C. A. 437. Who liable as shareholders in national

Liability of railroads or street banks. 15 C. C. A. 130; 46 C. C. A.

companies for ejection of trespassers. 503. Personal liability of directors. 12 C.

51 C. C. A. 578. C. A. 680; 33 C. C. A. 230.

Deposits in bank after insolvency. 43 Ofreceivers. 26 C. C. A. 350.

C. C. A. 588.
Enforcement of statutory liability of CERTIORARI.

stockholders in national banks. 52 Frɔm supreme court. 1 C. C. A. 5. C. C. A. 6.

CHARITIES. Actions by and against receivers and “agents" of national banks. 53 C.

Liabilities of charitable institutions O. A. 398.

for negligence. 47 C. C. A. 131.

Perils of the sea.

Implied warranty of seaworthiness. 19 C. C. A. 465.

15 C. C. A. 389. BONDS.

CHATTEL MORTGAGES. Death of surety. 49 C. C. A. 591. Controlling effect of state decisions in

United States courts. 11 C. C. A. 88. BREACH OF MARRIAGE PROMISE. Effect of existing marriage on subse- | CHILD.

quent contract to marry. 50 C. C. Death of parent by wrongful actA. 583.

Damages. 1 C. C. A. 34.



CONTEMPT. Imputed negligence. 34 C. O. A. 4. Liability of attorneys. 48 C. C. A. 7. Age as affecting contributory negligence. 37 C. C. A. 362.


Importation of. 1 C. C. A. 52.
Citizenship. 1 C. C. A. 212; 35 C. C. CONTRACTS.
A. 332.

Implied obligation to pay for benefits

received. 2 C. C. A. 488. CIRCUIT COURTS.

Relating to use of trade-name. 14 C. Review of jurisdiction of circuit courts.

C. A. 104. 48 C. C. A. 351.

Mutuality in. 15 C. C. A. 543. CIRCUIT COURTS OF APPEALS.

Intent as an element in offer and acCertiorari from supreme court. 1 C. C.

ceptance. 16 C. C. A. 199. A. 5.

Admiralty jurisdiction over. 18 C. C. Jurisdiction. 1 C. C. A. 6; 32 C. C. a.

A. 347; 27 C. C. A. 530. 475.

Of common carriers other than for carReview of interlocutory decrees in pat.

riage. 20 C. C. A. 521. ent cases. 3 C. C. A. 572; 27 C. C.

Restraining competition in bidding for A. 189; 32 C. C. A. 484.

public works. 28 C. C. A. 192. Orders, decrees, and judgments review

For lobby services. 29 C. C. A. 446. able. 13 C. C. A. 374.

Breach of executory contract. 30 C. C. Enjoining proceedings in state courts.

A. 210. 16 C. C. A. 90; 27 C. C. A. 575.

Divisibility of contracts. 30 C. C. A.

467. Conflicts of jurisdiction between federal and state courts. 22 C. C. A.

Of persons non compos mentis under 356; 26 C. C. A. 49.

guardianship. 34 C. C. A. 264. Jurisdiction on habeas corpus. 25 C.

Monopolistic contracts--Validity as afC. A. 11.

fected by public policy. 9 C. C. A. Review of jurisdiction of circuit courts.

666; 34 C. C. A. 486.

Marketable title. 40 C. C. A. 592. 48 C. C. A. 351.

Sufficiency of expression of consideraCITIZENSHIP.

tion in memorandum within statute Of Chinese. 1 C. C. A. 212; 35 C. C.

of frauds. 46 C. C. A. 183. A. 332.

Persons entitled to enforce specific perOf aliens under state and federal laws.

formance. 47 C. C. A. 493. 6 C. C. A. 37.

Enforcement of contracts requiring Of corporations. 6 C. C. A. 174.

performance of continuous acts. 49 Diverse citizenship as a ground of fed

C. C. A. 103. eral jurisiliction. 10 C. C. A. 249;

Discharge of surety on building con27 C. C. A. 298.

tract by change in obligation or duty

of principal. 52 C. C. A. 427. COLLISION.

Marriage by mutual agreement. 52 C. As a peril of the sea. 19 C. C. A. 468. C. A. 581. Collision rules-Speed of steamers in Restraining breach of contract of emfog. 28 C. C. A. 532.

ployé not to engage in competing Collision rules-Speed of sailing ves- business. 53 C. C. A. 492.

sels in fog. 29 C. C. A. 368. Signals of meeting vessels. 30 C. C. CONTRIBUTION. A. 630.

On marine loss-General average. 20

C. C. A. 357.
Tax deed as color of title. 24 C. C. COPYRIGHTS.
A. 402.

Laches as a defense in suits for inCOMMERCE.

fringement. 22 C. C. A. 211; 36 State laws interfering with interstate

C. C. A. 613. or foreign commerce. 24 C. C. A. 13.

Matter subject to copyright. 27 C. C.

A. 248.
Due process of law in revenue proceed CORPORATIONS.
ings. 8 C. C. A. 398.

Citizenship for purposes of federal juRegulation of commerce by taxation.

risdiction. 6 C. C. A. 174. 8 C. C. A. 492.

Status of foreign corporations. 7 C. Restrictions on grants. 14 C. C. A. 6.

C. A. 419. Limitations of taxing power. 23 C. C.

Dissolution of foreign corporation. 7 A. 515.

C. C. A. 421. Interference with interstate or foreign

Personal liability of directors for neglicommerce. 24 C. C. A. 13.


12 C. C. A. 680; 33 C. C. Constitutional limitations of municipal

A. 230. indebtedness. 36 C. C. A. 6.

The power of officers and directors in Trial by jury in criminal prosecutions. their individual capacity to deal with 39 C. C. A. 275.

corporation. 13 C. C. A. 466. 53 C.C.A.-C

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