The Last Days of the Sioux Nation: Second Edition

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Yale University Press, 11 Jul 2004 - 356 halaman
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This award-winning history of the Sioux in the 19th century ranges from its forced migration to the reservation to the Wounded Knee Massacre.
First published in 1963, Robert M. Utley’s classic study of the Sioux Nation was a landmark achievement in Native American historical research. The St. Louis Dispatch called it “by far the best treatment of the complex and controversial relationship between the Sioux and their conquerors yet presented and should be must reading for serious students of Western Americana.” Today, it remains one of the most thorough and accurate depictions of the tragic violence that broke out near Wounded Knee Creek on December 29th, 1890.
In the preface to this second edition, western historian Robert M. Utley reflects on the importance of his work and changing perspectives on Native American history. Acknowledging the inaccuracy of his own title, he points out that “Wounded Knee did not represent the end of the Sioux tribes…It ended one era and open another in the lives of the Sioux people.”
Winner of the Buffalo Award

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The End of Sitting Bull
Big Foot
The Search for the Miniconjous
Wounded Knee
Drexel Mission
Tightening the Ring
The Final Reckoning

Crisis for the Sioux Agents
The Army Moves
Brooke Tries for Peace
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