The Revised Statutes of Manitoba: Being a Consolidation of the Consolidated Statutes of Manitoba with the Subsequent Public General Acts of the Legislature of Manitoba, to and Including Those of 1891, Volume 2

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D. Philip, 1892

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An Act Respecting the Incorporation of Railway Companies by Letters Patent and Their Powers
An Act Respecting Real Property in the Province of Manitoba
An Act Respecting the Manitoba Reformatory for Boys
An Act Respecting the Registration of Deeds and other Instruments affecting Lands
An Act Respecting Replevin
An Act Respecting Steamboats and other Vessels
An Act Respecting Mortgages to the Crown for Advances of Seed Grain and Provisions
An Act Respecting Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
An Act Respecting the Closing of Shops and the Employ ment of Children and Young Persons therein
An Act Respecting Short Forms of Indentures
An Act to Provide for Special Surveys in any City Town or Village
An Act Respecting Summary Proceedings before Police Magistrates and Justices of the Peace
An Act Respecting the Treasury Department and the Audit ing of the Public Accounts
An Act Respecting Petty Trespasses
An Act Respecting Trustees Executors Administrators and other Persons occupying Fiduciary Positions
An Act Respecting the University of Manitoba
An Act Respecting the Veterinary Profession
An Act Respecting the Registration of Births Marriages and Deaths
An Act Respecting Wills 1954 1956 1979 1981 1995 2005 2013
Table of Acts and parts of Acts not Repealed and not Con solidated
Table of Acts Disallowed
Table of Acts and parts of Acts Consolidated showing where their provisions are to be found Table showing the History and Disposal of Provincial St...
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Halaman 1147 - ... upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting, or on account of such person having voted or refrained from voting...
Halaman 2032 - That no will shall be valid unless it shall be in writing and executed in manner herein-after mentioned ; (that is to say,) it shall be signed at the foot or end thereof by the testator, or by some other person in his presence and by his direction; and such signature shall be made or acknowledged by the testator in the presence of two or more witnesses present at the same time, and such witnesses shall attest and shall subscribe the will in the presence of the testator, but no form of attestation...
Halaman 1753 - ... shall be liable in like manner, and to the same extent as the testator or intestate, or the ward or person interested in such trust fund would have been, if he had been living and competent to act, and held the same stock in his own name.
Halaman 1756 - Company; and in no case shall it be necessary to have the seal of the Company affixed...
Halaman 2031 - That it shall be lawful for every person to devise, bequeath, or dispose of, by his will executed in manner hereinafter required, all real estate and all personal estate which he shall be entitled to, either at law or in equity, at the time of his death...
Halaman 2037 - Devise shall be construed to vest in such Trustee the Fee Simple, or other the whole legal Estate which the Testator had Power to dispose of by Will in such Real Estate, and not an Estate determinable when the Purposes of the Trust shall be satisfied . XXXII.
Halaman 1146 - ... 2. Every person who shall after any election directly or indirectly, by himself, or by any other person on his behalf, receive any money or valuable consideration on account of any person having voted or refrained from voting, or having induced any other person to vote or refrain from voting at any election...
Halaman 1724 - Railway any such Goods without distinctly marking their Nature on the Outside of the Package containing the same, or otherwise giving Notice in Writing to the Book-keeper or other Servant of the Company with whom the same are left...
Halaman 1717 - Act contained for enforcing the payment of calls, the word " shareholder " shall extend to and include the legal personal representatives of such shareholder. 22. It shall be lawful for the company from time to time to make such calls of money upon the respective shareholders, in respect of the amount of capital respectively subscribed or owing by them, as they shall think fit, provided that twenty-one days...
Halaman 1175 - The presiding officer of each station, as soon as practicable after the close of the poll, shall, in the presence of the agents of the candidates, make up into separate packets sealed with his own seal and the seals of such agents of the candidates as desire to affix their seals...

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