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Halaman 399 - be deemed prima-facie evidence as to each and every fact found. All reports of investigations made by the commission shall be entered of record, and a copy thereof shall be furnished to the party who may have complained and to any common carrier that may have been complained of.
Halaman 402 - 20. That the commission is hereby authorized to require annual reports from all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act, to fix the time and prescribe the manner in which such reports shall be made, and to require from such
Halaman 402 - than in the city of Washington, shall be allowed and paid, on the presentation of itemized vouchers therefor approved by the chairman of the commission and the secretary of the interior.
Halaman 398 - 14. That whenever an investigation shall be made by said commission it shall be its duty to make a report in writing in respect thereto, which shall include the findings of fact upon which the conclusions of the commission are based, together with its recommendation
Halaman 402 - act, prescribe (if in the opinion of the commission it is practicable to prescribe such uniformity and methods of keeping accounts) a period of time within which all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act shall have, as near as may be, a uniform system of accounts, and the manner in which such accounts shall be kept.
Halaman 401 - said commission and be heard in person or by attorney. Every vote and official act of the commission shall be entered of record, and its proceedings shall be public upon the request of either party interested. Said commission shall have an official seal, which shall be judicially noticed. Either of the members of the commission may administer oaths and affirmations.
Halaman 391 - of this act shall apply to any common carrier or carriers engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by railroad, or partly by railroad and partly by water when both are used, under a common control, management, or arrangement, for a continuous carriage or shipment from one State or Territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, to any other State or Territory of the
Halaman 397 - 11. That a commission is hereby created and established, to be known as the Interstate Commerce Commission, which shall be composed of five commissioners, who shall be appointed by the President,
Halaman 401 - The commission shall be furnished by the secretary of the interior with suitable offices and all necessary office supplies. Witnesses summoned before the commission shall be paid the same fees and
Halaman 392 - therewith, or for the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of such property, shall be reasonable and just; and every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service is prohibited and declared to be unlawful.

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