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MEMORIAL to Congress relative to the even

sections on the Canal Reserve. To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of e United States in Congress assembled:

The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of lisconsin, respectfully represents:

That by act of Congress approved on the 18th day of June, 838, a quantity of land was appropriated to [the Territory of Visconsin, for the purpose of aiding in building a canal to conect the waters of Lake Michigan with those of Rock River; hat by said act all the sections within five miles on each side of he route of said canal, numbered with odd numbers, were appropriated for this purpose, and the Territory prohibited from sellng the same at a less price than two dollars and fifty cents per cre, and at the same time the even numbered sections were aised in price to the same amount; that owing to unforeseen dificulties but slight progress has been made in the construction of he canal, and the work has been abandoned. The increase in be price of the lands has greatly retarded the settlement of that portion of country and deprived the settlers in a great degree of he facilities and advantages which society alone can give. Add A consideration of the abandonment of the canal, it is highly inportant to the interest of the canal settlers and the Territory at arge, that the even numbered sections belonging to the General Government should be reduced to the minimum price of one dol. ar and twenty-five cents per acre, and brought into market imnediately; thus securing each settler a litle to his farm on an :quality with others who have purchased land of the General Govarnment off the canal grant. ?. 10.10.

Your memorialists ask your honorable bodies to pass a law at the present session of Congress, reducing the even numbered jections of the canal grant to one donar and twenty-five cents per acre, and also grant the right of pre-emption to all settlers hereon. APPROVED January 14, 1846,'1'

A MEMORIAL to the Congress of the United

States relative to a mail route from the Falls of St. Croix to LaPointe, on Lake Superior.

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:

The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin respectfully shows:

That the business of an important portion of this Territory imperiously requires that a mail route should be established from the Falls of Si. Croix to La Poin!e, on Lake Superior, to be carried at least once every two weeks. Your memorialisis further state that a road is very much needed between these places, and earnestly request your honorable bodies to make provisions for establishing such road and mail route.

APPROVED January 29th, 1846.

MEMORIAL 1o Congress on the subject of a Pen

itentiary. To the Senate and House, of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:

The Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, by their memorial to your honorable body, would respectfully represeni:

That great inconvenience is experienced in the administration of the criminal laws for the want of a suitable place for the confinement of offenders. Thus far in the progress of the civil government of this Territory, the places set apart for that purpose,

ve consisted of temporary buildings, constructed of the most dinary materials, and which have proved upon trial, entirely inlequate to effect the intended object; that the common jail sys. min itself is insufficient to answer the ends of justice, and the omane objects which should be kept constantly in view in the unishment of criminals, must be obvious from the fact that exrcise and moral training is entirely neglected. This system is njust and oppressive in its operations upon those counties which e so unfortunate as to have criminal convictions occur within heir limits. The benefit derived from the punishments in these ases are shared equally by the whole community and the expens, s should be as equally borne. Experience has shown the supe. ority of the penitentiary system over all others, both for the proection of the public and the benefit of the criminal.

Your memorialists would therefore earnestly solicit the attenion of Congress to the subject, and ask that an appropriation of wenty-five thousand dollars may be made at the present session or the purpose of erecting a penitentiary in this Territory.

Your honorable body must be sensible of the importance of the nstitution and of the present inability of the people of this Teritory to bear the expense, and it is respectfully submitted whethir the welfare of this community does rot appeal forcibly in bealf of the appropriation solicited at the hands of the General Jovernment.

APPROVED January 29, 1846.

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