Gas Engine, Volume 17

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Gas Engine Publishing Company, 1915
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Halaman 61 - Small variations from this value are of no significance, although the small value pertaining to the high pressure and temperature may indicate some variation in this direction. A complete investigation of this characteristic of the gas would include many more determinations than these which are recorded, but it is not the purpose of the writer at this time to fix numerical values for extreme conditions. Enough is given to establish the fact that the exponent has a value markedly below the ratio of...
Halaman 153 - Note. — This statement is to be made in duplicate, both copies to be delivered by the publisher to the postmaster, who will send one copy to the Third Assistant Postmaster General (Division of Classification), Washington, DC , and retain the other in the files of the post office.
Halaman 368 - ... California Oil World. Especial acknowledgment is accorded to Miss Belle Hill, of the United States Geological Survey, author of a number of the preceding reports of this series, for valuable assistance and suggestions and for the compilation of the statistical tables presented in this report.
Halaman 367 - ... 3. Charge in addition to what you pay for hired help an amount equal to what your services would be worth to others; also treat in like manner the services of any member of your family employed in the business not on the regular pay roll.
Halaman 367 - Charge amounts donated or subscriptions paid. 7. Charge all fixed expenses, such as taxes, insurance, water, lights, fuel, etc. 8. Charge all incidental expenses, such as drayage, postage, office supplies, livery or expenses of horses and wagons, telegrams and telephones, advertising, canvassing, etc. 9. Charge losses of every character, including goods stolen or sent out and not charged, allowance made customers, bad debts...
Halaman 9 - Substances resembling petroleum are produced by the decomposition of animal remains. 5. Fraas observed exudations of petroleum from a coral reef on the shores of the Red Sea, where it could only be of animal origin. In summing up the evidence as to origin, Hofer expresses the belief that petroleum is of animal origin and has been formed without the action of excessive heat, and observes that it is found in all strata in which animal remains have been discovered. He considers that the oil is the primary,...
Halaman 367 - Men : 1. Charge interest on the net amount of your total investment at the beginning of your business year, exclusive of real estate. 2. Charge rental on all real estate or buildings owned by you and used in your business at a rate equal to that which you would receive if renting or leasing it to others.
Halaman 221 - Rule 10.) PORTABLE GASOLINE ENGINES. In this class are included so-called "self-contained" engines, mounted on wheels, or on skids, or otherwise so arranged as to be conveniently moved from place to place as the necessities of the service may demand. These engines are considered more hazardous than stationary engines having separate underground storage tanks, and should not be used as a substitute for stationary engines. Where used, their hazards should be recognized by the inspection department...
Halaman 153 - Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders, holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: NONE.
Halaman 367 - Take this per cent and deduct it from the price of any article you have sold, then subtract from the remainder what it cost you (invoice price and freight), and the result will show your net profit or loss on the article.

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