The Works of Edmund Spenser, Volume 3

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F. C. & J. Rivington, 1805

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Halaman 81 - On top whereof ay dwelt the ghastly Owle, Shrieking his balefull note, which ever drave Far from that haunt all other chearefull fowle. And all about it wandring ghostes did wayle and howle.
Halaman 29 - AT me! how many perils doe enfold The righteous man, to make him daily fall, Were not that heavenly grace doth him uphold, And stedfast truth acquite him out of all.
Halaman 145 - Then to advise how war may best, upheld, Move by her two main nerves, iron and gold, In all her equipage...
Halaman 419 - By him first Men also, and by his suggestion taught, Ransacked the Centre, and with impious hands Rifled the bowels of their mother Earth For treasures better hid.
Halaman 295 - Like a broad table did itselfe dispred, For Love his loftie triumphes to engrave, And write the battailes of his great godhed : All good and honour might therein be red ; For there their dwelling was.
Halaman 100 - From heaven to come, or thether to arise; The mother of three Daughters, well upbrought In goodly thewes, and godly exercise: The eldest two, most sober, chast, and wise, Fidelia and Speranza, Virgins were; Though spousd, yet wanting wedlocks solemnize; But faire Charissa to a lovely fere Was lincked, and by him had many pledges dere.
Halaman 242 - ... go at his own charge, the palmer must profess wilful poverty ; the pilgrim might give over his profession, the palmer must be constant, till he had the palm ; that is, victory over his ghostly enemies, and life by death.
Halaman 106 - She was araied all in lilly white, And in her right hand bore a cup of gold, With wine and water fild up to the hight, In which a Serpent did himselfe enfold, That horrour made to all that did behold ; But she no...
Halaman 295 - Makers light, And darted fyrie beames out of the same, So passing persant, and so wondrous bright, That quite bereav'd the rash beholders sight : In them the blinded god his...
Halaman 63 - I conceive, after his long education by Timon, to whom he was by Merlin delivered to be brought up, so soone as he was...

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