Travels Through the United States of North America: The Country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada, in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797, Volume 2

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Halaman 214 - ... present constructing, on the site of an old earthern breastwork, a fortification, which they expect to command the town, and to render it at least secure from the invasions of an enemy. This new fortification stands at the extreme point of the peninsula on which Portland is established, and consists of a battery of fifteen or twenty heavy cannon, of large calibre, commanding that wide entrance of the bay which was above mentioned. This battery is to have by means of a covered way, a communication!...
Halaman 87 - ... it is packed up in barrels for sale " Pearlash is potash purified by calcination. To this end the potash is put into a kiln, constructed in an oval form, of plaster of Paris ; the inside of which being made otherwise perfectly 'close, is horizontally intersected by an iron grate, on which the potash is placed. Under this grate a fire is made, and the heat, reverberated by the arched upper part of the kiln, compleats the' calcination, and converts the potash into pearlash; .... The process of...
Halaman 186 - In short, of all America, the province of Maine is the place that afforded me the worst accommodation. And, considering how little reason I found to praise the accommodations of many other places; what I have now said of Maine must be regarded as an affirmation, that the condition of human life in that place is exceedingly wretched.
Halaman 186 - It is made alfo with gin or brandy, but not in thefe parts. A fort of beer, made from the twigs of the fpruce-fir, is likewife drunk here.
Halaman 66 - English camp was also entirely surrounded with a mound of earth to strengthen its defence. In the rear of the camp the German troops were posted by divisions on a commanding height, communicating with the eminence on which General Burgoyne was encamped. The right wing of the German corps had a communication with the left wing of the English, and the left extended towards the river. General Gates was encamped on the other side of the creek at the distance of an eighth of a mile from General Burgoyne,...
Halaman 107 - ... Although excessively ill, I was sensible of my dreadful situation, being thus laid on a bed of sickness among people who had never seen me before ; and this idea threw me into great agitation of mind, which bordered on despair. But, fortunately, the family at whose house I had stopped were the best people in the world. Both men and women took as much care of me, as if I had been their own child. ... I must repeat it once more, that I cannot bestow too much praise on the kindness of this excellent...
Halaman 436 - The house is an ancient building, but convenient and good; and " the garden is better laid out, better cultivated and stocked with "good trees, than any I have hitherto seen. In order to have a " fine garden you have nothing to do but to let the trees remain "standing here and there, or in clumps, to plant bushes in front of "them, and arrange the trees according to their height.
Halaman 489 - Slavery, therefore, confirms the planter in his prejudice for rice; and the cultivation of rice, on the other hand, attaches him to flavery.
Halaman 85 - Rochefoucauld 51 as follows : " Large tubs, with a double bottom, are filled with ashes ; the uppermost bottom, which contains several holes, is covered with ashes, about ten or eleven inches deep, while the under part of the tub is filled with straw or hay. Water, being- poured over the ashes, extracts the particles of salt, and discharges all the heterogeneous matter which it may yet contain on the layer of hay or straw. The lie is drawn off by means of a cock, and if it should not yet have attained...

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