American Railway Accounting: A Commentary

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H. Holt, 1918 - 465 halaman

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Halaman 445 - A. — No amount representing interest or dividends receivable shall be included in this account unless its payment is reasonably assured by past experience, anticipated provision, or otherwise. NOTE B. — No dividends or other returns on securities issued or assumed by the accounting company shall be included in this account.
Halaman 198 - Betterments are improvements of existing facilities through the substitution of superior parts for inferior parts retired, such as the substitution of steel-tired wheels for cast wheels under equipment, the application of heavier rail in tracks, and the strengthening of bridges by the substitution of heavier members. The cost chargeable to the accounts of this classification is the excess cost of new parts over the cost of current prices of new parts of the kind retired.
Halaman 235 - ... the property, when taken out of service, shall be considered as retired and accounted for as provided above, and for the purposes of this classification the renewed property shall be considered as...
Halaman 451 - Stock Liability for Conversion. This account shall include the company's liability under agreements to exchange its capital stock for the outstanding securities of companies whose physical property has been acquired under such agreements, but whose securities have not yet been surrendered for exchange.
Halaman 305 - The buildings referred to in this section are not the ordinary freight warehouses or stations where freight is received for shipment, etc., but are warehouses in which merchandise is stored and which the carrier operates as storage warehouses.
Halaman 221 - The buildings herein referred to are not the ordinary freight warehouses or stations where freight is received for shipment, etc., but warehouses in which merchandise is stored and which the railway companies operate as storage warehouses.
Halaman 241 - This account shall include all fees paid to governments for the privilege of incorporation, and office and other expenditures incident to organizing the corporation and putting it in readiness to do business, cost of preparing and distributing prospectuses; cost of soliciting subscriptions for stock; cash fees paid to promoters, and the actual cash value (at the time of...
Halaman 401 - Where the full information is not recorded in the general books the entries therein shall be supported by other records in which the full details shall be shown and the general book entries shall contain sufficient reference to the detail records to permit ready identification. The detail records shall be filed in such manner as to be readily accessible for examination by representatives of this Commission.
Halaman 208 - ... therefor; the cost of removing from the right of way and locating elsewhere the property of others, and the cost of the necessary land for relocation of the property, when such costs are assumed by the accounting carrier. The carrier's records shall be kept In such manner as to show separately the cost of land purchased by it and the estimated values at time of acquisition of lands donated.
Halaman 424 - ... not provided for elsewhere ; and to show also the unappropriated surplus of the carrier at the date of the balance sheet.

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